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Autobiography of Christian J. Larsen, con't.

(October 6, 1853 - April 13, 1854)
    6th.  I attended the general conference where Elder John Van Cott was sustained
as president of the Scandinavian Mission, and P.O. Hansen and H.P. Jensen were
sustained as his counselors.  I was released from being president of Copenhagen
Conference and called to go to Norway; 0. N. Liljenquist was called to preside over
Copenhagen Conference; Elder Peter Olsen was appointed to preside over Bornholm
Conference and several other brethren were called to go as missionaries to different
parts of the country.  Afternoon, by request, Pres. H.P. Jensen and I spoke to the
people and then we adjourned about 4:30 p. m.  At the council meeting in the evening,
those brethren who were called to perform missions, were ordained and set apart by
Elders P.O. Hansen, Peter Olsen, H.P. Jensen, and C.J. Larsen, myself, and
several of the brethren spoke in that meeting and I dismissed by prayer.

     7th.  I wrote in my journal and also a letter to Sarine Simmonsen in Zion.  The
day the brethren from Aalborg arrived by the boat "Zion's Lion, " and my affiance
was with them; she had been to visit her father since the demise of her mother.
I visited and talked comforting words to some of the saints.

     8th.  This was the first time that I had been together in such a capacity with my
four brothers, to viz. ; Soren, Johannes, Christen and Lauritz, before I went to
Norway, and we felt to praise God that we all, together with our parents and sisters,
had embraced the Gospel and were members in the Church of Christ.  This day I
received a letter from Elder Ahmanson in Risoer, Norway, and also letters from
Christen Knudaen and Sister A. K. Larsen.  In the evening I attended the council
meeting and afterwards a number of us Elders had a social gathering at H.P. Jensen's
where we had a fine time.

     9th.  I fasted this day, and attended meeting both fore and afternoon.  The lately
arrived brethren did the speaking and I dismissed by prayer.

     10th.  I this day went to the police office to arrange for my papers.  Afterwards
I went to Fredericksberg and Brother Peter Thomson lent me 25 dollars (American)
to assist me on my mission and to my wedding expenses, which would not have been
arranged for if I had known that I was to return to Norway and not be permitted to
emigrate this season, as Pres. W. Snow had promised me, when I met him in Aalborg
for it had been my determined plan not to marry till I could emigrate to Zion.  In the
evening I asked President Van Cott if he would perform the wedding ceremony before
we were married in the Lutheran Church, but he said that he would do it after we had
been married according to the law of the land.

     11th.  Wrote in my journal and afterwards my affianced girl and I went visiting
some of the saints in Copenhagen and in Amager. In the evening we had a fine time
at H.P. Jensen's.  My brothers were there also.

     12th.  My brothers, Soren and Lauritz and some other brethren took the steamer
for Nyborg.  I visited some of the saints and attended council meeting in the evening,
where Pres. Liljenquist, Chr. G. Larsen, P. Olsen and I ordained 3 Elders, 4 Pries
6 Teachers, and some Deacons, and we had a very fine time.

     13th.  I went to the police office with a view of getting my papers, but was there
informed that I could not get them in Copenhagen because neither I nor my betrothed
girl were not born in that city.  My affiance and I next went out to Brother P. Thomsen
in Fredericksberg, where I administered to two of the sisters, who lived with Brother
Jens Murmester (a mason).  Afterwards who and I returned to Amager.

     14th.  I wrote in my journal.  Afterwards I went to the parson for Runde Taarn
Church, in Church of the Round Tower, and asked him if he would announce our
intention to get married, according to the rules of the state, and he at once consented
to do that, but did not tell him that we were Mormons.  I was possessed of a fine
certificate from Colo. Coldivin, whom I had served, before joining our Church, and
this certificate did me good service afterwards when I applied for passport from

     15th.   This day I spent reading the "Scandinavian Star" and making visits to some
of the saints.

     16th.  This day in the meetings I assisted Pres. Liljenquist and T. Olsen in
confirming five persons members of the Church, by the ordinance of laying on of
hands, and we also blessed four children.  The spirit of God was abundantly with us.

     17th.  I wrote in my journal, and attended  council meeting in the evening.

