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Autobiography of Christian J. Larsen, con't.

(April 16, 1853 - June 9, 1853)
     16th.  I wrote a letter to Brother J. Jensen in Brevig, and had also a conversation
with some strangers who had come to investigate the Gospel.  Afterwards, in company
with Elder P. Beckstrom, I went to Jngulsrud, where I conversed with some strangers
upon the principles of the Gospel, and also with the saints upon that subject.

     17th.  I accompanied Brother Anders Ingulsrud to a place called Kjevelsrud, to speak
with the people there upon the Gospel.  Afterwards returned to Ingulsrud and held a
meeting with the saints and we had a very joyful time together. A man by name,
Christoffersen, took me in his wagon on my way to Frederikstad, and he and his family
appeared very favorable impressed by my testimony. When I arrived at Brother Brown
I had a very pleasant conversation with his family.

     18th.  Elder Widerborg and I re-read the petition which was to be presented to the
Diet.  Afterwards we visited the brethren in jail, and also some of the saints in the town
and in Vaterland.  I had a letter from Pres. Willard Snow.  In the evening Mrs.
Widerborg, Mrs Olesen and Dorthea were baptized by Elder C. Widerborg. After some
remarks from me with regard to the importance of the covenant that these women had
just made with God, we proceeded  to confirm them by the ordinance of the laying on
of hands, about midnight.

     19th.  I wrote letters to the saints in Brevig and in Risoer.  In the evening Elder
Widerborg and I blessed Brother Olesen's daughter, Hulda Mathilda, and we felt
ourselves blessed by the good spirit.

     20th.  We were ordered to move out of our rented house, as the house had been sold,
and the new owner, a Mr. Adamsen, declared that he would not have such "heathens"
occupy it.  I had the opportunity to converse with several strangers in Brother Brown's
house.  Afterwards I visited the brethren in the jail, and also Brother Johansen, the
branch president, where I also found some strangers to speak to.

     21st.  Elder Peter Beckstrom and I went to Slarud, where we explained to the people
the principles of the Gospel, and they seemed to rejoice in our testimony, and we felt
that the spirit of God was with us.  Returning, we reached Brother Widerborg's family
about 9 p. m.

     22nd.  We fasted this day and held our first meeting in a hall, which we had rented
for that purpose.  I dedicated it by prayer, after several brethren had expressed their
feelings, after which I spoke in defense of the Bible and the Book of Mormon, showing
that the doctrines contained in each of these books were in perfect harmony.  Several
strangers were present. After these visitors had left, then we turned our assembly
into a prayer meeting and all the saints prayed for the liberation of our brethren from
prison, and that we might obtain liberty to live our religion in this country (Norway).
The spirit of God was present in a great measure, and was felt by the saints as well as
our friends, the strangers.  We also partook of the sacrament, and after I had spoken
and explained the importance of this sacrament, we dismissed by singing and prayer.

     23rd.  I visited some of the saints in town and also in Vaterland, and Elder P.
Beckstrom and I consecrated a bottle of oil and also blessed two children belonging to
Brother Emil Larsen. We also administered to P.S. Larsen and Brother Ole Souder,
who were sick. From there we went to the prison, to visit the brethren, where we
learned that the decision of the lower court had been sustained in the higher or county
court, and had that day been forwarded officially, and also to the brethren in Elverhoj
jail.  I went to see Brother Widerborg.

     24th.  Elder Widerborg and I went first to see the brethren in Frederikstad jail and
in the afternoon we went to Mowald, where we held a good meeting.  Three of us
brethren spoke to the people, and the spirit of God was with us in a great measure. As
some partied requested to be baptized, we appointed the following Wednesday evening
as the time to attend to that ordinance.  On our way towards town we found some
families had come together in Ole and we, therefore, stopped and talked to them about an
hour, and the spirit of God was again poured out upon us, and we felt happy, praising
God by singing and in prayer.

