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TITENSOR RESEARCH by Shirley Gardner con't.


Family knowledge of Sarah Robbins Titensor is that she was born in Manchester,
Lancashire, England, August 17, 1829, the daughter of George and Susannah
Sutton Robbins.  George Robbins was known to have been born January 27, 1788,
in Alstonfield, Staffordshire, England, the son of Charles Robbins and Ellen Hulme
Robbins, and died in 1864 in Manchester.  Susannah Sutton was born November 22,
1790 in Bootle, Lancashire, England, the daughter of Thomas and Mary Sutton,
and died February 17, 1876, in Manchester. (Note, Appendix I of this report
shows that she was born in Bootle, Cheshire; however, all atlases indicate that
Bootle is in Lancashire and is a suburb of Liverpool. )

Somerset House was requested to furnish the death certificates of George and
Susannah Robbins with the following results:

	Registration District Manchester.  1864.  Death in the Sub-district of
	St. George Manchester in the County of Lancaster.
		No. 147
		When and where died - Fourteenth October 1864, 24 Irk Street
		George Robins, male, 76 years. Fustian cutter
		Cause of death - Senile Bronchitis, Certified
		Signature, description, and residence of informant - X The Mark of 	  
	                       Harriet Robins, present at the death, 24 Irk Street, 
		When registered - Fifteenth October 1864
		Signature of registrar - Hiram Ogden, Deputy Registrar
view certificate

	Registration District Manchester.  1876.  Death in the Sub-district of
	Market Street Manchester in the County of Lancaster.
		No. 327
		When and where died - Seventeenth February 1876, 76 Red Bank
		Susannah Robbins, female, 85 years, widow of George Robbins, Fustian
		Cause of death - Senile Decay, Certified by J. Westmorland, M.R.C.S,
		Signature, description, and residence of informant - Ellen Hindley, 	
				daughter, Present at the death, 76 Red Bank, Manchester
		When registered - Eighteenth February 1876
		Signature of registrar - Thomas Guest, Deputy Registrar
view certificate

The following genealogical history was written by Sarah Titensor:

"My mother's maiden name was Susannah Sutton, the daughter of Thomas and Mary
Sutton.  My father's name is George Robbins, the son of Charles and Ellen Robbins.
George Robbins born January 7, 1788, Alstonfield, Staffordshire. Susannah Robbins
born November 22, 1790.  My father George Robbins died October 14, 1864. My
mother died 17th of February, 1876. The names of my brothers and sisters: Thomas
Robbins, born May 14th, 1810.  Ellen Robbins, born July 20, 1812.  Mary Robbins,
born January 3, 1815.  Charles Robbins, born 1817.  George Robbins born January 17th
1820.  Susannah Robbins, born July 27, 1822, Charles Robbins, born December 5, 1824,
Elizabeth Robbins, born July 5, 1827.  Allice Robbins, born December 8, 1831.
Ann Robbins, born December 24, 1834. These were born in Lancashire. Thomas
Edward Titensor was baptised in August 1872 and confirmed by Milo Andrews and
baptised by Goudy (?) Ryan.  John William Titensor baptised in November 1876."

Partial research on the brothers and sisters of Sarah Titensor has been done with
the following results:

Thomas Robbins - Christening is listed in the Manchester Cathedral records
(F57536, pt. 5,) #l057.  Christened June 10, 1810, Thomas, son of George and
Susannah Robbins, born May 14, 1810. One of the sealings done in the Logan Temple
on January 6, 1911, by Thomas E. and Susannah T. Larsen, is for Thomas Robbins to
Harriet Baxter.  Harriet Baxter is shown on the above death certificate of George
Robbins as being present at his death. She is also listed in Appendix I of this report
as being the aunt-in-law of Susannah Titensor Larsen.

