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TITENSOR RESEARCH by Shirley Gardner con't.


Baptisms for the Dead, Logan Temple (F 24510)

Pt. 2 - Baptisms by Susannah Titensor Larsen  (15 Jul 1884)
	#5205 Grt. Orel. Mother Mary Rogerson
		Born England
		Relationship - Grt. Grd. Dau.
	#5206 Mary Rogerson
		Born 21 Apr 1808, England; died 21 Apr 1837
		Relationship - Grd. Dau.
	#5207 Harriet Baxter
		Born Liverpool, England
		Relationship Aunt in Law

Pt. 3 - Baptisms by Thomas Titensor, 17 Mar 1885
	#12043 Edward Titensor
		Born 1807, Lanes. , Eng. : died 1868
		Relationship - Son
	#l2044 Philip Rogerson
		Born St. Ellen's, Lanes., Eng.; died 1860
		Relationship - Grandson
	#12045 Thomas Titensor
		Born Stafford, Eng. ; died 1849
		Relationship - Grandson

Pt. 3 - Baptisms by Sarah Robbins Titensor, 17 Mar 1885
	#12268 Susannah Sutton
		Born 22 Nov 1790, Bootle, Ches. , Eng. ; died 17 Feb 1876
		Relationship - Daughter
	#l2269Mrs. Mary Sutton
		Born England
		Relationship - Granddaughter
	#12270 Ellen Robbins
		Born Stafford, Eng.
		Relationship - Granddaughter
	#12271 Susannah Robbins
		Born 27 July 1822, Manchester, Lanes. , Eng.; died 1854
		Relationship - Sister
	#12272 Elizabeth Robbins
		Born 5 July 1827, Manchester, Lanes. , Eng. ; died May 1855
		Relationship - Sister
	#12273 Ellen Robbins
		Born 20 July 1812, Manchester, Lanes. , Eng. ; died 1883
		Relationship - Sister
	#12274 Mary Robbins
		Born 3 Jan 1815, Manchester, Lanes., Eng.
		Relationship - Sister
	#12275 Ann Grange
		Born Pendleton, Lanes. , Eng.
		Relationship - Friend
	#12276 Elizabeth Robbins
		Born Osfield, Stafford, Eng. (This should probably be Alstonfield)
		Relationship - Niece
	#12277 Elizabeth Higginbottom
		Born 1842, Manchester, Lanes., Eng., died Dee 1883
		Relationship - Aunt
	#12278 Sarah Brown
		Born Manchester, Lanes., Eng.
		Relationship - Niece in Law
	#12279 Mary Sutton
		Born Manchester, Lanes., Eng. ; died 1877
		Relationship - Cousin
	#12280 Alice Sutton
		Born 1879, Manchester, Lanes., Eng.; died 14 Apr 1879
		Relationship - Cousin
	#l228l Susannah Sutton
		Born Manchester, Lanes., Eng. ; died 28 Sept 1880
		Relationship - Cousin

