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Autobiography of Christian J. Larsen, con't.

(June 10, 1853 - August 12, 1853)
     10th.  We visited several of our friends, and also one family who had lost the faith,
and we spent some time with them, trying to make them see their mistakes, and we
also conversed with other parties; and before we left them they declared that they would
be baptized.  We were given our dinner by Lars Jensen's family, and they said that they
were ready for baptism, and it looked as though there would be a rich harvest in that
neighborhood in the future, whenever there would be more religious liberty in the
country We returned to Brevig, arriving there about 6 p.m. and found there that two of
the brethren, Jensen and Jacobsen, had arrived from Risoer, and they reported that there
had been a great deal of opposition and persecution there since the time when we left the
town, and that the police authorities had commenced investigations and held some trials
with those that had been baptized.  We felt, nevertheless, to rejoice in our faith in the

     11th.  Elder C. Widerborg and I visited some of the saints, and in the evening we put
up a Sister Pernille on Satre, where we gave a sister the ordinance of laying on of hands.

     12th, Sunday.  We held meeting both in the forenoon and afternoon, and I did the
talking in the afternoon; but before I had closed my remarks, I was interrupted by a
Lutheran priest, Mr. Nielsen, who stated who he was, and then proceeded to warn his
hearers against us as the false prophets, etc.  We replied and referred to the Bible, as
the guide for our faith, but he would not argue at all and left the house to us, which had
a good impression upon the people for our benefit.  We afterwards visited a brother
Jacobsen, whose wife had lost her faith to some extent, yet she was trying to get right
again, and we sang and prayed with them for a while; but by and by the house became
full of other people, and we had a  pleasant time in speaking to them but we were under
the necessity to leave them, as we had an appointment to get to Kaprud on the other side
of the fjord, where John Berling and another person were baptized by Elder C. Widerborg
and Elder C. Dorius and I confirmed them by the laying on of hands.  All went off quietly
and in peace and when we reached our lodgings, it was between one and two o'clock in
the morning.

     13th.  I wrote a letter to my brother Lauritz, and afterwards went, in company with
Brother Jens Jensen and his wife to Langesund, where I visited a Mrs. Olsen and her
sister, explaining to them the Gospel.  We were received and treated with much
hospitality and they afterwards visited us in Brevig.  When we arrived back to town, we
found several of the brethren there, and had a good time with them by singing and prayer.

     14th.  Elder C. Dorius went to Skeen, and Elder C, Widerborg and I went to Sorte
Bowen, and the saints in that place went with us to town. In the evening we had a
meeting on Satre, and Elder Widerborg and I did the speaking, and afterwards bade
farewell to the saints and went on board Brother Christensen's boat, and set sail for

     15th.  We reached Frederikstad about 2 p. m. that day, and in the evening we held a
council meeting.  Reports were given about some mob disturbances in Ousoe, the
previous Sunday.  I advised the saints to discontinue meetings in those hostile localities
where they could meet and enjoy themselves by singing and in prayer, assembling quietly
in other localities, and in that way edify one another, until the storm would pass over,
and it was agreed unanimously that we have a fast day the following Sunday, and
assemble in our hall in the city, (Frederikstad).  It was also agreed that Elder Ole Olsen
should proceed to Brevig for a short time, until the excitement and persecution would
abate so in that district where he had been laboring.  After that meeting some of us
crossed on the ferry boat to get to the other part of the city, the suburb, but a mob
followed us and pelted us with stones, and Brother Niels Mauritsen (Brake) was hit in the
head, causing blood to flow freely, and others were also hit, but not seriously hurt.

     16th.  I wrote in my journal and afterwards I visited some of the saints in the city
proper, and in Vaterland and in the evening I attended a prayer meeting.  I opened the
same with prayer.

     17th.  Elder C. Widerborg and I went out to visit the saints in Ingulsrud and
Karulsrud and we found that a mob had been there, searching for the missionaries, and
as the people living there would not admit them, the mob had bursted the door and
searched for the brethren in all parts of the house, but they did not harm any of the
family living there.  From there we went to Elverstad, a farm, and on the way we fell
in with Jacob Tollesen, one of our worst enemies;  he used very abusive language again
us, but after considerable talk to him, he became more civil, and even apologized for
the part he had taken in persecuting and mobbing the saints, and when we parted, he
seemed quite friendly. We finally came to Sister Wede at Libert about 8 o'clock where
we had a lengthy conversation with a Miss Holm, who seemed to be willing to receive
our testimony.

     18th.  After prayer in the morning, we started for Frederikstad, and on the way we
called on the saints in Karulsrud and we finally reached the town about 5 or 6 p. m.