Ellen Robbins - Christening is listed in the Manchester Cathedral (F57536, pt. 5)
# ? 071.  Christened October 7, 1812, Ellen, daughter of George and Susannah Robbins,
born July 22.  Death of Ellen Robbins is listed in Appendix I as 1883. Some family
records indicate that Ellen married a Higginbottom; however, it is known that she
married a George Hindley. There is a photograph in the possession of the family,
on the back of which is written "Ellen Robbins Hindley. " She was probably the
second wife of George Hindley as the 1851 census of Manchester (F13671, pt. 114)
lists the following:


74 Red Bank
		George Hindley    Head Mar 40 Cabinet Maker &: Beer Seller, born
		Alice        "           Wife  Mar 38                          "
		John         "           Son        8                          "
		Martha       "           Dau        6                          "
		Jane         "           Dau        1 mo.                      "
		Elizabeth Lawton  Serv.  U         15                 York, Bradford

The city directory of Manchester for 1852 lists:
	Hindley, George, beer retailer and cabinet maker, 74 Red Bank.
The city directory of Manchester for 1871-2 lists:
	Hindley, Ellen, beer retailer, 76 Red Bank.
It is also noted on the death certificate for Susannah Robbins that Ellen Hindley,
daughter, 76 Red Bank, was present at the death.  In Appendix I of this report it
is shown that #12277, Elizabeth Higginbottom was baptized by Sarah Robbins Titensor,
aunt.  This means that one of Sarah Titensor's sisters married a Higginbottom.
It may be that Ellen married first a Higginbottom; however, a check of the city
directories of Manchester after Elizabeth was born in 1842 shows that in 1848 shows
an Elizabeth Higginbottom living at 9 Back Red Bank, being the only Higginbottom
in that directory.  Perhaps the 1851 census for that address should be checked for
more information. A check for the Sealings of the Dead in the Logan Temple reveals
that on January 6, 1911, a sealing was done by Thomas E. Titensor and Susannah T.
Larsen for William Higgenbottom to Ellen Robbins. For more information, this
should be checked through the Temple Index Bureau.  Family history also indicates
that a sister of George Robbins, Elizabeth, married a William Higgenbottom.
Elizabeth was born March 25, 1781, and would have been about 61 years of age when
the above Elizabeth was born.  The parents of Elizabeth Higginbottom, born 1842,
may be found by requesting the information from Somerset House.

Mary -Robbins - Christening is listed in the Manchester Cathedral (F57536, pt. 6)
#l93.  Sunday, January 22, 1815, Mary daughter of George and Susannah Robbins,
Manchester fustian cutter. The only other place where Mary is found is in the
Baptisms for the Dead (see Appendix I )

Charles Robbins - The christenings of Manchester Cathedral for the period from
January 1, 1817, through May 11, 1817, (F57536, pt. 6) have been searched with no
results.  Further search is indicated up to December 5, 1824, the date of birth of
the second Charles.

The search of the records of the Manchester Cathedral, formerly the Collegiate
Church, was stopped at this point for the records of the Robbins children. A search
was made, however, for the christening of Sarah Robbins from August 17, 1829,
through the early part of 1830 (F57536, Pt. 9) but it was not found.  It is believed
that prior to 1829, however, that the Robbins family had become Methodists as
shown by the next paragraph.