     18th.  I wrote letters to Pres. Hougan in Norway and

     19th.  to my brother Johannes Larsen, president in Aalborg.

     20th to 22nd of October.  I visited among the saints and otherwise enjoyed my
time by reading and writing.  I also this day administered to a sick person.

     23rd.  I attended meetings all day and also in the evening.

     24th to 29th inclusive.  Visited the saints in various parts of the city, and wrote
letters to my brother Soren, and also a letter to Fredericia.  Pres. H,P. Jensen
and I visited the saints in Hosterkjob, and stayed with them over night.

     30th, Sunday.  My betrothed girl, Barbara Jensine Dorthea Olsen was this day
married to me by a Lutheran priest in the church of the round tower in Copenhagen
(in order to comply with the law of the land. )  In the afternoon I spoke in our public
meeting and blessed and administered the sacrament.  In the evening, in the home
of Pres. H,P. Jensen, the real wedding was performed by Pres. John Van Cott and
by the Holy Priesthood which he held, he promised us the blessings of Abraham,
Isaac and Jacob, and as witnesses present were Daniel Cams, P.O. Hansen, H.P.
Jensen and my brother C.G. Larsen, and I now pray that I may be able to so live
by the help of my Heavenly Father that I may be worthy of all these blessings in
time and throughout eternity for myself and our posterity.

     31st.  I wrote in my journal and also wrote a letter to my brother Johannes
Larsen in Aalborg. In company with my brother C.G, Larsen, I visited some of
the saints and in the evening attended the regular council meeting.


     1st.   My brother C.G. Larsen and I went to visit some of the saints in

     2nd to 5th inclusive.  I, with my wife, visited several families of saints in the
city proper and in Christianshavn and Fredericksberg, and we had a very enjoyable

     6th, Sunday.  At meeting in the forenoon, I spoke and in the evening my wife and
I were invited to a social party in the home of Brother Christensen in Christianshavn.

     7th.  I visited some of the saints and took to arranging my things for my
prospected mission to Norway.  In the evening I attended council meeting.

     8th.  I took leave of my wife at 2 p. m. and boarded the steamer bound for
Aalborg, where I wanted to call on my way to Norway, and arrived in Aalborg at
12 o'clock the same night.

     9th.  I was received with much joy by my brother Johannes, and also by my
father-in-law, Jens Olsen and his children, and even that night met with many of
the saints in a prayer meeting and spoke to them for a short time.

     10th.  I wrote in my journal and in the evening, in company with my brother, I
attended a baptismal service.

     11th.  My brother,  Johannes, and I visited some of the saints and in the afternoon,
about 3 o'clock, my brother C. G. and my father came on foot from Greis, which was
a very happy surprise to me.

     12th.  In company with my father and my brothers, I visited some of the saints in
North Sundby.

     13th.  At our meeting that day, I occupied some time in the forenoon, speaking
to the people, and my father and my brothers spoke in the afternoon.  Later we
called on to administer to a sick woman.

     14th.  My brother Chr. G. and I took pains to find some sailing vessel that would
take us to Norway, but we did not find any.  After attending council meeting in
Aalborg, we all crossed over to North Sundby, where we had a real love feast with
speeches, songs and a dance added till about 4 o'clock in the morning.

     15th.  We stayed with Brother Adolph Bone over night and after dinner we, my
brother C.G. and I, walked, in company with Brother Petersen, to Hals, where we
arrived about 6 p.m. and held meeting that evening; both of us spoke in that meeting
and the saints seemed to appreciate our visit very much.

     16th.  This morning, when we went down to the pier to take passage on the steamer:
back to Aalborg, we were met by my wife, coming from Copenhagen, who brought a
letter from Pres. Van Cott by which he released us both from going to Norway.  This
change was caused by a letter from Pres. G.N. Hougan in Norway, where in he stated
that the Supreme Court had decided against us as being unchristian religionists, and,
therefore, not entitled to religious toleration in Norway, and that I, therefore, would
be put in prison again if I came to Norway, and pay cost of court or else expiate it by
imprisonment for a number of days on bread and water fare only. When we arrived
in Aalborg, we spent the time in visiting among the saints and in prayer meeting in
the evening.

