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Autobiography of Christian J. Larsen, con't.

(August 13, 1853 - October 5, 1853)
     13th, Saturday.  In the morning I wrote in my journal, and at the time for the
conference to convene, I went to meeting.  I was requested by Pres. W. Snow to speak
in that meeting.  In the evening at seven o'clock, we met in the council hall, according
to the previous appointment, and after opening the meeting with prayer and singing, we
all proceeded down to the water, where H. P. Jensen and P. 0. Hansen were baptized
by Pres. Willard Snow. After having returned to the hall, Pres. Snow requested me
and Elder 0. N. Liljenquist (the president of the Copenhagen Branch) to place our
hands along with his, upon the heads of the two re-baptized brethren, with the
understanding that H.P. Jensen should be installed in his previous position as second
councilor to President Willard Snow, and he then re-ordained H.P. Jensen to the
office of High Priest.  After this was done, the two sisters connected with the case,
to viz. , Sarah Jensen and Thora Svensen, were called in, and Thora Svensen (the girl)
asked forgiveness of Sister Sarah Jensen (the wife of H. P. Jensen) and then the council
also forgave her.

     14th, Sunday.  I received a letter from my girl (Dorthea) and afterwards I attended
the General Conference, which convened at 10 a. m.  I was requested by Pres. Snow
to come to the stand and open the meeting by prayer, and after singing Pres. Snow
addressed the congregation at length upon the order and organization of the Church
and the Priesthood and upon the duties and obligations resting upon the saints in
sustaining the Priesthood and the various officers.  It was then proposed and sustained
by unanimous vote that Willard Snow is the president of the Scandinavian mission,
Brother Hahn was then sent after H. P. Jensen and P. 0. Hansen and after their arrival,
Pros. Snow spoke to the conference concerning those two brethren and their transgress
ion,  and that their case had been tried before a High Council of brethren, and that they
had shown humility and had been forgiven by that council. They had since been baptized
for the remission of their sins and re-confirmed members of the Church, and also was
their previous office in the Priesthood been reconfirmed upon them, under his hands.
Pres. Snow gave much valuable instruction to those two brethren, that were of value
to all of us, and among other things he stated that he had also baptized Elder John E.
Forsgreen before he left Copenhagen with the last emigration company (by his own
request) for the remission of his sins.  At the afternoon meeting, after opening by
singing and prayer, Pres. Willard Snow moved that the conference sustain Elders
P 0 Hansen and H. P. Jensen as his counselors, which was carried by a unanimous
vote.  Also that we sustained by unanimous vote.  That we sustain Elder Eric G. M.
Hougan as president of Brevig conference in Norway, and Canute Petersen and Carl
Widerborg as his counselor, and also to sustain all the brethren under my jurisdiction
in Copenhagen Conference, which was also sustained by unanimous vote.  The
conference was then dismissed and adjourned till the following Sunday. After meeting I
accompanied Pres. Snow on a visit to Brother Eskildsen, in Ostergade, and I wrote a
letter to my betrothed girl, and also wrote in my journal, where after I went with Pres.
Snow to a Brother Andersen, for supper, and finally we landed in the Mission Office,
where we retired for the night after prayer.

     15th.  In connection with the brethren of the Presidency, I fasted this day, and
remained with them till 10 a. m.  Pres. Snow gave us much good advice, and to me he
said:  "You are now president of the Copenhagen Conference; be a good shepherd to
the sheep;  much is required of you, etc. " I wrote that day in my journal, and also
a letter to my brother John (Johannes) and visited some of the saints to cheer them up.
I blessed Brother Andersen, President of Fredericia Conference, as he was sick.
In the evening I attended council meeting, President Snow presiding, and after singing
and prayer, he proposed to have the brethren sustain me as the president, etc.  He
then requested me to speak, after which he spoke for a short time, but was suddenly
attacked by some evil power which made him fall to the floor, right in front of his
counselors and me.  We at once bowed on our knees and prayed for him, and then we
placed our hands upon his head, and Elder P. 0. Hansen blessed him, after which he
recovered and arose and said; "God bless you all."