Mary Ellen Titensor Larsen wrote the following about her mother, Sarah Robbins
Titensor: "A brief sketch of the life of Sarah Robbins Titensor, the daughter of
George and Susannah Sutton Robbins. Born August 17, 1829, in Manchester, England,
in her girlhood days she belonged to the Methodist Church.  The first time she heard
the Mormon Elders preach she knew it was the true gospel and shortly after was
baptized.  She belonged to the Manchester Choir.  On April 1, 1854, she married
Thomas Titensor. She was the mother of eight children, four born in England. Her
second child died there in April 1861.  This was a great trial to her parents as there
were two others that had died on the way to America and one died just as she was
preparing to come.  Her father and mother and her sister Ellen helped her all they
could in preparing to leave England.  They went to Liverpool and saw them get on
the ship and waited there till it set sail the next day.  Being Sunday, the ship didn't
go far out to sea but stopped and held meeting.  President George Q. Cannon was on
board and was going to speak to the Saints, so her father, mother, and sister hired
a boat to take them out to the ship and they spent the day there.  After the meeting
her father said if they would live up to the instructions that Pres. Cannon had given
he knew all would be well with them on the journey.  They were six weeks on the
ocean but had fairly good weather in crossing the sea and landed in Salt Lake City
in October.  They stayed there a few weeks then went to Richmond as Mother's
brother-in-law, John Allsop, sent for them to come and stay with them while they
built a house.  Father built a log room that Fall so we had a home of our own.  Like
the rest of the houses it had a dirt roof, and how the rain did come down on us some
nights, but we had a big fireplace so that helped to keep us warm.  Mother's baby
died the next spring as the long journey had been too much for her. That summer we
moved out of the fort onto a lot and had a house with a good roof on it. Mother learned
to spin and dye yarn and knit, also to braid, ste ??,  and make hats and lots of times
took us to the field to help drive grasshoppers off the little patch of wheat we had.
In about 1875 we moved out to Cove.  A short time after, Bro. Charles Allen, who was
the Presiding Elder, asked her to be President of the Relief Society.  She was the
second President. I am not sure but think Adalade Allen and Susan Gosland were her
counselors and Susia Preece Alien, Secretary.  She held that office for quite a
number of years. Finally her health was not very good so it was necessary for her
to resign.  She was a wonderful mother and a good, faithful Latter-day Saint.  She
lived all the principles of the gospel and was loved by all who knew her.  She died
January 19,1903."

Four group sheets for John Allsop and his four wives are found in the Genealogical
Society Library, Salt Lake City, in the three-generation group sheets.  Two sheets
for John and Susanna Robbins Allsop are submitted by John Allsop's granddaughters,
Evelyn Allsop Sessions, 458 University St., Salt Lake City, and Alice Calkins
Christensen, Eagle Gate Apt. 603, 105 East South Temple, Salt Lake City.  Combined
information from these sheets is as follows:

	Husband, John Allsop (chair maker), born September 20, 1823, Nottingham,
		Notts., Eng. Died October 25, 1876, Richmond, Cache Co., Utah.  Father,
		Ira Absolom Allsop. Mother, Mary Ann Cressey. Married December 28,
		1845, Collet Parish Church, Manchester. Other wives, (1) Caroline Moore,
		(3) Mary Ellen Wood, (4) Johanna Marie Eskelsen.
	(2) Wife, Susannah Robins or Robbins, born July 27, 1822, Manchester, Lanes.,
		England. Died August 6, 1854, somewhere on the plains, buried without a
		casket.  Father, George Robins or Robbins.  Mother, Susannah Sutton.
	Children - George Allsop, born September 3, 1851, Manchester.  Died December
			26, 1852.  Bapt., child.  End, child.  Sealed to parents, 20 Sep
			1960, SLC.
		- George Allsop and Marshfield Allsop, twins, born 1854, born and died
			at sea.  Bapt., child.  End., child.  Both sealed to parents,
                                                                 26 Jan 1940.
	Temple Ordinance Data:
		Husband - baptized 19 Mar 1847, endowed 18 Apr 1860.
		Wife - baptized 14 Jul 1840, endowed 25 Mar 1885, sealed to husband 18
			Apr 1860.

The marriage certificate for John and Susannah Allsop was then located in the
Manchester Cathedral records (F57536, Pt. 46).

	#254.  December 28, 1845,
	John Allsop, full age, bachelor, chair maker. Residence , Copperae Street.
		Father, Ira Allsop, tailor.
	Susannah Robbins, full age, spinster. Residence, Cross Irk Street.
		Father, George Robbins, fustian cutter.

George Robbins, brother of Sarah, is known to have married a Mary Ann Thompson,
born in Manchester, died in 1883. She, Mary Ann Thompson, was sealed to George
Robbins on March 4, 1887, in the Logan Temple.  The work was done by Thomas
and Sarah Robbins Titensor.

Charles Robbins, brother of Sarah, was sealed to Ellen ------ on January 6, 1911,
in the Logan Temple.  Work was done by Thomas E. Titensor and Susannah T. Larsen.