     17th.  I wrote a letter to Pres. Van Cott in Copenhagen.  Administered to a sick
woman and wrote a letter to Brother Svend Larsen in Randers. My father took the
stage to the same city.  In the evening my brother C.G. and Brother Jens Thomsen
and I held a meeting in North Sundby.  All of us spoke, and we had a fine time.

     18th and 19th.  I visited some of the saints and in the evening I baptized Jeppe
Christensen's four children.

     20th, Sunday.  I fasted and attended meetings both in the forenoon and afternoon,
and I spoke most of the time.  My brother Johannes, Jens Thomson and I confirmed
five persons by the laying on of hands, and also blessed a sick woman.  Later I and
my wife, together with several other members of the church, were invited to a
social party at Brother Madsen's, and we had a fine time of it.

     21st.  I wrote in my journal and afterwards my wife and I went over to Sundby.
In the evening I attended council meeting.  Had a pleasant day and evening.

     22nd.  I wrote a letter to the saints in Risoer, Norway, and afterwards I visited
some of the saints in the town of Aalborg.

     23rd.  I wrote a letter to Brother Sven Larsen in Randers, and received a letter
from Pres. H.P. Jensen, dated Copenhagen, Nov. 19th. In the evening I attended
council meeting, where I occupied some of the time speaking and in connection with
Pres. Johannes Larsen, Jens Thomson ordained one Elder and two Priests.  We felt
greatly blessed all that day.

     24th.  I wrote a reply to Pres. H.P. Jensen's letter, and also wrote a letter to
my parents.

     25th.  Some of the saints took the steamer for Copenhagen this day.  I called on
my father-in-law, Jens Olsen, as he had promised my wife one hundred Danish
dollars (50 American dollars) as her share of her mother's estate, but he only gave
me half of that amount, yet he wanted me to give him a receipt for the full amount;
but as I was not willing to do that he became very angry and used many hard express-
ions against me.  I reasoned with him for a while and finally he agreed to furnish the
balance by Friday, Dec. 1st.  In the evening in company with my brother C. G. and
my wife, I visited among the Saints in North Sundby.

     26th.  I wrote in my journal.  I received a  letter from Pres. John Van Cott, date
Nov. 24th, by which he informed me that he had come to the conclusion to send me
along with the first company of emigrants this year.  I wrote him immediately in
reply to this letter.  Afterwards, in company with my brothers Johannes and C.G.
Larsen, I visited Brother Klingbeck.

     27th, Sunday.  I spoke in the forenoon meeting and blessed the sacrament in the
afternoon.  The blessing of God was upon us and we rejoiced.

     28th.  I wrote in my journal.  Afterwards my brother, C.G. and Sven Larsen and
I went to Hals, arriving there in the evening, and were entertained by the saints in
that village.

     29th.  I wrote letters to the saints in Risoer, and afterwards visited among the
saints.  In the evening we had a rousing big meeting.

     30th.  My brother, C. G. , and I went to Aalborg, where we spent the time in
visiting the saints.  In the evening attended a council meeting and we had much joy
together.  Since I had been released from going to Norway, I had been appointed to
obtain the names of all persons who wanted to leave with the first company of
emigrants and to collect the money from them, those living in the North Jutland and
Veusyssel conferences.


     1st.  I wrote in my journal,  and made preparation for starting for Copenhagen
the next day.  My brother Lauritz and Brother Jensen arrived that evening, and we
held a very interesting meeting, at which I preached my farewell sermon.

     2nd.  It took us till I p.m. to get our luggage on board the steamer, that was to
take us to Copenhagen.  We were in all 90 passengers (Mormons) and sailed all night,
arriving in Copenhagen.

     3rd.  At 10 a. m. Pres. Van Cott had rented a spacious hall for our accommodation
until we were ready to leave Denmark, and it took till about 6:00 p. m. before we had
our luggage from the steamer.

     4th.  A meeting was held in this our temporary abode, the rented hall, and I took
occasion to speak, encouraging and giving advice to the emigrants, to be very
forbearing with one another, while on the way to Zion; for we, henceforth, would be
very close together, and detect one another's failings  more than ever, and we should
therefore, be the more kind and forbearing towards all.

