(1818 - 1906)

NAME: Christian of Schleswig Holstein Sonderburg Glucksburg
BORN: April 8, 1818 at Gottorp Castle

FATHER: Frederik Vilhelm, Duke of Schleswig Holstein Sonderburg Glucksburg 
MOTHER: Luise Karoline of Hesse Kassel
MARRIED: 26 May 1842;  Luise of Hesse Kassel. (Made their home in the Yellow
Palace at Amliegade Street in Copenhagen.)

     First of all this is what we can tell about the whereabouts of King Christian IX:  He was
born 8 April 1818 at the Gottorp Castle near Schleswig City. He lived with his family
there until 1825. In 1824, his family inherited Glucksburg Castle. In the summertime the family
lived at Louisenlund near the river Slien. In general he and his family spent a lot of time in 
Louiseland where they had a castle owned by his mother's side of the family.
From 1825 the family lived at Glücksburg Castle. His father died 1831 and he was sent
to the "Landakademi" and lived at the commander Colonel Linde in Copenhagen. He was
confirmed 1835 and promoted to the rank of captain (at horse) at the Horse Guard.
Studied at the Military Academy of Copenhagen and entered Danish Army in 1837. He
lived at the Horse Guard for a while until he married and moved to the "Yellow Palace",
where he lived from 1842-65. He studied in Bonn, Germany, from 1839-41.

FREDERIC VII - KING OF DENMARK - (1808 - 1863) Correspondence with Henrik Hansen Vinden & Info who thinks that Frederick VII may be the king we are looking for. Frederick VII was king from 1848 - 1863. He said he would mail some articles about him. He said that some of the articles are about Frederik VII's possible illegitimate children, but there is nothing about Maria and Barbara. However, mentioned is tbe Daughter (no name seems to have been given) of the Ferryman at Trelde Faergegaard, who was often called to the Palace. Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 13:29:29 +0200 From: "kulturstiftung" Kong Frederik den Syvendes Ungdoms- og Regjeringshistorie [1865] There is also info about the people who worked for the King in the early 1830s. The name of his cook was Antoine Vial and his seamstress was named miss Hasselbach. The king sailed out from Copenhagen with the ship "Havfruen" on 1 May 1832. The ship was going to investigate the North Sea. The expedition ended 10 Jun 1833 in Aarhus, which is the biggest town in Jutland, located half-way from Fredericia to Aalborg. There is no information about where the King did go after coming to Aarhus. Could it be Aalborg, or did he go back to Copenhagen? A man named Carl Irminger has written a diary. He lived with the King from Feb 1832 until his death. If we could get a look into those records, then I probably would be able to tell where the King stayed from day to day, during July 1832. If King Christian IX should be the person we're looking for then Marie Dorthea Berg must have been in Copenhagen. It looks like young Christian lived in Copenhagen during the early 1830s, while Frederik VII toured the country and according to rumours had many relationships. There may be sources like diaries abt young Christian. The castle in Aalborg (located in the NE-part of town) was in the 1800s used as home for the prefect of Aalborg District. The prefect took care of administration of churches etc. It's not unlikely that Marie Dorthea could have served here during 1832. Maybe the King went to Aalborg after coming to Aarhus in June, and visited the castle during the visit.
Aalborg Castle
In the 1834-census of the castle, the prefect living there is: Johann Carl Thuericht von Castenschiold, 47 years old, married , prefect and chamberlain.
BIBLIOGRAPHY LIBRARY OF CONGRESS TITLES: Family of Kings: the descendents of Christian IX of Denmark by Theo Aronson (1976) Christian IX: compiled from unpublished documents and memoirs by Hans Roger Madol, translated from the German and Danish by E. O. Lorimer (1939) Livkirurgs erindringer fra Chr. IX's tid. by Martin LeMaire (1952) Histoires de familles royales: Victoria d'Angleterre -- Christian IX de Danemark et leurs descendences de 1840 a nos jours by Arnaud Chaffanjon (1980)
DOCUMENTATION I have been in Schleswig and researched the census records there. The Gluecksburg Castle was listed in the 1840 at the end of the records of Gluecksborg Parish. Unfortunately I could not find the castle in the 1835-Census. It was not listed under Gluecksburg Parish. I didn't have a clue, nor did any of the staff at the Archive, where the castle should be listed in the records. Barbara didn't live at Gluecksburg Castle in 1840. Also Christian was not at home anymore. As we already know he went to Copenhagen. Here is the list of the 21 people who lived at the castle in July 1840: CENSUS-1840 - GLUECKSBURG PARISH Gluecksburg Castle: Duchess Luise of S.H. S. Gluecksburg, 48, widov, duchess. Princess Louise of S.H. S. Gluecksburg, 20, princess. Julius of S.H. S. Gluecksburg, 16, prince. Hans of S.H. S. Gluecksburg, 15, prince. Nicola of S.H. S. Gluecksburg, 11, prince ..... Julie von Bernstorff, 35, lady-in-waiting. Fritz Schultz, 29, court master. Pierre Kilsouet, 24, ministre de la langue France Margr. Marsum, 24, lady's maid. Louise Voss, 28,lady's maid. Josephine Voss, 30, lady's maid. Christina Joh. Borgen, 34, chef cook. Louise Tamms, 20, second cook. Jette Hansen, 23, kitchen maid. Ernst Pagh, 21, ..... August von Krohn, 57, lieutenant colonel. Charlotte von Krohn, 50, his wife. Ida von Krohn, 29, unmarried lady. Agneta Juel, 25, maid. Stina Reimers, 22, cook. Franz Gottrop, 26, servant.
Gluecksburg Castle Census for 1840