     25th.  I went to town and there the decision of the higher court was read to us.  It
was precisely as the decision of the lower court, with this proviso added, that we might
possibly obtain protection under the law for dissenters.  We appealed our case to the
Supreme Court of the land, with a view to be recognized as "Christian Dissenters",
and thus be entitled to protection under the law, and we concluded to add a plea for that
purpose, and for to get the brethren liberated from prison, on condition that they would
refrain from performing any sacramental ordinance belonging to our religion--that was
the conditions, that had been presented to the brethren, but which they had rejected
but they had in reply stated in writing on what conditions they would accept their
freedom I had a conversation with Mr. Berg, the mayor, and he forbade me to speak to
the people about our religion at all, but I answered that I intended to keep my promise
that I had given him before, but that I could not avoid speaking to people that wanted to
speak with me, or who asked me to visit them in their private homes. He furthermore
wanted me to persuade my brethren not to speak to people concerning our religion, but to
this I answered him that I was not a police officer and could therefore not forbid anybody
to speak about a religion which I believed to be true myself,  I went from there to Brother
Brown, where I stayed and conversed with the family concerning the word of God.

     26th.  I wrote a letter to my brother, C. G. Larsen, and also an appeal to the
Supreme Court in our case. We all felt very satisfied with the way things were moving,
Thanks to God.

     27th.  I went in to town and from there to Vaterland.  Brothers Emil and S.P. Larsen
had arrived from Risoer, bringing good news from Elder Svend Larsen, with some
thirteen speciedalar to the Perpetual Emigration Fund and eleven speciedalar for me
from the saints in Risoer, to get me a new set of clothes for. I also received from
Ellen Maria Hansen a silk handkerchief.  I visited the brethren in jail.  In the evening
I attended a council meeting in Vaterland and spoke there to the brethren, instructing
them in their official duties. After that meeting we administered baptism to eight
persons. Priest S.P. Larsen officiating.  I spoke to the newly baptized people by way
of instruction and then Elder P. Beckstrom and I confirmed them by the laying on of
hands.  Thus that night was spent and at two a.m. we separated, Brother Widerborg
dismissing by prayer.

     28th.  I was to Aarli where I had an opportunity to speak to a number of strangers,
who seemed interested ,in what I explained to them and some of them said that they
would soon be baptized.  I went to Brother Widerborg, where I put up for the night.

     29th.  I went into town where I learned that Brother P. Beckstrom had been arrested
the previous day for having preached.  It was my intention to visit and talk with the
brethren in the prison, but the jailer would not permit me to enter, and I therefore, had
to return, and went again to Brother Widerborg.

     30th.  I wrote letters to Elder Svend Larsen in Risoer and to J. Jensen in Brevig.
I succeeded in visiting the brethren in prison that day. On my way to town I had a
conversation with a school teacher and although he was somewhat opposed to me in the
beginning, he became more agreeable and friendly before we parted.

MAY, 1853

     1st, Sunday.  Consecrated a bottle of oil and Elder C, Widerborg and I anointed
and blessed Sister Widerborg.  In the afternoon, I and Priest Sven P. Larsen went to
Ingulsrud, where we had a good meeting and all the saints present engaged in prayer.
I occupied some of the time in speaking and the spirit of God was present.  In the
evening we held a meeting at Brother Nielsen's, where I again occupied a portion of the
time, speaking, and also administered to Sister Nielsen, who was sick.  Later in the
evening the ordinance of Baptism was administered to Brother Nielsen and his wife of
Niels Ingulsrud, by their request. Priest S.P. Larsen performing the baptism.  After
their return, I spoke to these new converts by way of instruction and admonition, and
then I administered the ordinance of laying on of hands, confirming them members of
the church.  The spirit of God was present in a great measure and we all felt very
happy.  It was two o'clock in the morning when we separated and 3 a. m. when we
reached home.

     2nd.  I visited a Mrs. Sorensen in Kragero, an island, being accompanied and
introduced to that lady by Miss Sophia Fjeldsted, the daughter of our jailer, and I
conversed with her upon the principles of the Gospel in the presence of her daughter.
From there we, Elder Widerborg and his wife, and I, visited the Bruun family, and
conversed "with them upon the gospel principles.  When we came home, I found some
letters for me from Pres. Willard Snow.