     5th.  We were kept busy in arranging the luggage for each family in such a way
that there could be as much room for the other emigrants that were expected to
arrive.  In the evening, a council meeting was held at which President Van Cott
appointed me to preside over the emigrants while here in this hall, which appointment
was cheerfully consented to. Several of the brethren expressed their feeling of
satisfaction, and from that day and to the 20th of December, I was kept very busy
trying to make it as convenient as possible for all the emigrants.  We held meeting
occasionally, having prayer and testimony meetings, which had a tendency to produce
good feelings and harmony among the people.  I wrote sometime letters and blessed
some children for their ailments. I baptized two children and one grown person,
while here, and also confirmed them by the laying on of hands.

     20th.  We observed as a fast day and held meetings.  Several of the brethren
spoke and I bore my parting testimony in Denmark, to the truth of the Gospel, before
leaving my native land.  Thanks to God for his kindness and mercy.

     21st.  Some of the emigrant saints and their luggage was brought on board the
ship "Slesvig".

     22nd.  This day I received my appointment by letter from Pres. Van Cott, making
me president of the company, which number 301 souls. By 2 p.m. we were all on
board, with our luggage, and soon we started off, having favorable wind to help us,
and we reached the harbor of Kiel the next morning at 6 o'clock.

     23rd.  We obtained some hot drink and was soon busy in getting our luggage ashore
and on board the railroad train.  I administered to Sister Folkman, who had a fit or
convulsions.  I had to do some business with Mr. Berting, agent for the Morris

     24th.  At seven o'clock in the morning we started for the city of Gluckstadt,
arriving there at 11 a. m.  We were all hustled into a large hall, where we were given
some hot drink and later we brought our luggage on board the steamer "Advin of
Skubland. " I wrote a letter to Pres. Van Cott, giving an account of our journey
so far.  Elder Daniel Cams brought 33 German saints to join our company, which
brought our number up to 334 souls.

     25th.  At 7 a. m.  we started down the river Elben and encountered some difficulty
with the ice, but got out all right.

     26th.  The wind was favorable when we started for Hull in England at 7 a. m.
A baby boy, nine months old, son of Brother Andersen, died that day.

     27th.  A child of Jens Andersen died and was buried in the sea that day.  Between
5 and 6 p. m. we reached Hull.  Brother Sven Larsen and I went ashore and took
lodgings for the night.  Brother Peter Jensen from Hals died and the ship company
attended to his burial.

     28th.  After getting our luggage on board the train we left Hull about 2 p. m. and
arrived in Liverpool at 11 p. m.  After getting a bowl of warm soup, we all went to
bed, which was a sweet rest for all.

     29th.  I called on Pres. F.D. Richards at the Mission Office and later in the day
I took a stroll out in the city.  In the evening we had a meeting and Elder Daniel Carns
moved that the 33 German emigrants should be included in the company under my
charge, which was agreed to.  Johannes Bohn was proposed and sustained as Clerk
and Recorder for the company.  Several of the brethren spoke in that meeting, giving
good advice and council.  From that time till January 1st all were kept busy in
getting their luggage and themselves on board the big sailing vessel, "Jesse Munne."

     30th.  I wrote a letter to Pres. Van Cott and also

     31st.  to my brother C.G. Larsen, Bomholm.  This day all the emigrants came
on board the ship.  An aged woman, mother to Christen Kjar, died here.



     1st.  In company with several others, I made a stroll up in town.  Later in the day
provisions were issued according to the number of persons in each family.

     2nd.  and the ship was brought off the docks and anchored in the river.

     3rd.  A steam tug pulled our ship out to sea this day.  According to instructions
from Pres. Van Cott, I divided the company into wards, appointing an Elder to have
charge over each.  Brother A. Berthelsen was ordained a Priest.  In the evening we
had a very good prayer meeting.  The following days are not recorded.

     13th.  We had a very interesting meeting.  The spirit of God was in our midst.
I united in marriage Sister Sophia Larsen to Brother Anders Petersen, and in
connection with Elder Sven Larsen, ordained 3 Elders, 3 Priests and I Teacher.  We
also blessed children belonging to Brother Eriksen.