     16th,  Tuesday.  About one o'clock in the morning, Pres. awoke and called Brother
Hahn and sent him for Elder H. P. Jensen, When he arrived, Pres. Snow conversed
and explained many things to us concerning the organization of the Church and the work
in Denmark, and especially to me, he said, that he desired that P. 0. Hansen and H. P.
Jensen would take him to England by the first steamer leaving this port.  After this
we again retired and all was quiet till about the break of day. I will here state that I
had stayed in the office with Pres. Snow every night since my arrival from Norway.
After he and I had arisen and had entered the office room, he was again violently
attacked by that evil power to such a degree that it took 4 or 5 strong men to hold him,
but as we again united in prayer for him he again became quiet for a short time, and
again we prayed for him and administered to him, after which he again became quiet
and by himself; but that spell of quiet only last till a little past the noon hour, when the
same evil powers again attacked him with increased force, so that it took 6 or 8 strong
men to hold and control him. In this condition he remained and suffered during that
afternoon and evening, and it was found best to bring him to the hospital, which was
done late that evening.  We held a special prayer meeting for his benefit, in the home
of Brother Clausen, in Aabeuraa Street, and all present were much affected and earnest
in the supplications for our beloved president.  It was indeed a severe trial for us all
that will not easily be forgotten, and I myself cannot by words describe the sorrow we

     17th.  My brother Johannes and I visited some of the saints both in Copenhagen
proper and on Christianshavn and in Amager, in order to encourage and cheer them
up (for they were much depressed in their feelings) and when we returned to the office,
I found that my betrothed girl had arrived from Aalborg,  I then took her to Brother
Rasmussen, where she made her home until we were married. Afterwards my brother
Johannes and I went to Brother Jensen, where we bowed before the Lord in humble
prayer, before going to the regular council meeting and when we got there, the meeting
was opened by prayer offered by Elder 0. N. Liljenquist, president of Copenhagen
Branch.  At first it seemed that a contending spirit pervaded that meeting, but after
all the brethren present who wanted to speak had expressed themselves, and Elders
P. 0. Hansen and Jensen had informed the assembly that it was their intention to take
Pros. W. Snow to England the next day, they all became reconciled and satisfied with the
course.  I spoke to the brethren for a short time and then I closed the meeting by prayer.

     18th.  I wrote in my journal and about 2 p. m, I, in connection with several other
brethren, assisted in getting Pros. Snow on board the steamer that was to take him
to England.  After seeing him and his attendants, Hansen and Jensen, off, I and my
affianced girl went to visit Sister Sarah Jensen, and in the evening I attended a good
meeting at which the spirit of God was present in great measure.  He being praised
for it.

     19th.  In company with my brother Johannes and Elder John Swenson, I visited
some of the saints in the out lying districts of the Branch, and in the evening I attended
a prayer meeting in Fredericksberg district.  The spirit of God was felt in our midst
and I occupied some of the time in speaking to the saints.

     20th.  Visited some of the saints in different parts of the Copenhagen Branch
(Amager, Christianshavn and in the city proper).  My betrothed girl was in our company
in order to become acquainted with the saints.  In the evening I baptized Elder John
Swenson at his own request.

