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Denmark, Aalborg, Aalborg, St. Budolphi
Denmark, Aalborg, Aalborg, Vor Frue, Osteraa
Denmark, Aalborg, Budolfi, Adelgaden
Denmark, Aalborg, Budolfi, Skolegaden
Denmark, Aalborg, Hvorup
Denmark, Aalborg, Kaier, Kongerslev
Denmark, Aalborg, Norholm
Denmark, Aalborg, Oster Hornum, Volstrup
Denmark, Aalborg, Slbry
Denmark, Aalborg, Sonderholm
Denmark, Aalborg, Tastrup
Denmark, Aalborg, Volstrup
Denmark, Aarhus, Skanderborg
Denmark, Bornholm, Aakirkeby
Denmark, Bornholm, Arnagager, Nylarsker
Denmark, Bornholm, Osterlarsker
Denmark, Castrup
Denmark, Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Amalienborg Slot
Denmark, Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Almindeligt
Denmark, Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Christiansborg S
Denmark, Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Garnisons Kirke
Denmark, Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Gule Palace
Denmark, Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Gyllen Slot
Denmark, Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Helligaande
Denmark, Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Schloss Amalienborg
Denmark, Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Vor Frue
Denmark, Copenhagen, Gentofte, Bernstorff Slot
Denmark, Copenhagen, Gentofte, Vangede
Denmark, Copenhagen, H. Tostrup
Denmark, Copenhagen, Hoje Taastrup
Denmark, Copenhagen, Jaegersborg-Gent, Bernstorff Slot
Denmark, Copenhagen, Kongens-Lyngby, Lyngby	
Denmark, Copenhagen, Kongens-Lyngby, Sorgenfri
Denmark, Copenhagen, Roskilde, Domkirke
Denmark, Copenhagen, Smorum
Denmark, Copenhagen, Trinitatis
Denmark, Copenhagen, Vor Frue
Denmark, Frederiksborg, Birkrod
Denmark, Fredricksborg, Farum, Stavnsholt
Denmark, Fredriksborg, Gerlev
Denmark, Hjorring, Aasted, Mejling
Denmark, Hjorring, Benslev
Denmark, Hjorring, Orum
Denmark, Hjorring, Sindal
Denmark, Hjorring, Stonebridge
Denmark, Hjorring, Taars
Denmark, Holbaek, Kallundborg
Denmark, Judum, Batum
Denmark, Maribo, Aastrup, Gundslev
Denmark, Maribo, Falster, Skjernede Gunslev
Denmark, Maribo, Gundslev
Denmark, Maribo, Lolland
Denmark, Maribo, Maglebraende, Alkestrup
Denmark, Maribo, Nebbelunde, Noore
Denmark, Maribo, Noire Kirkeby, Ravnstrup
Denmark, Odense, Odense, Vor Frue 
Denmark, Sero, Slagelse
Denmark, Skanderborg, Aeroskobing
Denmark, Skanderborg, Hammer, Hage
Denmark, Skanderborg, Klovborg
Denmark, Skanderborg, Linaa
Denmark, Skanderborg, Sindbjaerg
Denmark, Skanderborg, Skanderborg
Denmark, Skanderborg, Torring, Plovstrup
Denmark, Skanderborg, Venge
Denmark, Skanderborg, Vester Vejle, Catherineberg
Denmark, Soro, Slagelse, St. Mikkels
Denmark, Soro, Slagelse, St. Peders
Denmark, Soro, Sorbymagle
Denmark, Soro, Vemmelev
Denmark, Stannahlat
Denmark, Svendborg, Aeroskobing
Denmark, Svendborg, Brigninge
Denmark, Skanderborg, Hammer, Hage
Denmark, Svendborg, Lindelse
Denmark, Svendborg, Nyborg
Denmark, Thisted, Kettrup, Siggaard
Denmark, Thisted, Kollerup, Fjerridslev
Denmark, Thisted, Nykobing
Denmark, Thisted, Vester Vandet
Denmark, Vejle, Fredericia, Michaelis
Denmark, Vejle, Grejs, Holtum
Denmark, Vejle, Jellinge, Horup
Denmark, Vejle, Langskov, Nyborg
Denmark, Vejle, Sindbjaerg, Laage
Denmark, Vejle, Sindbjaerg, Orum
Denmark, Vejle, Sindbjaerg, Lindved
Denmark, Vejle, Sindbjaerg, Sindbjaerg
Denmark, Vejle, Sindbjerglund
Denmark, Vejle, Tyregod, Kochborg
Denmark, Vejle, Vejle
Denmark, Vejle, Vester
Denmark, Vejle, Vindelev, Flojstrup
Denmark, Vester, Skouhuset
Denmark, Viborg, Dalby, Hindborg
Denmark, Viborg, Hindborg
Denmark, Viborg, Lundo
Denmark, Viborg, Starup
Denmark, Viborg, Trustrup
Denmark, Viborg, Vile

England, Berkshire, Windsor, St. George Chapel
England, Cheshire, Bootle
England, Cheshire, Near Hyde, Gee Cross
England, Cumberland, Thursby
England, Derbyshire, 
England, Durham, Easington Lane
England, Isle Of Man, Arbory
England, Isle Of Man, Douglas
England, Isle of Man, Kirk Onchan
England, Isle Of Man, Middle, Onchon
England, Isle Of Man, Rushen
England, Lancashire, Bolton le Moors, St. Peter
England, Lancashire, Liverpool, St. Nicholas
England, Lancashire, Manchester, Cathedral Church
England, Lancashire, Manchester, Collegiate Church
England, Lancashire, Manchester, Droylsden
England, Lancashire, Manchester, St. Philips
England, Lancashire, Newton Heath
England, Lancashire, Pilling
England, Lancashire, Prescott, Farnworth
England, Lancashire, Prescott, St. Helens
England, Lancashire, Rochdale
England, Lancashire, Sephton
England, Lancashire, Walton-on-Hill
England, Middlesex, Westminster, Buckingham Palace
England, Norfolk, Sandringham, Sandringham House
England, Nottingham, Nottingham, St. Mary's
England, Nottingham, St. Paul's
England, Staffordshire, Alstonfield
England, Staffordshire, Milnedale
England, Suffolk, Chediston
England, Suffolk, Linstead
England, Surrey, Ham, Morgan House
England, Sussex, Southwick
England, Warwickshire, Halestone
England, Yorkshire, Leeds


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Dennis Larsen
10890 Bohm Place
Sandy, UT 84094
United States