     8th.  My wife and I fasted.  We had a council meeting with a view to raise some
means for some people who had not the money to pay for their passage up the river,
and it was unanimously agreed to not leave any body behind, and to this end a savings
box or bank was established, into which anybody might contribute according to means
to spare and their charitable disposition; the funds to be used under direction of the
president.  We had very much blessed day, enjoying ourselves by songs, speeches
and prayers, and the spirit of God was over us all.  The day before we had passed
the island of St. Domingo, and in the evening we had the island of Jamaica to our left
and Cuba on the right of us.

     12th.  We held a meeting, beginning at 10 a.m. and several of the brethren spoke.
The spirit of God was with us. I joined Sister Sophia M. Christensen to Brother
Lauritz Smith in marriage.  Re-convening our meeting at 2;30 p.m. I spoke at some
length on the theme of the powers and gifts of the Priesthood, and we then partook of
the sacrament, and I then ordained an Elder and several Priests, and we all gave
praise to our Heavenly Father.

     16th, Thursday.  We arrived at the mouth of the great Mississippi River, and
anchored about 4 p. m.  We all gave praise to God that He had so well preserved us
across the great Atlantic Ocean.  Each one of the presiding Elders had had regular
prayer meeting in the ward every week, and we held two public meetings every Sunday
and partaken of the sacrament.  We had five adult persons die on the voyage, and 7
small children had died.  Three of these had died before we came upon the Atlantic
and two of them were very old people.

     18th.  A steamer pulled our ship up to the Telegraph Station, where we anchored
for two hours; then another steamer took us in tow, but that was very slow progress.
I wrote a letter to Pres. Van Cott and also one to Brother Widerborg in Norway.

     19th.  We held our meetings as usual and I ordained Brother Hans Jensen, Hals,
an Elder, and married him and Maren Eriksen, making them man and wife.

     20th.  We reached New Orleans this morning, but we were disappointed in not
finding the emigration agent, and none of us could express ourselves much in the
English language, consequently we looked up the Danish Consul, but he gave us very
little encouragement, but as we were leaving him, we were followed into the street
by his secretary, who seemed in sympathy with us, and asked us where we wished to
go next, and then we told him that we were Mormon emigrants, and he then told us
that he was himself a Mormon, but that it was not known, and he believed that he was
the only Mormon in the city, and he was afraid of being discharged if it became known
He gave us information about the place where the Mormon emigrants had bought their
provisions the previous year and the next thing was to find a steamer to take us
farther up the river, to St. Louis, and we succeeded in making a bargain with a Mr.
Brown, who was the captain of the very large steamer by name "St. Louis. " Our
company had the second cabin, which consisted in a number of small rooms, outside
the great saloon, but yet on the same deck as the first cabin passengers had place,
and our accommodations were very satisfactory, except for the slow progress made
by the steamer.  The brethren were made busy in getting all the luggage on board
this steamer, from the sailing vessel, while Brother Sven Larsen and I made
arrangements for and bought the provisions to take with us up the river and also for
our further journey across the desert plains.

     22nd.  By 6 p. m. we had everything belonging to our company on board the
steamer, and the next day Elder James Brown, who was appointed by Apostle Orson
Pratt to be the agent this year, and it was a great relief to us.  I informed him of
our situation and of our arrangements and bargains, and he said that it could not have
been made better if he had made them himself. It was the hand of God who had done
it for us.

     25th.  About 11 a. m. we left New Orleans.  All were in good spirit and felt well.

     26th.  We held a meeting in the afternoon and I married Nora Winberg to
A. Berthelsen.

MARCH, 1854

     1st.  We held a council meeting at which Sven Larsen and I gave an account of all
our expenditures for the company.  I took occasion to say to the assembly to be
patient and forbearing with one another, and make it as convenient for all as
circumstances would permit.

     5th.  We held a meeting in the afternoon and partook of the sacrament.

     8th.  We held a private council and settled some difficulties that existed between
some brethren from the Aalborg conference and their president. After some talk
and explanations, everything was made straight.  Thanks to God for it.