     21st.  We had a day of fasting.  President Liljenquist, my brother Johannes and I
were out in the woods attending to secret prayer. It was our conference day and at
10 a. m, the first session was opened by prayer.  I addressed the brethren in particular
concerning their duties as missionaries, not to become lifted up with pride, when God
blessed their labors with success, but give all honor to Him, to keep themselves pure
in mind and abstain from sin so that they might be lights unto the world, as well as to the
saints.  A separate branch was organized at Frederickshaven, and Nicoli Dorius to
preside over the same, and that Peter Hansen and John F. F. Dorius be his assistants,
August Nielsen to be ordained an Elder and appointed to labor as a missionary in West
Seeland; likewise, that Brother J. J. Folkmann to be ordained an Elder, and to labor
in Falster, after having made a brief visit to his native home, the island of Bornholm;
that Wilhelm Hansen be ordained a Deacon to go to Falster as a missionary; that
Sven Larsen and A. Schouby go to Aalborg conference to labor as missionaries under
direction of President Johannes Larsen.  The names of about 20 other brethren were
read before the conference to be ordained to various offices in the Lesser Priesthood,
as Priests, Teachers, and Deacons, to labor in the Copenhagen Branch and its
environments.  All these calls and propositions were sustained by the unanimous vote
of the conference.  The first session then adjourned for one hour, and re-assembled
at 1 p. m. and was opened by singing and prayer.  I occupied a short time speaking
about the emigration to the brethren having charge of the various districts to keep
accurate accounts of all money coming in as donations, and to give them into their
president, and he again to the Mission Office.  Brother N. L. Christensen was to be
continued as trustee over the poor fund, and Brother Hahn to be ordained an Elder,
and to be continued as clerk or secretary in the Mission Office.  These propositions
were all sustained by unanimous vote. Elder Johannes Larsen then occupied a short
time in speaking and he appointed Sven Larsen and A. Schoubye to labor in Randers.
After a few other brethren had been speaking and all of us had partaken of the sacrament
the following brethren were ordained Elders (under the hands of Pres, Liljenquist,
Johannes Larsen and myself) to viz: F. J Hahn, N. L. Christensen, August Nielsen
and J. J. Folkmann.  After this I spoke for a short time and moved that we all here-
after would do our best according to our abilities, and work by all our powers of might
and mind to serve the Lord and to keep His commandments, and to sustain the Priest-
hood and one another.  This proposition was sustained by a hearty and unanimous vote.
Everybody seemed to be impressed with a fervent desire to serve the Lord.

     22nd.  I visited some of the saints and assisted by Elder Svend Larsen, blessed
three persons, who were sick.  In the evening of that day in a council meeting, in
connection with Elder 0. N. Liljenquist, ordained the rest of the brethren who had
been sustained by the conference to receive the Priesthood.  Several of the brethren
spoke in that meeting, and the spirit of God was present in a great measure.  After
extending thanks to all the brethren for their assistance, we adjourned sine die.  I
afterwards signed a number of certificates, and I also received letters from Elders
C. Widerborg and Lauritz Larsen.

     23rd.  I wrote in my journal, and visited some of the saints in Amager.  In the
evening I attended a prayer meeting at Brother Loves (Lions) in the city proper, where
I dismissed with prayer.

     24th.  In company with Elder John Svenson and my betrothed girl I visited some of
the saints outside the town, (Strand Way), where we had a prayer meeting in the
evening at Brother Hansen's where I occupied some of the time in speaking to the saint;
and finally I dismissed the meeting with prayer.

     25th.  I accompanied the brethren, E. Jensen, John Svenson and Peter Thomson out
to the steamer's harbor, to see them off.  E. Jensen for Norway and the other two
brethren for the island of Falster.  Afterwards I wrote a letter to my brother Christen,
who presided in the island of Bornholm. In the evening I attended a good meeting at
which many strangers were present and in the beginning some of them tried to make a
disturbance, but after I had spoken for a short time, they became quiet, for which I
give God my thanks.  Afterwards a sister, Maria Petersen, requested a private talk
with me and we therefore, retired to an office room, where she revealed to me that
Elder Johannes Bohn had committed adultery with her on the first of May last.  I put he
statement down in writing and she signed it. I then spoke to her, explaining to her the
nature of that offense, and she seemed very humble and asked the Lord to forgive her
with a promise not to commit that sin again;  she also agreed to ask Sister Bohn's
forgiveness, and said that she would follow my advice by the help of God.

     26th.  I wrote in my journal and also wrote a letter to Elder C. Widerborg in
Norway. Accompanied by Pros. 0. N. Liljenquist, I visited Brother John Bohn, and
he then acknowledged to us that he had committed adultery with Sister M. Petersen
on May 1st, and he then signed her statement.  Afterwards, Brother Liljenquist and
I went visiting some of the saints to cheer them up, and in the evening we attended a
council meeting at Brother Hansen in the 1st district.  I spoke for some time,
instructing the brethren on various topics.

