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     The framework of this history is taken from a history previously written by his
daughter, Emily Olsen Savage, from Gideon's own brief autobiography, and from recol-
lections of some of his grandchildren. Corrections and additions have been made by
Mary Jean Garrison on the basis of the following sources: 
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(Care has been taken to copy Gideon's autobiography exactly as it was written, keeping the same spelling and punctuation as he used. His personality and his Scandinavian background are more easily seen when his history is read as it was written.) I was Babtise in Oct. 1859 by Hans Poulsen and Confirm by him Tistedalen Norway. I was Ordaean a ticher in 1860. Worck in Minestery. Emegreated from Frederikshald, Norway to Utah, all alon. Started April 15, 1863.1Iwas then 18 years olld. I left Father my Sister Julia and other Reletion standing on the Sea shore. We stardet from England in Sealing Wessel hear Neam was Antagnina. We had not got faerly starded. Our Mand find a Young Man in the hoel. stardaway. he was a Ugly chap, so the Captain higest a Flag. And the came and tak him away to land. And the Wind stardet up, and we on our way. We had wery poor acomedation. It tak us 7 weacks before we got in to Newyourk came up the Rivers, and I saae a big lot of Beefs drove in to be Kil. for the War. we had to ried in the same Cars as the Stock did. and the was wery rough. I drov 8 head of Oxen one Wagon to Salt Leak 1,000 Miles with Store Goods. My Brother Christofpher Meat me in Salt Leak the first part of October, so it tok nearly 6 Months from Norway to Utah. In the Winter of 64 I was ordain to the Office of a Prist by Bishop Liljenquist. In the Spring of 64 My Bishop call me to go to the Mesoury River and take 8 head of Oxen, Wagorn and bring the Poor Saints to Utah. had good Luck. Drov in to Hyrum with all my Oxen. I was Bleast on my trip thir & back. It was the first time that I saw. My Wife Hannah Olsen. Stayd with my Br. Christofpher all Winter. In the Fall of 64 My Bishop call me to go down and get my Indowments I did so. in the Winter of 64 My Wife mouved to Logan wher I met hear. So in March 4. we was Maried. by Bishop Liljenquest. In the Sumer of 65 I came to Paradise was engaece with Bishop James for I year 3 months, findly in Decembcr of 65 I moved to Paradise. We had Worckt wery hard that Sumer and Fall. that we was able to bay a littel home wich we did injoe. In the Spring of 68 we all move down to this New Please And Beult a Town. tok out a Canal from East Canyon and now we have 1000 to 5. under cultcvarion. I have been working as a techer in the Ward for many Years. Also in June 188 I was ordaen and Elder by Charles 0. Card. allso was set apart us first Counsler to B. S. Oldham. I warck all I could both to home, and ovay from home. Nearly 20 years leatter I was relist, and my Son Gideon E. Olsen was put in the Bishoreack Our Son was maried to good find Lady by Name A. Shaw. she had a find Boy. she tok syck and died in Nov 1897. the littel Boy Willame Died in the Spring of 1898. he den in 98 was call to go back to Denmark on a mition and came back in 1900. One year litter he maried Mery Oldham. true ther Wedlock the 2 Boys & 3 Girls in _________ she was confind., and 8 days letter tok syck and died. She was President ovc the young Laedies Asocition til hear Deat. In October 1910 he maried Maud Price.

Johanna Carlson Danielson Olsen (1848-1937)

Source of Information

The foregoing biography is an excerpt from the following and is used here by permission of the author A Family History Gideon Elias Olsen (1844 - 1919) Scandinavian Immigrant Compiled by Mary Jean Garrison (1983) (email: [vii. 381p.: ill., facsims,; geneal. tables, maps, ports.] pp. 30 - 44 (JSMB FAMHIST Book 929.273 OL8g) (FHL US/CAN Film 1035727 Item 10)
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