     3rd.  Brother Ove from Slareo and I went to visit the brethren in the Frederikstad
prison and I also wrote an encouraging letter to the brethren in the Elverhoj prison,
and also visited the branch president, Brother Johansen.  I next went to Brother
Widerborg's and then he and I accompanied Brother Ove to Slaroe (a large farm) where
we conversed with a family in that neighborhood, where the woman was sick in bed. She
seemed to be converted to the Gospel truth, and said that she would be baptized if she
got well again.  By her request, we anointed and blessed her, and the spirit and
blessings of God was over us in that meeting.  After having partaken of a good supper,
we returned to Brother Widerborg's.

     4th.  In company with Elder C. Widerborg, I visited the Brown (Bruun) family and
afterwards we visited the brethren in the prison.  They had been offered liberation
from confinement in prison, if they would abstain from performing any of the adminis-
trative ordinances belonging to Mormonism, but they were undecided on whether to
accept that offer on such conditions.  We advised them to accept, as there were then
several native brethren holding the priesthood who could do all such work.  There I
and Brother Widerborg, with a Brother Gunnar from Orli went over to the island Krage:
where we tried to be admitted into a religious meeting of Lutherans, but were refused
as soon as we showed ourselves in the doorway, and we, therefore, returned at once to
our home, where we sang a hymn and had prayer and then retired.

     5th.  We held Fast day.  Elder Widerborg and I went to visit the brethren in
Frederikstad prison and held a council meeting with them about their liberation from
prison.  After some discussion, we all came to the conclusion that it was best to accept
the proposition.  We attended a meeting later, in our hired hall, where I spoke to the
saints concerning the Perpetual Emigration Fund and other temporal matters.  About
5 p. m. we had the pleasure of seeing our brethren from the Elverhoj prison with us,
and we had then a feast of rejoicing in a meeting that lasted till 8:30 p. m. after which
I went with Brother Ove to Slaroe, where we arrived about midnight.

     6th.  I wrote a letter to my brother Christen, and I also conversed with the people
in Slaroe upon the principles of the Gospel.  Later in the day, I went to town and
attended a council meeting in the evening, in our rented hall.  All the brethren expressed
themselves, and the spirit of God was present in a great measure,  I spoke upon the
best methods or ways to proceed with our missionary labors, so as to spread the truth
abroad among the people in Norway, under present circumstances.  Late that night we
adjourned (between II and 12) to meet again the following Wednesday.  We all felt very
happy, and praised the Lord by song and prayer at the close of this meeting.

     7th.  I wrote letters to Elder Svend Larsen in Risoer and to Jensen in Brevig.
Afterwards I accompanied some of the saints to Aarli, where I had a lengthy conversation
with some of the saints and people and convinced them of the truth of the Gospel and
two of them requested baptism.  We finally crossed over to the town suburb (Forstad)
in order to get the brethren, Ahmanson, Widerborg and Brown with us, and then all set
over the sound again, to Aarli, to a secluded place to perform the baptism, and we
reached there about 11 p. m. when Elder Widerborg baptized four persons. We then
returned to the town, (Forstaden), and I, with the other brethren, held a meeting and
I spoke to the newly baptized people explaining the importance of the covenant they had
just made with God,  and also the ordinance of laying on of hands, which ordinance was
then administered by me and John A. Ahmanson and C. Widerborg.  By the time we
were through, it was two o'clock on the morning of the 8th of May.  We felt the peaceful
influence of the spirit of the Lord over us, and give praise to Him.

     8th, Sunday.  We held meetings forenoon and afternoon that day in the city and
several brethren used the time in speaking, and the spirit of God was sustaining them.

     9th.  I wrote a letter to Pres. Willard Snow.  Afterwards, in company with Elders
Ahmanson and Widerborg, I went to Sister Gunhild and we blessed her two children,
and sang for them and prayed with them.

     10th.  We went over to Vaterland.  Before we got there, we had a conversation with
a prominent citizen in the city, a shoemaker, to whom we explained the Gospel. We
learned there that three of our brethren, to viz. , Johansen, Emil Larsen and Ole
Ellingsen had been summoned to appear in the court the following day for trial, at 2 p.m.
As we were engaged in prayer before we intended to lead a Sister Marie to the water, to
baptize her, according to her request, and before she reached the water, two constable?
presented themselves and prevented her.  It appears that her intention had become
known to the mayor of the city, and thus he interfered in this way.