Reference is now made to the above writing of Mary Ellen Titensor Larsen where she is
quoted "-- as there were two others that had died on the way to America and one died
just as she was preparing to come. " One who is known to have died on the way is
Susannah Allsop.  The second who died on the way was probably George Robbins who
emigrated (See Appendix I ) but whose records have not yet been found by this writer.
(He died in St. Louis, Missouri. )  The one who died just as she was preparing to
come was probably Elizabeth who died May 25, 1855. Elizabeth was believed to have
married John Kirkman who emigrated November 21, 1855, but that is yet to be proved.

The Robbins family is found on the 1851 census of Manchester (F13671, pt. 116)

	1 Cross Irk Street
		George Robbins   Head  62 Fustian Cutter  Born, Alstonfield, Staffs.
		Susannah  "                   60                        Liverpool
		Elisabeth "                   23 Tassle Maker           Manchester
		Sarah     "                   21                             "
		Alice     "                   19  Fringe Maker               "
		John Alsop                    27  Chair Maker           Nottingham.
		Susannah "                    28  Cutter                Manchester

The 1841 census has not yet been checked for the above family.
Records in the possession of Mrs. Sarah Titensor Allen reveal the following about
the ancestors of George Robbins:

	Group sheet of Charles Robins and Ellen Hulme:
		Husband - Charles Robins, christened 4 Mar 1745/6, Alstonfield, Staffs,,
			Married 18 Jan 1776 in Alstonfield. (This writer's records
                                                             indicate 8 Jan 1776.)
			Son of Francis Robins and Elizabeth Oats.
			Baptized 1 May 1917, endowed 18 Apr 1918
		Wife - Ellen Hulme, buried 28 Sep 1791, Alstonfield.
			Baptized 26 Jan 1939, endowed 8 Feb 1939, sealed to husband
                                                                    28 Feb 1940.
			(Appendix I indicates she was baptized 17 Mar 1885, #12270).
		Children -
			John Robins, Ch. 26 Jul 1778, Alstonfield; bap. 27 May 1930, end.
						13 Jun 1930, sealed to parents 28 Feb 1940
			Elizabeth Robins, Ch. 25 Mar 1781, Alstonfield; bap. 27 May
				1930, end. 27 Nov 1931, sealed to parents 28 Feb 1940
			George Robins, Ch. 27 Jan 1788, Alstonfield; bap. 3 Jan 1911,
				end. 4 Jan 1911, sealed to parents 28 Feb 1940.  Married to
				Susannah Sutton.  Died 15 Oct 1864.
(Further research is indicated.  The first child of this family was Tommy Robins,
christened 8 Sept, 1776 in Alstonfield. )

Group sheet of Francis Robins and Elizabeth Oats:
	Husband - Francis Robins, christened 30 Nov 1712, Alstonfield, Staffs., Eng.
		Married 22 Apr 1744, Alstonfield. Son of William and Anne Robins.
		Baptized 8 Apr 1913, endowed 15 Jan 1914.
	Wife - Elizabeth Oats.
		Baptized 27 May 1930, endowed 19 Nov 1931, sealed to husband
                                                             28 Feb 1940.
	Children -
		Charles Robins, Ch. 4 Mar 1745/6, Alstonfield; bap. I May 1917, end. 18
			Apr 1918, sealed to parents 28 Feb 1940.  Married Ellen Hulme.
		Mary Robins, Ch. 8 Jan 1748/9, Alstonfield; bap. 27 May 1930, end. 19
			Nov 1931, sealed to parents 28 Feb 1940.

There are two children by the name of Francis Robins who were christened in
Alstonfield - the one listed above and one christened May 20, 1705, son of Francis
and Bennet Robbins. Additional research, probably in probate records, must be
made to determine which Francis married the above Elizabeth Oats.

