Vejle, Norvang, Grejs, Greis Bye, Huus, 15, FT-1834

Laurs Johansen, 41, Gift,, Owerskjaerer,
Anne Margrethe Sorensdatter, 36, Gift,, Hans Kone,
Soren Laursen, 12, Ugift,, Deres Born,
Johannes Laursen, 11, Ugift,, Deres Born,
Zidsel Kirstine Laursdatter, 8, Ugift,, Deres Born,
Christen Laursen, 6, Ugift,, Deres Born,
Christian Laursen, 3, Ugift,, Deres Born,
Laurs Laursen, 1, Ugift,, Deres Born,
Soren Rasmussen, 32 Gift,, Insidder og Dagleier,
Anne Kirstine Thomasdatter, 33, Gift,, Hans Kone,
Rasmus Sorensen, 1, Ugift,, Deres Son,


Textile Mill in Grejs, Vejle, Denmark


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He married Maria Frederickson or Hansen whom he met and married aboard ship on the way to America They had 10 children. . His second wife was Kristena Bertlesen (Nielsen) of Denmark They had 6 children. Soren was born March 28, 1822 in Denmark and died at the age of 69 on August 20, 1891. He is buried in Spring City, Sanpete County, Utah. He was a soldier in the Danish Army during the revolt of Holstein against Denmark in 1848 He came to America with his parents in January 1854. He was a minute man during the Black Hawk War. He was a carpenter and built an adobe house on the banks of Canal Creek in Spring City. The House still stands.


He married Anna Jorgensen. They had 11 children. He was the first in the family to join the Church, being baptized August 18, 1850. He was a tailor and made soldier uniforms during the war. He took his brother Christian J. to a meeting and he was baptized August 19, 1850. He did much missionary work, helped organize branches and presided over the conference and mission in Aalborg until his release in 1856 to come to America. He and his wife suffered much hardship crossing the plains. They nearly starved, and they buried a small baby near Green River.. John suffered badly frozen feet and could not walk for six months. He was a ward quorum president of the Seventies and the head teacher for many years. He is buried in Spring City.


She was called "Stena" and was born on May 11, 1826. She married Jens Mathias Black and they had 7 children. She is also buried in the Spring City Cemetery in the north-east section. The inscription on the new tombstone has the spelling she used in Utah (James M. and Cecelia Christina Black). She died November 26, 1906 at the age of 70. She was baptized August 24, 1851 along with her parents and came to America with her brother Christian J. who had also baptized them. They too had trials with Indians (having to move to Ephraim for a time, and then back to Spring City). Jens was a shoemaker.


He married Caroline Maria Sorensen. They had 11 children. His second wife was Anna Ungerman. They had one daughter. His third wife was Anna Maria Christiansen Olsen. They had 2 daughters. His 4th wife was Annetta Johnson (Anna Jonsson). They had 6 children. His 5th wife was Caroline Anna Olson. They had 2 sons. Christen G. was born December 17, 1828 in Denmark and died June 1, 1911 in Castle Dale, Emery County, Utah. He was baptized March 27, 1851. He was a soldier and was appointed to preach to his comrades. When he was out of the army he was called to the island of Bomholm on December 24, 1852. In 1857 he was released to go to America. He was a Bishop in Spring City. He held this position for 8 years. Then he was called in 1873 on a special mission to Europe. He presided over the Scandinavian Mission for two years. In 1880 he was called to preside over the saints in Castle Valley as it's president. He held that important position for 19 years, when he was forced to retire because of ill health (1899). It was said of President Christen G. Larsen that he is one of the "most talented and successful missionaries which the Scandinavian Mission has produced. He ranks high as a public speaker, his sermons being delivered with that force and earnestness which is intended to make a deep and lasting impression. His indomitable will power and keen sense of justice makes him a true type of the Scandinavian race,, whose friendship is true and abiding as the everlasting hills, and whose enmity, if aroused, is correspondingly strong. President Larsen, together with his brothers, John (Johannes), Lauritz, and Christian J. who have become widely known throughout the Church, will never be forgotten by the Saints of God. Commencing their career as Latter-day Saint missionaries in their native land when they were mere boys, they have ever stood up manfully and fearlessly for truth and right, and never flinched from duty or responsibility. " Christen G. was also Mayor of Spring City. His son Samuel Henry Larsen was also a Bishop. Christen G. Larsen had 5 wives and 22 children. He was buried in Castle Dale.


He had 4 wives and 21 children. A more detailed history is given elsewhere.


His first wife was Maria Thompson. They had 2 daughters. His second wife was Louise Rasmine Jasperson. They had 5 children. His third wife was Ottomine Marie Christensen. They had 2 daughters. Lauritz and Maria married while crossing the ocean. He served as a missionary before leaving Denmark, and was called back on a mission from 1867 to 1870. He was 2nd counselor for 14 years, and a member of the Utah constitutional convention in 1895. He was Justice of the Peace for 4 terms, and Mayor of Spring City for 2 terms. He is buried in Spring City.


She married Jens Mathias Black as his second (plural) wife five years after he married her sister ''Stena73. They had 5 children, 2 of whom died young. Jens did not treat Maren good and she later divorced him. Her second husband was Christian Willardsen. She was his second (plural) wife. She was sealed to him in the Endowment House. They had 7 children. Only 6 of her 12 children survived to adulthood. They lived in Ephraim, Utah and were probably buried there. She died at the age of 82.


Published History:Life Under THe Horseshoe (A History of Spring City) Written and Edited by Kaye C. Watson with special Sections written by Committee Members: Christie Bunnell Cynthia Allred Nedra Allred Uarda Blackham Craig Paulsen Dan Vincent Published in conjunction with Canal and Horseshoe Daughters of Utah Pioneers Camps and Mayors and City Council Members during 1984, 1985 and 1986. Copyright 1987, Printed by Publishers Press, Salt Lake City, UT (1987). 280 p. il.

Items previously available at family reunions from Heinz and Donna Larsen
469 South, 3rd East (P.O. Box 211), Spring City, Utah  84662

1. Record of the Larsen Family Reunion -- 1897
2. Biographical Sketches of Lars and Ana Johansen & their Children
3. Verified Family Group Sheets on the Ancestors of Lars and Ana Johansen
4. 11 Pedigree Charts for Ancestors of Lars and Ana Johansen
5. Changes for sheets bought before August, 1985
6. Portrait Sheet of Lars and Ana Johansen and their children
7. Photocopy of birth entry for Lars Johansen from Hammar Parish, Skanderborg, Denmark
8. History of Daniel and Sarah Farmer Larsen
9. 9 Family Group Sheets, verified, with temple work for ancestors of Ana Margrete Sorensen
10. 40 Family Group Sheets and 5 Pedigrees on the ancestors of Lars and Ana Johansen
11. History of Clay and Myra Larsen
12. Individual Family Group Sheets for Ancestors or Descendents of Lars and Ana

Lars and Anna Johansen


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