     27th.  This day I fasted.  I visited my uncle Mons, and wrote a letter for him to
his relations in Eltang, and bore my own testimony to him also.  I had a lengthy
conversation with a brother in law of Brother Clawson, explaining the Gospel to him,
and he seemed very much impressed by what I told him.  In the evening some prominent
brethren in the Priesthood came together, to take action on Brother Bohn's case, and
he was present himself and also Sister Marie Petersen.  They both showed much
humility and asked to be forgiven, by the brethren of that meeting and also by Sister
Bohn, and declared a willingness to submit to any decision that might be made upon the
case.  They were then forgiven on condition that they both should be re-baptized for
the remission of their sin, after having asked and obtained forgiveness from Sister
Bohn.  It was 12 o'clock night when we got through and returned home.  Thanks to God
for the results.

     28th.  We had  two good meetings this day and several brethren preached.  I spoke
upon the duties and obligations of the saints, both towards God and towards one another
not to suffer ourselves to rise up against our brethren and sisters in judgement,
neither to give way to back-biting, but for each one to look to himself first.  The spirit
of God was present in a great measure and we then partook of the sacrament.  There
had been a great deal of contention and strife among the saints during these days of
trying scenes, but now it seemed that these bad influences was passing away from
most of our people, and confidence and general good will was returning.  Thanks be
to God our heavenly Father.  In the evening some of us brethren attended a small
family social at Brother Hansen's (in Fredericksborg Street) and we had much joy in
conversation concerning God's mercy to us.

     29th.  I wrote a letter to my brother, Johannes Larsen, President of Aalborg
Conference, and my betrothed girl and I paid visits to some of the saints in the suburb,
Fredericksberg.  In the evening I attended council meeting and were not disturbed but
a good, peaceable spirit prevailed.  Thanks be to God.

     30th.  I wrote in my journal.  Afterwards I visited some of the saints in Amager.
When I had returned, I found letters from Elders P. 0. Hansen and H. P. Jensen,
dated Liverpool, England, August 25th, which brought the lamentable news of the death
of Willard Snow while on the sea, and that the corpse was thrown into the sea almost
immediately, as the captain of the steamer would not permit the remains to be taken
ashore.  In the evening I and Pros, Liljenquist and Sven Larsen went out to a place
where we generally used to perform baptism, in the sea, and we there administered
that ordinance to a Brother Fredericksen, who had voluntarily confessed that he had
sexual intercourse with his present wife, before they were married.  He had felt
condemned by his own conscience and, therefore, he had made this confession. Elder
Sven Larsen performed the ordinance and in connection with the other brethren, I
administered the ordinance of confirmation.

     31st.  This day I moved my betrothed girl from Amager and into the city proper,
to make her home with Brother Clawsen, in Aabenraa Street.  Afterwards I went to
the office where I wrote letters to the following persons, to via. : President Andersen
in Fredericia; Johannes Larsen, in Aalborg and to my parents and Niels Backe in
Veile.  Afterwards I anointed and blessed two sisters, who were sick.  In the evening
attended a meeting, where I consecrated some oil, to be used for the sick.  Afterwards
Brother Hahn and I went out to a place, where there was a small pond, where we
administered baptism and confirmation to a Sister Bummer, at her own request.


     1st.   Wrote in my journal,  and also wrote a  letter to my prospective mother-in-
law.  I had a long confidential talk with Sister Sarah Jensen.  She was very much
depressed in her feelings, but after conversation she came to feel better.

     2nd.  In the evening I baptized four persons, among them was Emilie Fjeldstad, for
the remission of their sins, and I gave Sister Emilie Fjeldstad the ordinance of laying
on of hands.  I also administered to my betrothed girl, who was unwell, visited some
of the saints, and in the evening attended council meeting and talked some time.

     3rd.  I wrote in my journal and also wrote letters to the following elders;  Christen
Larsen, president in Bomholm; John Svenson in Falster and Jens Thomson in Aalborg
In the evening I attended council meeting in Christianshavn, in Brother Watterstrom's
home. A complaint was read, charging Brother Hostmark with transgression; he
showed much humility and asked forgiveness from the council, which was granted.
Two other brethren also confessed voluntarily, that they had been in transgression
soon after they had joined the church, and they also asked forgiveness and the privilege
of renewing their covenant by baptism.  I baptized these two men, and in connection
with Elder 0. N. Liljenquist, confirmed by the water's edge.  They felt very grateful
to God for this favor.