     11th.  In the forenoon six of our company were attacked by cholera Morbus, and
were taken on board the quarantine boat a few miles before we reached St. Louis.
Five of them died, but one. Sister Kjar, got well and joined us  in St. Louis three
days later.  We reached the city before night, and Sven Larsen and I went ashore and
called on Brother H. Eldridge at his office, and I there received two letters, one of
them from Zion.

     12th.  I attended the English (American) meeting and spoke a short time.  My wife
and I were invited for supper and an English family and we returned on board the
steamer we found that my wife's brother had been attacked by cholera and we watched
over him all that night.

     13th.  He, Waldemar Olsen, died at 6:30 that morning, passing away quietly in the
Lord.  Assisted by a Brother Buchland from Zion, I tried my best all day to rent a
house for the company, but in vain, and the sick people were, therefore, under the
necessity of making beds of their clothing on the floor of the pier by the river.  We
could proceed no farther account of ice in the river at that time.  After much 
persuasion, I succeeded in renting a small room for my wife and I and also one for
Christen Hansen and his wife, the owner was a Brother Gjare.  It was a very quiet

     14th.  After much effort on my part and assisted by Brother Buchland, we had all
of the emigrants comfortably housed before night that day, for which all felt very
thankful.  We had rented two large halls, one in the Mound Hotel, for the emigrants
from Copenhagen, and another in the Ullaget Hotel, for the rest of the emigrants.
I had much to do by administering to the sick, during that week, as several had been
attacked by cholera and some died after we had reached St. Louis.

     19th.  I attended meeting with saints from Copenhagen, and spoke to them and
administered to some of the sick.  In the afternoon I and my wife attended English
meeting and at 5 p.m. I attended meeting with the saints in Hotel Ullaget. Several
of the brethren spoke in that meeting and we all tried to cheer up and encourage one
another, and we realized that the Lord recognized our prayers, for many of the sick
were healed, although some died.

     21st.  This day I filled my 23rd year, and Horace Eldridge, Empey, Buchland,
Gjerre, his wife and Brother Folkman took dinner with us.  During the week, I was
much taken up with waiting upon and blessing the sick. One day I was across the
river to find work for some of the brethren.  I wrote a letter to Pres. Van Cott.

     26th.  I was to meeting with our people in the Mound Hotel and administered the
sacrament to them, and at 5 p. m. I met with the saints in Hotel Ullaget and we
enjoyed the presence of the spirit of God in our midst, and we were almost free from
sickness.  Thanks be to God.

     31st.  We had this day a special council meeting on account of two Brethren's
unchristianlike conduct, to viz. : Christoffersen and J. Nielsen.  We deprived them
of their certificate of Priesthood and Brother Nielsen's wife was forbidden to partake
of the sacrament until they all would show fruits worthy of repentance.  Some brethren
were appointed to visit those parties and plead with them and prevail on them to meet
with us at our next council meeting.  A company of English speaking people, numbering
460 persons, passed St. Louis this day.

APRIL, 1854

     2nd.  We had fast day and meetings in both the hotels.  Partook of the sacrament
and thanked God that all sickness had left us and the spirit of peace prevailed among
us, for which we gave praise to God.

     3rd.  This day the emigrants in charge of H.P. Olsen arrived, and I conducted him
to Pres. Eldridge's office. Afterwards I went on board the steamer that had brought
them, and there I found my parents and my brother and sister, who had come in that
company, and they were all well; my parents then remained with me until we left
St. Louis.  In the evening we had a special council meeting at which complaint was
presented against Jeppe Christensen for drunkenness and some thieving also, he felt
very humble and asked forgiveness, and promised to do right. At the same meeting
the subject of  raising means for those who were deficient, so that all could go
together, that wished to, if there were means that could be spared, and after a length
discussion, it was voted unanimously that all would help as much as was in their
power and some of the brethren who had donated at the former meeting, donated again
During the week, I was busy assisting the people in various ways.

     9th.  I attended meeting in the Mound Hotel and spoke there and confirmed two
brethren who had been baptized there.  We partook of the sacrament and had a very
blessed day.  Eight adults and eight children had died from Cholera since we left
New Orleans.

     13th.  This day we went on board the "Houdanson," the steamer that was to take
us to Kansas, leaving St. Louis at 6 p. m.;  arriving there in safety.



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