This page contains information about the death's and burials of Larsen family members. Included are maps of cemeteries and photos of headstones. Links at the bottom of the page will provide additional information.

     Logan Cemetery (address: 12th East, 10th North)
     Richmond Cemetery (address: 400 North, 200 East)
     Spring City Cemetery (address: Utah Highway 117 - 1 1/2 miles west of Spring City)
     Franklin Cemetery (address: 5400 South, U.S. Highway 91)

Darrel Verne Eppich15 May 1970A-35-16-3
Ethel Dorothy Larsen Eppich9 Sep 1976A-35-16-4
Ariel Wilford Hansen23 Jul 1928A-410-18-1
Gertrude Adele earl Hansen7 Oct 1971A-410-18-2
Anna Charlotte Anderson Larsen7 Jan 1978C-10-120-3X
Annie Elizabeth Olson Larsen18 Dec 1968A-350-60-7
Anna Margreta Larsen31 Jul 1870A-20-52-?
Barbara Dorthea Jensine Olsen Larsen19 Aug 1919A-20-52-7X
Barbara Dorthie Larsen4 Feb 1902A-20-52-6A
Brigham Lewis Larsen19 Aug 1900
Christian John Larsen15 Sep 1915A-20-52-8X
Clarinda Larsen28 Sep 1887A-20-53-3
Clarinda Hannah Goaslind Larsen2 May 1942A-20-53-2
Elias Severene Larsen14 May 1941A-20-53-1
Hyrum Christopher Larsen18 Mar 1953A-35-16-6
Ingeborg Louisa Ellefsen Larsen26 Sep 1905A-20-52-6B
Inger Margretta Peterson Larsen19 Aug 1911A-20-53-5
John Christian Larsen27 Apr 1943A-390-7-3X
Joseph Abraham Larsen8 Dec 1873A-20-52-?
Joseph Franklin Larsen5 Nov 1900A-20-52-?
Joseph Reuben Larsen11 Apr 1971C-10-120-2 X
Joseph Reuben Larsen Jr.17 Feb 1989C-10-120-6
Karleen Stanford Comish Larsen5 Jan 1949A-35-16-5
Lafay Larsen9 Apr 1923C-10-120-?X
Mary Ellen Titensor Larsen24 Jul 1944A-390-7-4X
Oliver Thomas Larsen27 Oct 1881A-20-52-5X
Susannah Titensor Larsen9 Oct 1931A-390-7-2X
Anne Katrine Christiansen Jensen Olsen5 Apr 1921A-70-51-4
Joel Ricks23 Nov 1944B-30-6-8
Suzette Cardon Ricks2 Jan 1919B-30-6-7
Harriet Camilla Ensign Smith15 Mar 1930A-250-7-7
Isaac Samuel Smith30 Mar 1914A-250-7-8
Bernarr Chase Trimble25 May 1924A-390-7-1X

Headstone Photos John Christian Larsen (Logan) Susannah Titensor Larsen (Logan) Mary Ellen Titensor Larsen (Logan) Christian John Larsen (Logan) Rube & Charlotte Larsen (Logan) LaFay Larsen (Logan) Thomas Edward Titensor (Richmond) Lars Johansen (Spring City) Nash Family (Franklin) Comish Family (Franklin)


To see an aerial photograph of logan cemetery, Click Here:
Marker for Christian John Larsen (Location 8, Lot 52, Block 2, Plat A) Buried September 18, 1915 Gravesite of Barbara J. D. O. Larsen (Location 7, Lot 52, Block 40, Plat A) Buried August 21, 1900 Marker is a marble shaft about 8"x8"x5 feet. The initials "CJ" are carved in the top with the name "LARSEN" at the bottom. There are no other names or dates on the marker. There are no individual headstones. Nearby is the headstone of a grandson, Oliver T. Larsen and a headstone for a Clarinda Larsen. This marker, no. 3 on above map, is about 85 feet from west road and 215 feet from south road

Headstone of Rube & Charlotte Larsen


To see an aerial photograph of Richmond Cemetery, Click Here Marker for Thomas Edward Titensor.


To see an aerial photo of Spring City and Cemetery Click Here


To see an aerial photo of Franklin Cemetery Click Here

Newel Comish

Robert Nephi Comish

Age at death for 4 generations
     1st Generation
          Joseph Reuben Larsen - 83
2nd Generation John Christian Larsen - 88 Susannah Titensor - 76
3rd Generation Christian John Larsen - 84 Barbara Dorthea Jensine Olsen - 67 Thomas Edward Titensor - 77 Sarah Robbins - 73
4th Generation Lars Johansen - 90 Anna Margrethe Sorensen - 76 Christian IX, King of Denmark - 87 Marie Dorthea Berg - 41 Edward Titensor - 60 Mary Rogerson - 29 George Robbins - 76 Susannah Sutton - 85


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