     4th.  President Liljenquist and I were out in Fredericksberg and administered to
Sister Thomson, who was sick, and attended meetings both in the forenoon and in the
afternoon.  One brother was ordained a Teacher, and six other members were
administered to, and the sacrament was administered also.  I spoke at some length
upon that subject.  After the meeting I went to Brother H.P. Jensen's, where I had
the pleasure of meeting Elder Van Cott, who had been sent and appointed to take
charge of the Scandinavian Mission.  He had come in company with the brethren that
had been in England, trying to bring Pres. Willard Snow there.

     5th.  Brother Rasmussen and I administered to Brother Andersen who was sick.
Afterwards, I, in company with my betrothed girl, visited several of the saints in the
city proper and also in Amager.  In the evening I attended council meeting.

     6th.  I wrote in my journal and visited a number of the saints.  In the evening I
attended prayer meeting at Brother Clawsen's and blessed his little son who was sick.

     7th.   I wrote a letter to Brother John Svensen,  in Falster,  and afterwards
President Liljenquist and I visited some members in the eastern district.  In the
evening I attended a prayer meeting but Pres. Liljenquist was not well.  I took charge
of the meeting.

     8th.  I received a letter from my brother Johannes, from Aalborg, and wrote him
a letter immediately in reply.  I afterwards, visited some of the saints and later I
took my few private belongings away from the Mission Office and put up at Brother
H.P. Jensen's (Store Kjobmager Gade); Great Merchant Street.

     9th.  I wrote a letter to Elder Ahmanson and the saints in Risoer, Norway.

     10th.  I wrote a letter to my parents and afterwards I visited some of the saints
(Strandway) and next called on the brethren in the Mission Office.

     11th.   I attended meetings both forenoon and afternoon,  spoke in both meetings.
Pres. Liljenquist and I administered to three of our members.  I received a letter
from my brother, Christen G. Larsen, from Bornholm. Afterwards, in company
with my betrothed girl and Brother Hahn and his girl, visited some of the saints
outside of the city.  (Strandway)

     12th.  I wrote letters to Pres. Hougen, and C. Widerborg and Ole Slaro, in Norway
I afterwards went to Brother Petersen (Spring Street) and administered to a sick man.
In the evening (Monday) I attended the regular council meeting.  Elders P. 0. Hansen
and H.P. Jensen being speakers.

     13th.  Elder H. P. Jensen and I ordained a Brother Niels Jensen to the office of
Priest.  He was going to Sweden.  Afterwards I went to visit some of the saints in

     14th.  My betrothed girl received a letter from her sister, Julia, informing her
that their mother had died on the 8th of this month, and was buried on the 11th of the
same month.  This news was very painful to us.

     15th.  Elder H. P. Jensen and I took passage on the steamer "Sylphide" for the
city of Horseus, where we arrived about 6 p. m. and then we walked to Tiersbeck,
arriving there at 9:30 p. m. where we found a hearty welcome with Rasmus Johansen's

     16th.  This day we set out on foot to visit my parents in Greis.  We were heartily
welcomed by them.

     17th.  We went on foot to Tiersbeck, where we had a very interesting meeting in
the evening with the saints in that neighborhood.

     18th.  In company with some of the saints we again walked to Fredericia to attend
a conference.  Elder A. Andersen presided there.  I occupied some little time in
speaking and also dismissed by prayer.  In company with other brethren blessed three
persons who were unwell.  We had a joyful gathering in the evening with the saints,
singing praises to the Lord.

     19th.  Was in conference.  In the afternoon I spoke at some length, by request,
and in connection with Elders H.P Jensen and Pres. Andersen, ordained 2 Elders,
2 Priests, 2 Teachers, and 2 Deacons.  We also confirmed 3 persons and administered
the sacrament to the saints, and we all gave praise to the Lord for the influence of
His Holy Spirit, which we had enjoyed.  After meeting some of us crossed over to
Streep (on the island of Funen) where we had a good time with the saints living there.