CORRESPONDENCE Subject: Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2000 20:36:11 -0800 From: "Walt Christian Larsen" Organization: Prodigy Internet To: CC: I was touring the internet, looking up some information on Larsen. My name is Walter Christian Larsen in Lancaster, California. My father was born in 1889 in Bronderstev, Denmark, went back there and died in 1971. According to him, he was the grandson of King Christian IX, his father was born out of wedlock and this is all I know. I suppose we could be relatives?? I noticed that Christian IX was in your bloodlines, or am I wrong? My dad was so proud of his bloodlines, that he would return to the Palace in Copenhagen from time to time. I have 2 photographs of him in Royal Guard uniforms, taken at the palace. In 1916, he served in the Danish Navy and played the violin in the Kings Band. He came to America in 1917 and enlisted in the US Army and served as a medic in the trenches of France, that made him a US citizen, next he married my mother in 1924 at Guthrie Center, Iowa. Best Regards, Walt Larsen P.S. If you have any relevant information, I would appreciate some details, thanks. Subject: Re: Re:King Christian IX Date: Smi, 13 Feb 2000 12:36:07 -0800 From: "Walt Christian Larsen" Organitation - Prodigy Internet To: "Dennis Larsen" References: 1,2 Dear Dennis, I have never kept in touch with family in Denmark, so I don't know anything more than what my father told me in the fifties, and he was a man whom. told the truth as he knew it. His sisters offspring, live in Brookings, South Dakota; the last name is Laasen, and they had a farm implement business for many years over there. I'll try to get in touch somehow, and maybe there is more mfomiation to be gleaned ! eEvidently King Christian IX had more than one extramarital affair in his lifetime. My father possessed many gifts within his genes; A musician with the violin, and a lifetime artist of oils. He also published a book he wrote in about 1949 The Mysterious Castle of Voergarde and other short stories" By Walter Arnold Larsen. I always loved him, even though he was always an absentee father; my mother and he didn't get along at all It hurt terribly growing up longing for direction and protection in the great Depression. Nevertheless, he was kind and good, but flawed. One thing that hurt, was to find out from my sister, that he returned to the USA just before he died to see his daughter one last time, and left his beloved violin in her possession. He cried uncontrollably as he went to board the plane back to the homeland. I think he was afraid he would have to see my mother if he came to see me. He actually hated her, sad to say. His sisters name was Petra Larsen Lassen, of course she's probably been gone for many years. Nice to hear from you, and maybe we will be...
TIMELINE FOR CHRISTIAN IX DATE AGE EVENT 1818 0 8 April: born at Gottorp Castle near Schleswig City 1819 1 1820 2 1821 3 1822 4 1823 5 1824 6 family inherits Glucksburg Castle Marie Dorthea Berg's father dies (she is almost 12)- sent away to work ? 1825 7 family living at Glucksburg Castle (also spent time in Louiseland (location of castle owned by his mother's family near River Slien) 1826 8 1827 9 1829 10 1830 11 1831 12 father dies. Christian goes to Copenhagen under care of Captain Linde. Time spent at Yellow Palace in Copenhagen, owned by his uncle the king. 1832 13 (mid July: Barbara Jensine Dorthea Olsen concieved) (Marie Dorthea Berg was 20 1/2, Frederic was 24, Christian 13 1/2) 1833 14 24 Apr: Barbara Jensine Dorthea Olsen born in Aalborg {Unhappy marriage of Frederic (future Frederic VII ends} 1834 15 (Barbara in Aalborg census with mother and Jens Olsen) 1835 16 1837 17 1838 18 1839 19 Studying in Bonn Germany until 1841 1840 20 not found in 1840 census for Gluecksburg Castle (Barbara in Aalborg census with mother and Jens Olsen) 1841 21 {future Frederic VII remarries} 1842 22 26 May: married Luise of Hesse Kassel 1843 23

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