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BERG, Marie Dorthea (Olsen)[1812-1853] BENNER, Frederick [1708-1778] BLACK, Lewis [1861-1944] CHRISTIAN IX, (King of Denmark) [1818-1906] COMISH, Newell (Family)[1888-1982] HENDRICKS, Ada (Larsen) [1888-1975] JOHANSEN, Lars [1794-1884] and Anna Margrethe (Sorensen) [1797-1874] LARSEN, Christian John [1831-1915] LARSEN, Christian Grice [1828-1911] LARSEN, J. Rube [1887-1971] LARSEN, John Christian [1855-1943] LARSEN, Johannes [1823 - 1895] LARSEN, Louis W. [1884-1972] LARSEN, Lauritz [1834-1895] LARSEN, Maren/Mary (Black Willardsen) [1836-1920] NASH, Dave [1876-1947] and Ida (Larsen) [1882-1949] OLSEN, Barbara Jensine Dorthea (Larsen) [1833-1900] OLSEN, Christian Waldemar [1842-1854] OLSEN, Christopher Marinus [1835-1873] OLSEN, Gideon Elias [1844-1919] OLSEN, Julia (Nilsen) [1838-?] TITENSOR, Fredrick Robbins 1868-1963] and Ellen (Hyer) [1869-1949] TITENSOR, Mary Ellen (Larsen) [1859-1944] TITENSOR, Susannah (Larsen) [1855-1931] TITENSOR, Thomas [1929-1907] and Sarah (Robbins) [1929-1903] Titensor Research by Shirley Gardner Titensor Research by James Petty


Maria Dorthea Berg Olsen

"Biography of Marie Dorthea Berg Olsen" by Mary Jean Garrison (1983) Census Records Extracts (1834, 1840, 1845, 1850, 1855) - Aalborg Budolphi Parish Records Extracts Time Line Photos (Jens Olsen & Logan Temple Ordinance Card)

Frederick Benner

Skanderborg Archive Records (images) Research Findings (IGI extracts) Benner Place Names (Germany) German Emigration (maps) Historical Summary

Lewis Black

As Writen by Lewis Black, son of James M. and Cecelia Christena Larsen Black Addendum

Christian IX, King of Denmark

Photos Historical Sketch Bibliography 1840 Census Extract (image) Correspondance Time Line

Newell Comish Family

Family Group Photo Newel Comish History History of Robert Nephi Comish and Emma Jane Howland (photos) Photos (including Franklin, Idaho Cemetery)

Ada Hendricks Larsen

Photo History (7 pages) Poem by son Louis W. Larsen Photo of High Creek Mill (Cove, Utah)

Lars Johansen and Anna Margrethe Sorensen Johansen

Photo 1834 Census Extract Map of Vejle, Denmark Historical Sketches of Children Items from Family Reunions Photo of Lars and Anna

Christian John Larsen

Photo Signature A Brief Sketch of the Life of Christian J. Larsen Biographical Sketch of Christian J. Larsen by Lauretta Larsen Kidman (July 16, 1969) Personal Notes on Christian J. Larsen Church News Article:Profiles From The Past "Converted In Jail" Church News Article:Missionary Moments (22 Sep 1985) "Convinced Behind Bars" Description of Journals in Church Historians Office "Autobiography of Christian John Larsen" (124 p.) List of wives and children 1880 Census Extract Links to documents and additional photographs

Christian Grice Larsen

Photo History List of wives and children 1880 Census Extract

J. Rube Larsen

Photo Transcription of Autobiography - [tape recorded 1968](21p.) Patriarchal Blessing (given 8 Oct 1904 by John Smith Obituary transcription Funeral sermon given by President Spencer W. Kimball Copy of signature Link to photos

John Christian Larsen

Photo "Short History of My Father" [26 Dec 1933] - by Hazel Link to original history Remembrances of John C. Larsen Extract from Journal of Christian John Larsen (Indian Attack) "A Story Told by John Christian Larsen" "Testimony of John C. Larsen" "Golden Wedding" [poem by Louis W. Larsen] "The Pioneer" [poem by Louis W. Larsen] 1880 Census Extract Link to photos

Johannes Larsen

History written by his brother Lauritz. History written by a granddaughter - Sarah Clawson Johnson

Louis W. Larsen

Photo History (5 p.) Obituary Transcription Book Cover

Lauritz Larsen

Photo "Biography of Lauritz Larsen" by Lauretta L. Kidman [May 2,1970](5p.) List of wives and children

Mary Larsen Black Willardsen

History of Mary Larsen Willardsen by James L. Willardsen

Dave Nash & Ida Larsen Nash

Book Cover "The Legacy of Dave & Ida Nash" by John D. & Mary M. Nash (117p. w/illus.) Photographs (including adult children)

Barbara Jensine Dorthea Olsen Larsen

Photos "Comentary on Princess Barbara Dorthea Larsen" by Sabina Nash (6p.) "The Story Behind The Story" Excerpts from other histories Temple Ordinance Card Cemetery Card

Christian Waldemar Olsen

History by Mary Jean Garrison

Christopher Marinus Olsen

History by Mary Jean Garrison

Gideon Elias Olsen

History by Mary Jean Garrison Photos Handwriting sample (autobiography) Sources

Julia Olsen

History by Mary Jean Garrison

Fredrick Robbins Titensor and Ellen Hyer

History by Steven Jamison (6 p.)

Mary Ellen Titensor Larsen

Photo History (6 p.) Additional pictures

Susannah Titensor Larsen

Photo "A Sketch of My Early Life as near as I Can Remember" (18p.)[typed transcript] Photos (including Bible cover and inside cover) Link to photocopy of original diary Link to pioneer company journal

Thomas Titensor & Sarah Robbins Titensor

Photos: Thomas & Sarah; George Robbins & Susannah History of the Titensor Name (2 p.) History of Thomas Edward Titensor and Sarah Robbins Titensor (5 p.) "Recollections" [poem by Louis W. Larsen] 1880 Census Extract Photos of Bible Pages Marriage and Death Certificates

Titensor and Robbins Research by Shirley Gardner

Research on the line of Thomas Titensor (contains extracts of city registers - Pott Street) Research on the Line of Sarah Robbins Titensor (includes historical sketches) Appendices I. Baptisms for the Dead - Logan Temple II. Letter from John Titensor to half-brother Thomas Titensor III. Manchester, England LDS Branch Records

Titensor Research by James Petty

Research reports dated: May 10, 1990 May 25, 1990 June 15, 1990 April 26, 1991 June 19, 1991 Certificates BIRTH John Tidser (8 Nov 1843, son of Edward Tidser and Nancy Whittaker Tidser) Reuben Tidsey (5 Feb 1846, son of Edward Tidsey and Nancy Whittaker Tidsey Sarah Tidser (27 Dec 1841, daughter of Joseph Tidser and Hannah Bentley Tidser) Thomas Tidser (23 June 1844, son of William Tidser and Sarah Potter Tidser) MARRIAGE John Pimlett and Emma Tittensor (7 Nov 1854) Edward Tidser (widower) and Ann Richardson (widow) (9 Feb 1841) Fredrick Tidser and Elizabeth Sephton (25 Feb 1856) Thomas Titensor and Sarah Robbins (1 Apr 1854) DEATH George Robins (14 Oct 1864) Susannah Robbins (17 Feb 1876) Thomas Tidsey (20 Sep 1849, age 69 years, information given by Nancy Tidsey - present at death)


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