     20th.  I wrote in my journal and also wrote letters to my brother Johannes Larsen
in Aalborg, and to my betrothed girl.  Elder H.P. Jensen took passage on the steamer
for Copenhagen, while Elder Soren lversen and I returned to Fredericia and from there
we went to Veile, visiting some of the saints on the way in Bradstrup and finally we
reached Greis, where we put up for the night by my parents.

     21st.  We visited the saints in a place called Esstingaar and from there we went to
Store Lime, where we held a meeting at Mads Poulsen's.  Afterwards Brother Soren
lversen, baptized Sister Anna Mette for her health, and in connection with Brother
S. lversen, I laid my hands upon her and blessed her.  We felt the spirit of God upon
us in a great measure.

     22nd.  I wrote a letter to my mother's sister in Eltang.  After having visited some
of the saints in Esstingaar, I proceeded to Greis.

     23rd.  This day I spent reading and writing.  I received a letter from my brother,
Johannes, dated in Randers.

     24th.  Also this day I spent in reading and writing and in conversation with the

     25th, Sunday.  We had two meetings in the home of my father.  I spoke in both
meetings, and assisted by the branch president, Rasmus Johansen, I gave Sister
Stine the ordinance of laying on of hands.  We also administered the sacrament and
we felt greatly blessed. After taking leave of my parents and friends in Greis, my
brother Soren and his affianced girl accompanied me on the way to Veile, where we
put up for the night with Brother Beck.  We found that his wife was much troubled in
her mind about the revelation on celestial marriage, and we tried very much to
reconcile her and make her feel better and even prayed for her and with her.

     26th.  I tried again to comfort and persuade her on that subject, and after visiting
some of the other saints in Veile, I, in company with my brother Soren and S. lversen
proceeded to Fredericia.

     27th.  We crossed over the sound to Strip in Fynen to Brother Lars Jensen, and
his  son, Jens, took us then by a team a couple of Danish miles on our road to Brother
Jens Hansen in Thorstup, where we arrived at 8 p. m.  We soon got the saints together
and held meeting with them, and partook of the sacrament with them, . All of us spoke
to the saints in that meeting, and after dismissal, Elder Jens Hansen baptized two
persons, and I confirmed them.

     28th.  As it was a very stormy day, we remained there and held meeting in the
forenoon.  Several of us spoke in that meeting and one person was administered to for
sickness.  The afternoon and evening was spent in pleasant conversation, singing and
so forth.

     29th.  After administering to some sick persons we proceeded to the city of
Nyborg and visited some saints who lived there, and afterwards we crossed by
steamer to Korsor and from there we went on foot to the village of Svenstrup where
we held meeting in the evening, and the saints living there appreciated our visit
very much.

     30th.  After visiting and taking leave of some of the saints we started on foot for
the town of Ringsted and continued during the night traveling to Roskilde, where we
took the train for Copenhagen.


     1st.  We took the train for Copenhagen.

     2nd.  Attended meetings both in the forenoon and in the afternoon.  I spoke to the
saints by way of encouragement and on doctrine also, and in connection with Elder
Liljenquist administered to six members and we had a fine time.  Afterwards my
brother, Chr. G. Larsen and I visited a brother of our mother.

     3rd.  I wrote in my journal and afterwards in company with my brother C.G.
went to visit some of the saints outside the city proper (Strandway).  In the evening
attended council meeting where a certain brother and his sweetheart appeared,
asking to be forgiven and admitted into the church again, as they had been
excommunicated for fornication. Some of the brethren objected to their petition being
granted, but after some further discussion, it was granted them to be re-baptized.
Another cause was laid before that council meeting, against Brother Hostmark, and
after a lengthy investigation he was excommunicated from the Church.  I spoke at some
length, upon the very trying scenes that we had had since the revelation on celestial
marriage had been made known to us, because so many of our people had committed
themselves and sinned against the law of God, but he that given them the spirit of
repentance, and several had come to me of their own free will, and confessed and
asked forgiveness of God through me. His humble servant.  These last three months
had indeed been a very trying time for the church in Copenhagen.

     4th.  My brother C.G. and I visited some of the saints in town and in Fredericks-
berg.  We administered to three of Brother Clawsen's children, who were sick.

     5th.  In company with my brothers, I visited some of the saints in their homes.



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