Research Goal: determine and document where he was born locate his parents find out under what circumstances he came to Denmark
FREDERICK BENNER TIME LINE: AGE DATE EVENT LOCATION 0 1708 birth possibly Germany 5 1713 wife Vibeche born Skanderborg 27 5 Aug 1735 married Vibeche Jespersen " 27 19 Dec 1735 child Mathias christened " 28 14 Mar child Mathias buried " 29 3 Feb 1737 child Anne Elizabeth christened " 29 6 Nov 1737 child Anne Elizabeth buried " 30 19 Oct 1738 child Christian Ludvig christened " 33 1 Mar 1741 child Anne Marie christened " 35 Jul 1743 child Laurits christened " 36 Jul 1744 child (male) stillborn " 36 Jul 1744 child (female) stillborn " 36 14 Jul 1744 child (male) buried " 40 21 Jan 1748 child Christence born " 40 28 Jan 1748 child Christence christened " 42 10 May 1750 child Regina born " 43 13 Mar 1751 wife Vibeche buried ? 43 25 Nov 1751 married Christine Hedevig Nielsen ? 44 22 Oct 1752 child Niels Jesper born Skanderborg 47 15 Jun 1755 child Wibech born " 49 25 Mar 1757 child Hans Adolph born " 52 29 Apr 1760 child Wiwiche christened " 55 26 Jan 1763 child Christian Ludvig married Aeroskobing 55 9 Mar 1763 child Hans Peder born Skanderborg 57 25 Aug 1765 child Anna Cathrine christened " 61 24 Sep 1769 child Amalie Karen christened " 70 Jun 1778 died " 70 13 Jun 1778 buried " {On family records, Frederick Benner is shown as being "of" Skanderborg, indicating his original birthplace is not known, but that he did spend a significant amount of time there}
NAMES: Given names from Benner family (names in parenthesis are from second marriage) (Adolph) (Amalie) Anne Anna Beate (Cathrine) Christine Christence [Christiane] Conrad Conradt Elizabeth Elisabeth Fredericia Frederick Frederik Freiderich [Frederikke] (Hans) (Jesper) Johan Johannes John (Karen) Laurits Lars Ludvig Ludwig Marie Maria Mary Mathias Mathew (Niels) (Peder) Regina Vivike Viveke (Wibech Wiwiche) Compound Names Anne Elizabeth Anne Marie Christian Ludvig Neils Jesper Anna Cathrine Amalie Karen Hans Peder Hans Adolph
PLACE NAMES: From U.S. Gazeteer of Germany Benner-Berg (hill) Hill near Paderborn (51 54 n. 9 08 e.) Bennerscheid (hill, ridge) Farm near Koblenz (50 42 n. 7 19 e.) Bennerstedt, Forsterei (foresters home) Building south of Luneberg, south of Hamburg (53 19 n. 10 29 e.) Neidersachsen Rohn (Hill) (49 23 n. 7 12 e.) Saar (north of Saarbrucken) Rohn (populated place) (52 15 n. 8 48 e.) Nordrhein-Westfalen (near Bielfeld) {There are no "Benner" place names listed in the LDS Family History Library Card Catalog Locality Browser}
MIGRATION RECORDS: "Emigration of colonists from southern Germany to the moors of Jutland" {948.9/W2n/1984 - LDS FHL} Indexes about 320 families who came to Denmark about 1760-1763. No Benner's are listed and Skanderborg is not shown as a destination. Written in Danish.
PRELIMINARY RESEARCH FINDINGS: Traditional Danish naming pattern; 1st male - father's father 2nd male - mother's father 1st female - mother's mother 2nd female - father's mother Only known ancestor is mother's father - Jesper Rasmussen. Second male child of Frederick Benner named Christian Ludvig - to that extent he did not follow the traditional naming pattern. Second wife's (Christine Hedvig Nielsen) father would have been Niels ..... The first son of that marriage was Niels Jesper Benner - a combination of both father-in- laws first names. A daughter by the second marriage was named Wiwiche - obviously after the first wife Vibeche - a common Danish practice. The second generation only partially followed the naming custom. The third generation followed the custom to the letter. The fourth generation (Lars Johansen) modified it somewhat. Conclusion: Frederick Benner wasn't Danish. If he had followed the traditional pattern his father would be Mathias Benner and his mother Anne. Patronymic Naming Pattern: None of Frederick Benner's children (second generation) took the surname "Fredericksen". The third generation begins using a compound surname "Christiansen Benner" after Christian Ludvig Benner. The fourth generation (Lars Johansen) completely dropped the Benner name. Conclusion: Benner is not a Danish surname. Other Danish Benner's: From IGI and Ancestral File, all individuals with Benner surname are children or grandchildren of Frederick Benner EXCEPT a Christian Benner (married about 1760). He would have been born about 1735 and does not tie into Frederick Benner's family chronologically. Conclusion: He could have been a younger brother to Frederick Benner (needs to be checked out) Benner name spelling: The spelling [BENNER] with double n's does not seem to be inter-mixed by locality with any of the other spelling variations - Bener, Benners, Behnert, Benne, Bennert, etc. Conclusion: The spelling "BENNER" is a stand-alone surname. Marker given names: The following names given to Frederick Benner's children are not common Danish names; Adolph, Amalie, Beathe, Conrad, Ludvig.
IGI EXTRACTION: An extraction of IGI Benner given names with birthdates prior to 1735 (about the latest date a younger brother or sister of Frederick Benner could have been born - after whom he might have named one of his own children) sorted by locality showed that the majority of Benners came from Hesse-Nassau near Darmstadt, about 170 miles directly south of Skanderborg, Denmark. {That area of Germany is also called the Palatine. The winter of 1708-1709 (the year of Frederick Benner's birth) was said to be one of the most severe in that area in over a century, Thousands of Palatines had gone to England and later to Pennsylvania (where the Benner name is often found.) Some may have gone north to Denmark. The period of 1700 - 1721 was also the time of the "Great Northern War" which could have displaced many people.} The Benner name with family given names) also shows up in the 1600's in Holland as well as Zurich, Switzerland, but is mostly confined to Germany. Premise (to be proved or disproved): Frederick Benner was born in Southern Germany, but by the age of 27 had moved to Skanderborg, Denmark, under other than casual family migratory circumstances.