APPENDIX II The following is a copy of a letter written by John Titensor to his half-brother Thomas Titensor: 34 Derby Street Duke Street Lower Broughton Manchester, England May l5th/84 My Dear Brother In answer to your letter of the 12th of April 1884 we are glad to say that we are all very well at home, trusting that you are the same and hoping that you will continue so; I did not see the letter that you sent before the one of the above date or I would have written to you before now. In answer to your inquiry about brother Fred's boy I am sorry to inform you that he has been dead about 2 years and the malady that he suffered from was cancer in the seat. About sister Janet's boy I will use my best endeavours to find him out and tell him when I see him that you will send for him to go out there and I will also give him all parti- culars. With reference to Uncle Will all that I can say is that I heard that he had sent a letter to you, but what information he had got about the deeds or the parties that left it and who it was left to I never got to hear; I can tell you that Uncle Will has gone very deaf and has got quite childish, so therefore we could not get anything definite from him about anything, I may also tell you that Edward and Reuben will be writing to you if they have not done so already so that you may glean a little information from them. We are glad to hear that you are so well pleased with the country that you live in and also that you are prospering so well. There is one thing that I should to see and is yourself in the old country if only for a short time so that if you do happen to come over you will find ahearty welcome awaiting you. Myself and wife and Johnnie and Eunice and Maggie all join in sending their kind love to their Uncle and Aunt and their cousins. I will now conclude my letter to you and hoping the time won't be long till we hear from you again. So I remain Your affectionate Brother John Titensay Somerset House was requested to make a search of the Census of England for the years 1881 and 1891 for the above address with the following result: "The search which you recently requested has revealed an entry showing that on the 3rd April, 1881 the undermentioned persons were residing at 34, Derby Street, Kensal Broughton, Salford, Lanes. John Tidser Head Mar. 37 Cour Maker Bradford Lancs. Mary E. Tidser Wife Mar. 39 " Openshaw " Eunice " Daur. - 12 Scholar Bradford Lanes. Maggie " Daur. - 10 " Salford " A further search has been made in the 1891 census records, but no trace has been found of John Tittensay or Tidser or Tidsey and family, said to have been living at 34, Derby Street Broughton, Manchester, Lancs."
APPENDIX III The following is gleaned from the Manchester England LDS Branch Records (F13656, Pt. 43) and are the records of the Titensor, Robbins, and Bradbury families. It is known that two of Sarah Robbins' sisters married into the Kirkman and Allsop families and these records are also shown. #l2 Allsop, Susannah - Bapt. 1840 July 19 #31 Allsop, John, age 23 - Bapt. 1847 Mar 19 in Manchester Elder Priest 12-23-47 Ordained 9-22-48 Cross Irk Street Removed and Returned #40 Allsop, Richard, age 25 - Bapt. 9-28-1847 #58 Pirt St. , Manch. #9l Bradbury, Joseph - Bapt. 1841 Apr 18 Priest Worthington Ct. , George Road Cut. Off #92 Bradbury, Sarah * Bapt. 1841. Apr 18 Worthington Ct. Cut Off June 7 1848 #147 Bradbury, John - Bapt. Oct 4 1840 Irk Town Removed to Oldham #160 Bradbury, Thomas - Bapt. 1841 No. 7 Baird Bank Top Emigrated #l6l Bradbury, Sarah, age 30 - Bapt. 5-15-1848, Manch. Newton Heath #l72 Bradbury, Joseph, age 30 - Bapt. 7-1-1848, Manch. Elder Priest Ordained 1848 Newton Heath, Manch. #187 Bradbury, Elizabeth, age 9 - Bapt. 3-10-1848, Manch. by J. Bradbury Newton Heath #949 Kirkman, Ellen - Bapt. 9-26-1841 73 Henry St. #957 Kirkman, Alice Newton Heath Rec'd from Bury #958 Kirkman, Mary Newton Heath Rec'd from Bury ; #974 Kirkman, John, age 18 - Bapt. 5-16-1849 Manch by J. Alsop Teacher Ordained 6-15-1851 No. 20 Bradford Road Emigrated Nov. 21 1855 #975 Kirkman, Thomas, age 15 - Bapt. 5-10-1850 Manch. by W. Barnes No. 7 Fawcet St. Cut Off 6-8-1852 #977 Kirkman, Alexander, age 21 - Bapt. 9-5-1850 by W. Barnes No. 27 Ashton St. Cut off 12-20-1850 #1484 Robins, George - Bapt. 5-10-1840 Elder - Priest Irk Town Emigrated #1528 Robins, Elizabeth, age 19 - Bapt. 6-18-1847 Manch. by G. Robins 1 Cross Irk, Ashley Lane #5531 Robins, Maria, age 41 - Bapt. 7-1-1848 by Armstrong No. 10 Little John St. , Thomas St. #l542 Robbins, Alice, age 18 - Bapt. 10-24-1849 by Jno Allsop Cross Irk St. #l543 Robbins, Sarah, age 80 (the 8 has been crossed through) - Bapt. 10-24-1849 by Jno Allsop Cross Irk St. #1833 Tidser, Thomas, age 18 - Bapt, 12-17-1848 Manch. by Thomas Newton Teacher Ordained 7-25-52 No. 1 Peel St., Bradford Rd. #1838 Tidser, Emma, age 17 - Bapt. 8-13-1849 by J. Allsop No. 1 Peel St. Cut off 6-28-1857 RECORD OF MEMBERS #23 Alsop, Susannah - late Susannah Robins MEMBERS #8 Allsop, John Parents Ire Allsop Mary Born Nottingham, Nottingham, Eng. 20 Sept 1823 Bapt. Manchester by Thomas Jackson 19 Mar 1847 Conf. 21 Mar 1847 by John Dunn Emigrated 9 Mar 1854 #9 Allsop, Susannah Robbins Parents Geo. Robins & Susannah Sutton Born Manchester Lanes Eng 27 July 1822 Bapt. Manch. 