     11th.  I wrote letters to the saints and brethren in Brevig and Risoer, and also
visited the saints in the town and in Vaterland.  In the evening a council meeting was
held at which the following arrangements and appointments were made: Elder P.
Beckstrom to labor in the parish of Borge, and that Hans Larsen, Kneble, be ordained
a priest and to assist Elder Beckstrom; Elder Ole Olsen and Anders Larsen, Ingulsrud
to labor in the district around Ingulsrud;  Jeppe J. Folkman and Niels Hansen to labor
in the city of Moss and vicinity;  Elders Carl Widerborg, John F. Dorius, Christen
Knudsen and C. Larsen proceed to Brevig in company with Brother Christensen; Mons
Petersen was ordained a Priest and accepted as recorder for the branch, and to act as
teacher for the 2nd district of the branch; Emil Larsen to act in the same capacity in
the 1st district of the branch, and Ole Ellingsen as teacher in the 3rd district.  Some
bottles of oil was also blessed and consecrated. Elder Ahmanson was to have charge
of all the departments in the branch and to labor with his might in that part of the
mission.  In connection with the other brethren, we then proceeded to ordain the brethren
who had been nominated, and I also spoke to the brethren, giving them advice with
regard to their official duties and to use wisdom in all things.  The spirit of God was
present in a great measure.

     12th.  I wrote  in my journal.  Later, in company with Elder Ahmanson and Widerborg
I went to Ingulsrud, and from there to Karlshus and explained to those people some of
the principles of the Gospel.  From there we went to Kerulsrud and held a meeting.
I occupied part of the time in speaking, and later in the evening, a sister to Ole
Ellingsen was baptized and I administered the laying on of hands ordinance, confirming
her a member of the church.  After returning to the house, we had a brief investigation
of some difficulties, that had existed between some of the brethren and got them settled
satisfactorily.  We then went to town, arriving there between the hours of two and three
a. m.

     13th.  I wrote a  letter to President Willard Snow and afterwards I went to the mayor
to obtain my passport.  Having obtained that, I packed my valise and bidding good-bye
to the saints on shore, I entered on board the boat of a brother Christensen, and we set
out for Brevig.  About seven miles out, we landed on one of the rocky islands, where
we held a prayer meeting and ate our supper, and then we set out in the open sea for
Brevig.  The weather was very fine at the time we started but not much wind in our
favor.  We reached Brevig about 6 p. m. the next day.

     14th.  Arriving there, we found the saints feeling well, and we had a good time
with them, by engaging in song and prayers, before we retired for the night.

     15th, Sunday.  In the forenoon we held a meeting with the saints, and in the afternoon
we held a public meeting and several outsiders were present. Several of us brethren
spoke in that meeting and all went off quietly and in peace. Afterwards we went out to
look at the town, and we had a lengthy conversation with some strangers, in the house
of Priest Jensen.

     16th.  I wrote a letter to the saints in Frederickstad, and afterwards I was out in
town, conversing with several strangers  upon the Gospel.  Later we went to Krageroe,
an island, to attend to baptism and to hold meeting.  One person was then baptized but
there were several more persons who had requested baptism, but finally backed out.
The one we did baptize, we confirmed by the water's edge. We reached town at 2 a. m.
the next day.

     17th.  We again held a meeting on Krageroe at the home of Mr. Johan Berlin, and we
had a good time.  In the afternoon we held a council meeting in our rented hall, and the
following business was done.  Elder John F. Dorius and Priest J. Jensen were appointed
to labor in Skeen, and Priest Chr. Knudsen and C. Larsen to labor in Bamie parish.
After several of the brethren had expressed their feelings, we adjourned and closed by
singing and prayer.  In the evening we held meeting again, and several strangers were
present; among them a certain merchant and his wife, with whom we had a lengthy
conversation upon the principles of the Gospel, in a very pleasant tone.