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     Research Goal - determine the date and location of death
                        in order to send for death certificate
                   - determine why he was awarded the title of "Sir"

DOCUMENTATION: (He may have lived in the same neighborhood as the Titensors and attended the same church.) Marriage record of Edward Titensor and Mary Rogerson indicates they were from the same parish (28 Oct 1827) Mary Rogerson's death record (living at 72 Pott Street) in records of ChristChurch (Independent) (Episcopal) located on Every Street in the Ancoats section of East Manchester. Other family neighborhood streets in the same quadrant are Peel Street and Sandford Street (which intersects Pott Street.
CALENDAR OF EVENTS: (from family records) 1745 - Ralph Rogerson (father) born in Prescott Abt. 1750 - Mary (mother) born in Prescott Abt. 1770 - Ralph Rogerson & Mary (parents) married Mar 1772 - [Sir] Philip Rogerson born in St. Helens 22 Mar 1772 - [Sir] Philip Rogerson christrened at Farnworth 30 Oct 1774 - Mary Lomax (wife) christened at St. Peters in Bolton 23 Sep 1798 - [Sir] Phillip Rogerson & Mary Lomax married at St. Peters in Bolton 25 Aug 1799 - Maria Rogerson (daughter) christened at Manchester Cathedral 2 May 1802 - Ralph Rogerson (son) christened at Manchester Cathedral 17 Apr 1808 - Mary Rogerson (daughter) christened at Manchester Cathedral 7 Jul 1811 - Elizabeth Rogerson (daughter) christened at Manchester Cathedral 20 Mar 1814 - John Rogerson (son) christened at Manchester Cathedral 30 Nov 1817 - Richard Rogerson (son) christened at Manchester Cathedral 28 Oct 1827 - Mary Rogerson (daughter) married to Edward Titensor at Manchester Cathedral 21 April 1837 - Mary Rogerson Titensor (daughter) died in Manchester 1860 - [Sir] Philip Rogerson died in Manchester
RESEARCH SOURCES: (numbers in parentheses are LDS Family History Library film numbers) Cemetary Records; Every Street, Ancoats (0093977) Street Directory - 1855 (0873583, item 1) 1848 (item 4) 1851 Census Index (942.72/X22c/v. 1 - 10) 1851 Census - Ancoats Districts 472-473 (0087234-0087236) Voting Registers - 1832 Electors (0475524 item 4) History of Civil Registration - 1837-1987 (942.72/m1/V2h) Church Record Directories (1655762 items 6-7) Street Indexes 1841 Census (6026393) Street Indexes 1851 Census (6054458-6054476)
IGI EXTRACTS: Possible Family Groupings from St. Helens James Rogerson (b. abt. 1712) Ann - chr. 11 Jun 1732 James (child) - chr. 17 Feb 1722 Jas. Rogerson (b. abt. 1778) Ann - chr. 12 Dec 1802 John - chr. 5 Apr 1807 James Rogerson James - chr. 19 Mar 1809 Susannah - chr. 9 Dec 1804 John Rogerson Ann - chr. 1 May 1808 John - chr. 23 Sep 1810 Jno. Rogerson (b. abt. 1772) Daniel (child) - chr. 28 Mar 1802 George - chr. 8 Apr 1804 John (child) - chr. 5 Jan 1800 Joseph - chr. 5 Nov 1797 Mary - chr. 13 Apr 1806 Roger & Sarah Rogerson (b. abt. 1736) Sarah - chr. 31 Oct 1761 Sarah Rogerson (b. abt. 1788) John - chr. 1 Jun 1806 Richard - chr. 20 Dec 1801 Family Groupings from Farnworth Ralph Rogerson & Mary Richard Rogerson - chr. 20 Feb 1756 Sarah Rogerson - chr. 6 Apr 1777 Mary Rogerson - chr. 21 Jan 1770


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