Research on the Sutton line has been made in Staffordshire, but it appears that from
the above census record the Suttons were in Liverpool.  There are two family group
sheets in the Genealogical Society Library for a Thomas Sutton.  One was submitted
by Afton J. Taylor, 627 5th Ave. , Salt Lake City, which lists the following:

	Husband - Thomas Sutton, bornabt. 1764, of St. Nicholas, Liverpool, Lanes., Eng.
		Baptized 11 Dec 1963, endowed 10 Mar 1964.
	Wife - Mrs. Mary Sutton, born abt. 1768, of St. Nicholas, Liverpool, Lanes., Eng.
		Baptized 12 Dee 1963, endowed 17 Mar 1964, sealed to husband 24 Jun
										1964, SL.
	Children -
		Susannah Sutton, born 22 Nov 1790, Ch. 12 Dee 1790 St. Nicholas,
			Liverpool, Lanes., Eng. bap. 12 Dee 1963, end. 17 Mar 1964,
			sealed to parents 24 Jun 1964, SL.
		William Sutton, Ch. 2 Sep 1792, born 10 Aug 1792, Ch. in St. Nicholas,
			bap. 11 Dec  1963,  end.  10 Mar 1964,  sealed to parents 24 Jun
			1964 SL.

This entry has been checked in the St. Nicholas, Liverpool, records (F14158, Pt. 3)
and it is believed by this writer that the above Susannah is the one who married
George Robbins.

The other group sheet was submitted to the Library by Martin Ted Karren, Box 378,
Logan, Utah, and lists the following:

	Husband, Thomas Sutton (shoemaker), born abt. 1764, of Sephton, Lancs., Eng.
		Baptised 22 Jun 1963, endowed 13 Oct 1963.
	Wife, Mary Ormisher, born abt. 1768, of Sephton, Lanes,, Eng,
		Baptised 22 Jun 1963, endowed 10 Jul 1963, sealed to husband 4 May
										1964, L.
		Married 1 Jun 1789, Sephton, Lanes., Eng.
	Child -
		Robert Sutton, chr. 27 Sep 1789, Sephton, Lanes., Eng. Bap. 22 Jun 1963,
			end. 23 Oct 1963, sealed to parents 4 May 1964, L.

It is believed by this writer that these two sheets show the same Thomas and Mary
Sutton. The first group sheet listed above does not show the occupation of Thomas;
however, the entry in St. Nicholas indicates that he was a cordwainer, which is a

A letter written by the Genealogical Society, dated February 26, 1961, to a family
member is as follows:

"Recently we have received results from our searches in your behalf in England,
and below you will find a summary of the results.

1.  From a search of Alstonfield parish registers for Robbins entries,  the following
children of Charles and Ellen Robbins were christened on the dates indicated: Tommy,
8 Sept. 1776; John, 26 July 1778; Elizabeth, 25 March 1781; George, 27 Jan. 1788.
Also, Ellen was buried 28 Sept. 1791.

2. From a search of Bishop's Transcripts (contemporary copies of parish registers)
of. Walton-on-the-Hill,  Lancashire,  and Sephton,  Lancashire,  the following entries
pertaining to your ancestors and their families were found:

Chr. 27 Sept. 1789, at Sephton, Robert, son of Thomas and Mary Sutton.
Bur. 25 Feb. 1797, at Walton, Mary, wife of Thomas Sutton and daughter of
	Thomas Ormeshire of Sephton.
Md. I June 1789, at Sephton, Thomas Sutton, shoemaker, and Mary Ormisher.
Chr. 31 Jan. 1768, at Walton, Molly (which is a nickname for Mary), daughter of
	Thomas Ormishaw, of Bootle.
Md. 16 Apr. 1765, at Walton, Thomas Ormishire and Susannah Ashcroft,
Chr. 24 Nov. 1765, at Walton, Henry son of Thomas Ormeshire, of Bootle.
Chr. 4 Mar. 1770, at Walton, Margaret, daughter of Thomas Ormishaw, of Bootle.
Chr. 21 Nov. 1773, at Walton, William, son of Thomas Ormeshire, of Bootle.
Chr. 2 July 1775, at Walton, Ann, daughter of Thomas Ormeshaw, of Bootle.
Chr. 10 Jan. 1779, at Walton, Susannah, daughter of Thomas Ormeshaw, of Bootle.
Chr. 26 Nov. 1780, at Walton, Jenny, daughter of Thomas Ormeshire, of Bootle.

Written by
Shirley M. Maughan Gardner
320 So. 8th E. #24
Salt Lake City, Utah
October, 1967
Great granddaughter of Thomas and Sarah Robbins Titensor

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