     18th.  Elder C. Widerborg and I, this day, took leave of the saints in Brevig, and
in Brother Christens en's boat, set out for Risoer.  On our way we landed on the coast,
in Bamie, where we visited a sister, and finally we reached Risoer about 5 p. m.  Here
we met three newly arrived missionaries, to viz, , G. M. Hougen (High Priest), Canute
Petersen (a Seventy), and Carl Dorius (Elder).  The two first named direct from Zion
and Elder Dorius from Denmark.  Elder Hougan was to take my place as president of
the mission in Norway.  In the evening we had a council meeting and all of us talked in
that meeting, expressing our good feelings, and we had an enjoyable time together.  We
administered to a sick sister.

     19th, Thursday.  We visited some saints who lived outside of the town, and we had
thus opportunities to converse with several strangers upon the principles of the Gospel,
and the spirit of God assisted us.

     20th.  I wrote in my journal.  In company with the other brethren, I was invited to
a social at Lars Olsen's and we had a very enjoyable time together.

     21st.  In company with the other brethren, I visited Sister Evens and Aamond Olsen.
In the evening attended a council meeting at Elder John Olsen's.  After some explanation
by me, it was decided that Svend Larsen should act as clerk for Risoer Branch, and
also as custodian and agent for all books and other church literature; furthermore, that
Elders John Olsen and Svend Larsen act as a committee to rest a suitable hall in which
to hold public meetings, Elder Carl Dorius was appointed to proceed to Brevig and labor
there and in its vicinity as a missionary.  Elder C. Widerborg and I proceed to Arendal,
and President E.G.M. Hougan and Elder Canute Petersen to remain in Riaoer for the
present.  This was all by unanimous consent.  Some brethren suggested that it would
be well to assist Brother Lars Olsen in fixing up his boat, so that he could take the
missionaries around in the branches along the coast, and several of the brethren
expressed themselves upon this and then we adjourned by singing and prayer.

     22nd.  We held meeting in the home of Elder John Olsen, president of the branch,
and I occupied all the time in the forenoon.  The house was well filled by the saints and
a number of strangers. In the afternoon meeting several other brethren occupied the
time.  Later several of us met at Brother Aamond Olsen's, where we had a feast of
rejoicing together.

     23rd.  I wrote in my journal and also wrote letters to President Willard Snow and
to my brother Johannes, and my betrothed girl in Aalborg, and afterwards I visited
some of the saints in their homes.

     24th.  Elder Widerborg and I went to Arendal on foot.  We called at court house and
obtained permit to hold meeting when we returned from Arendal.  We found lodging on
a farm about two miles from Arendal. Elder Carl Dorius took the steamer for Brevig.

     25th.  We reached Arendal about 3 p. m.  Mr. Sunne, a sea captain, took us around
see the town.  A Mrs. Mikkelsen and some other residents were visited, to whom we
explained the principles of the Gospel.

     26th.  After visiting Mrs. Mikkelsen again, did we leave that town on our return,
but when we called at the farm where we had stayed over night before we reached
Arendal, we were not made welcome, neither were allowed to hold a meeting there, and
we had, therefore, to put up for the night at a public inn.

     27th.  We reached Kleven (the clift). Elder John Olsen's home about 4 p. m. and
after resting a while there, we proceeded to Brother Svend Larsen's house.  I received
a letter from Elder Ahmansen.  Afterwards I went to a place called Kranen, where I
found President Hougan and Elder Canute Petersen and several others of the church
members. Four persons had applied for baptism, and we, therefore, were taken in a
skiff to a suitable place, where Elder C. Widerborg then administered that holy ordinance
to the four women.  After some brief remarks, and singing and prayer, we administered
the ordinance of laying on of hands to them and we all felt that we were greatly blessed,

     28th.  I went with the brethren from Zion up into an isolated place in the rocks,
where we held prayer. At that place the brethren made known to me for the first time
that God had given a revelation to the Prophet, Joseph Smith, commanding him to take
some more wives, and the spirit of God at once gave me a testimony that it was the,
truth.  From there we went to Brother John Olsen's home (Kleven) where we had a
happy reunion with a number of the saints. We there prayed for and anointed to our
blind sister, Maria.