14 July 1840 Conf. 20 July 1840 by Willard Richards Emigrated 9 Mar 1854 #27 Bradbury, Sarah Simpson Parents Rich & Eliath Simpson Born Rochdale Lanes Eng 27 Jan 1817 Bapt. Manch by Thomas Still 15 May 1848 Conf. May 1848 by James Walker Cut off Nov 12 1859 at her own reqst #31 Bradbury, Joseph Parents Joseph & Ann Bradbury Born Manch 12 Aug 1818 Bapt. Manch. by Thomas Still 1 July 1848 (2nd time) Conf. 16 July 1848 by Thomas Newton Cut off May 29, 1957 #40 Bradbury, Elizabeth Parents Joseph and Sarah Simpson Bradbury Born Manch. 26 Jan 1840 Bapt. Manch. by Joseph Bradbury 10 Feb 1849 #60 refers to Elizabeth Bradbury's brother, Joseph, born 12 Apr 1842 (The rest of this entry cannot be read by this writer) #133 Bradbury, Sarah (crossed through) Elizabeth Rebaptized by Thos. Titensor May 23, 1857 Conf. May 24, 1857 #6 Robbins, Elizabeth Parents George & Susannah Sutton Robbins Born Manch. 5 July 1827 Bapt. Manch. by Geo. Robbins 18 Jun 1847 Conf. 20 June 1847 by Wm. Walker Died 25 May 1855 #11 Robbins, Alice Parents George & Susannah Sutton Robbins Born Manch. 8 Dee 1831 Bapt. Manch. by John Allsop 24 Oct 1849 Conf. 27 Oct 1849 by James Walker #l2 Robbins, Sarah Parents George & Susannah Sutton Robbins Born 17 Aug 1829 Manch. Bapt. Manch. by John Allsop 24 Oct 1849 Conf. 27 Oct 1849 by Richd Cook # Robbins, Alice Rebapt. by Thos. Titensor March 25, 1857 Conf. Apr 26 1857 by Thos. Titensor #l0 Titensor, Thomas Parents Edward & Mary Rogerson Titensor Bapt. Manch. Dec. 17 1848 by James Newton Conf. 18 Dee 1848 by James Walker #l8 Titensor, Emma Parents Edward & Mary Rogerson Titensor Born 31 Mar 1831 Manch. Bapt. 13 Aug 1849 by John Allsop Conf. Aug 1849 John Scott Thos. Titensor rebapt by Thos. Greenhalgh March 14, 1857 Conf. March 15, 1857 Sarah Titensor rebapt. by Thos. Greenhalgh June 20, 1857 Conf. June 21, 1857 by James Walker (Next page) Emigrated to America on ship Underwriter On page #32 Elizabeth Bradbury emigrated 1866, age 24, on Arkw right Sarah Bradbury, emigrated 1866, age 46, on Arkwright John Kirkman emigrated Genealogical Society 26 February 1961 1. From a search of Alstonfield parish registers for Robbins entries, the following children of Charles and Ellen Bobbins were christened on the dates indicated: Tommy, 8 Sept. 1776; John, 26 July 1778; Elizabeth, 25 March 1781; George, 27 Jan 1788. Also Ellen was buried 28 Sept. 1791. 2. From a search of Bishop's Transcripts (contemporary copies of parish regis- ters) of Walton-on-the-Hill, Lancashire, and Sephton, Lancashire, the following enteries pertaining to your ancestors and their families were found: Chr. 27 Sept. 1789, at Sephton, Robert, son of Thomas and Mary Sutton. Bur. 25 Feb. 1797, at Walton, Mary, wife of Thomas Sutton and daughter of Thomas Ormeshire of Sephton. Md. I June 1789, at Sephton, Thomas Sutton, shoemaker, and Mary Ormisher. Chr. 31 Jan. 1768, at Walton, Molly (which is a nickname for Mary), daughter of Thomas Ormishaw, of Bootle. Md. 16 Apr. 1765, at Walton, Thomas Ormishire and Susannah Ashcroft. Chr. 24 Nov. 1765, at Walton, Henry son of Thomas Ormeshire, of Bootle. Chr. 4 Mar. 1770, at Walton, Margaret, daughter of Thomas Ormishaw, of Bootle. Chr. 21 Nov. 1773, at Walton, William, son of Thomas Ormeshire, of Bootle. Chr. 2 July 1775, at Walton, Ann, daughter of Thomas Ormeshaw, of Bootle. Chr. 10 Jan. 1779, at Walton, Susannah, daughter of Thomas Ormeshaw, of Bootle. Chr. 26 Nov. 1780, at Walton, Jenny, daughter of Thomas Ormeshire, of Bootle. Further searches need to be made to find out more about the family of Thomas and Mary Sutton, but it would appear that all of the above are part of some of your ancestral families. At present the funds in your account are completely exhausted, and it will be necessary for further funds, at least $50. 00, to be deposited in your account before any additional research can be done. GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY Research Department Frank Smith, Supt. previous page Return to beginning of Gardner Research