     29th.  We held a meeting in the home of Brother John Olsen, which I opened with
prayer in the forenoon.  In the afternoon I used the time in speaking, and had a number
of strangers in our meeting.  We had peace and a good spirit over us, and we felt well.
After meeting the brethren and I went over to Kranen, where we had a time of rejoicing
with our new sisters, there.

     30th.  Elder C. Widerborg and I went with two of our sisters, in a skiff to a large
farm, Solberg, to hold a meeting there.  Sister Torber had taken pains to have the
people in the neighborhood notified and invited, but none of them came, wherefore we
only spent the time in prayer and in singing with a few saints who lived there.  Yet we
had an enjoyable time with them.

     31st.  When we left, we rowed to Kranen, where we landed, and spent a short time
encouraging the saints, and then we rowed into the town, Risoer, where we held a
prayer meeting in the evening at Brother Svend Larsen's house.  There was some little
disturbance outside, but we, nevertheless, confirmed a brother that had received
baptism, and administered to a sick sister in that meeting and we had a good time

JUNE, 1853

     1st.  I wrote in my journal, and afterwards I went with the other brethren to Kranen,
where we had a good meeting in the evening. I occupied most of the time in speaking
to the saints, as it was my last meeting with them and I bade them farewell.

     2nd.  I and the other brethren held fast day, according to the rules of the church,
on the first Thursday in each month.  In the afternoon about 4 p.m. , Brother Christensen
came for us to take us in his boat to Tune-Oe, but we did not get off till 8 o'clock, and
reached that island, about 6 o'clock the next morning,

     3rd.  We stayed there a while, with the few saints, and also spent a little time
fishing in the sea, and when we again came ashore, we found that Elder F. Dorius and
Gundersen had arrived there also.

     4th.  We took leave of the saints and set sail for Brevig and arrived there about
6 p. m.   I received letters from Elder Ahmanson and from my brother Lauritz,  and we
had an enjoyable time with the saints there.

     5th.  We held two well attended meetings, and a number of strangers were present,
and it looked like our words made an impression upon their hearts.  In the evening the
house was crowded, and I preached again for them.  Later one person was baptized by
Canute Larsen, a man by name Halvor, from Krab island, and Elder Widerborg and I
confirmed him by laying on of hands.

     6th.  We were in Krab island or Krabrod and spent some time there, explaining our
faith to the people.  When we returned in the evening, a man by name Linblom, a Swede,
a printer by trade, was baptized by Elder C, Widerborg, and I and C.W. confirmed him.
Before we attended to this ordinance, we had held a little meeting in a place called
Satre, at which meeting several friends were present, to whom we bore our testimony.
As we were returning from baptism, we met Elder C. Dorius and two women; the
women had asked for baptism, and obtained permission from their respective husbands
and Brother Canute Larsen therefore, performed the ordinance, and C. Dorius, C.
Widerborg and I confirmed them by the laying on of hands.  John Berlin, the husband of
one of the women, who was himself present when she was baptized, then seemed to turn
raving mad in anger and uttered many threats against us.

     7th.  John Berlin came to us in a great ecstasy of anger, and demanded that we
should excommunicate his wife from the church, and we remonstrated with him and
finally left him and that matter with God.  Later we went to Gunnar Sorensen and held
conversation with several people in that neighborhood, explaining the Gospel to them
and in the evening we had a meeting in which a number of people were present, to whom
we delivered our message. The spirit of God was with us, and we felt blessed.

     8th.  After having conversed with several persons, explaining our doctrines and
administered to one from Tune island, we again set sail for our return trip to Brevig,
several of the saints going with us, and when we arrived there, we held a good meeting,
several strangers being present, and a good spirit prevailing.

     9th.  Elder C. Widerborg, Priest Jensen and I went to the city of Skeen, where we
visited and conversed with some friends and would  have held a meeting if the mayor
and the parson had not interfered and forbidden us to do so in that house.  The parson
had been to that family a few times, and held a meeting in which he did what he could to
contradict our doctrines, and also dished up with the old stories and lies about the
Prophet Joseph Smith.



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