     19th, Sunday.  We held Fast Day.  Most of the saints in town and neighborhood were
present at our meeting in our hall, and several of the brethren spoke, and I occupied
a part of the time, and in the afternoon our hall was pretty well filled with people.  When
I stood up to speak, came a number of them and surrounded me, and forbade me to talk
any farther; they surrounded me and the other brethren and two of them took special
hold on each of us, and told us that they were going to take us across the line into Sweden
to get rid of us.  When we came down into the street, we found it be full of the excited
rebels that we could not see our way out, but as we neared the gate, I discovered an
opening in their midst, and as no one just then had a hold on my arms, I made a rush
through the throng and ran as fast as I could to Mr. Fjeldsted's place, Where we had
formerly been confined in prison, and asked for his protection from the mob.  The other
brethren also succeeded in escaping from the mob in the same way.  Mr. Fjeldsted
escorted us to the ferry as we intended to go to Brother Widerborg's on the other side
of the fjord, but when we landed we were invited to a friend by name of Torgersen,
owning a grist mill on the stream, and there we found other friends assembled, who were
desirous to hear us.  We sang and prayed with them, and I spoke to them for a short
time, and just as I had finished, Mr. Berg, the mayor, accompanied by an officer,
appeared at the house and upbraided us in a very angry tone because we still were
preaching and he even threatened to arrest us and put us in prison.  As soon as the mayor
had left and had reached the city, the mob, in great numbers, came over in the ferry to
commit more trouble and mob us, and we, therefore, left the place (the mill) intending
to go to Brother Widerborg's, but we found the street crowded with an excited populace,
all on our account, yet we passed through the crowd unmolested, and it seemed that none
of them recognized us until we reached the steps that lead to the door of Brother    .
Widerborg's dwelling place and knocked at the door, calling for some one inside to
open, when one of the mobbers became aware of my presence and cried out, "there is
one of the priests. " When I came inside, I found the house full of brethren and sisters
who had sought refuge there and all had escaped from their persecutors unmolested, for
which we feel thankful to the Lord. I will here state that a near neighbor to Brother
Widerborg, as a police officer, and although he did not profess any particular religion,
yet he did his very best to defend us against the mob, and we were always sure of peace
when he was near.

     20th.  I wrote in my journal and also a letter to President Hougan in Risoer.

     21st.  In connection with Elder C. Widerborg, I was called to come and administer
to Sister Emilie Halvorsen, who was sick, and she was immediately made better,
During the rest of the day, I was occupied with others in singing and prayer.

     22nd.  Spent the most of the day by prayer and song, as well as by reading.  In the
evening I visited the Brown Family.

     23rd.  Prayer and song and reading.  Prayer meeting in the evening.

     24th.  Many of the saints came to visit us and converse with us.

     25th.  I wrote a  letter to my brother, C.G. Larsen, in Bornholm.  Had a visit
from some of the saints. Brother Mons Petersen had baptized four persons in the
previous night.

     26th.  I wrote a letter to President Hougan in Risoer,  In the afternoon was to
meeting at Brother Widerborg's.  I spoke to the saints, and we confirmed the four
persons who had been baptized by Brother M. Petersen, and we felt very much blessed.
Elder Ahmanson, C. Widerborg and I officiating.

     27th.  C. Widerborg, J. Folkman and I went out to Slarud and administered to Sister
Gurine, who was sick.  The Lord responded to our prayer and she got well immediately.
In the evening we retired into the woods for prayer.

     28th.  Elder C. Widerborg and I went to Niels Ingulsrud and administered to his wife
who was sick. Afterwards we went to town, where I wrote a letter to my girl (Dorthea)
and also wrote in my journal.

     29th.  We consecrated some oil, and administered to two sick persons.  In the
evening we had a happy reunion in the home of Brother Brown.

     30th.  Elder C. Widerborg, Brown and I went to Orii, to visit Brother Hans Jorgens
as he had fallen back to his habit of getting drunk.  After some persuasive talk to him
he promised to reform and do better and he asked to be forgiven. We then returned to
town,  where we attended council meeting in the evening, and many of the brethren were
present.  It was decided to again hold regular meeting in the various districts of the
branch.  One sister was cut off for lying and backbiting, and for apostasy.  Elder P.
Beckstrom and I blessed a Brother Halvor. The spirit of God was with us in great

JULY, 1853

     1st.   I wrote letters to my girl (Dorthea) and to her mother,  and also to my brother,
Johannes, in Denmark, and to John Olsen in Risoer.

     2nd.  I wrote a letter to Sister Larsen in Risoer.  Later, Elder C. Widerborg and I
went to Slarud, where we baptized an aged woman who was sick, but she wanted, never-
the less, to be baptized, and we carried her to the water.  Her daughter, Gurine, was
baptized at the same time, and all went off well, for which we felt very thankful to the

     3rd.  We held a small meeting in the place (Slarud) and confirmed Gurine and her
mother, by the ordinance of laying on of hands, and we had a joyful time with them.
Afterwards we went to town, where we had a good meeting at Brother Widerborg's;
two police officers were present, and two of the brethren beside me spoke in that

     4th.  I wrote a letter to President Willard Snow in Copenhagen, and attended a
council meeting at Brother Widerborg's; it was there decided that Elder Widerborg and
I should proceed to Christiania, to learn, if possible, what the courts or government
intended to do with our case, as we were anxious to go more energetically to work than
we could at that time. The spirit of God was with us in that meeting.

     5th.  Accordingly, Elder C. Widerborg, Brown and I took a steamer for Christiania
at 2 a. m. and landed there at 5 p.m. and found lodgings in No. 93 in Aker's Str. with
a Mr. Andersen. Afterwards was out and looked at some of the sights in town.

     6th.  We paid a visit to Capt. A. Jensen,  our former fellow prisoner in
Frederickstad.  He now confined in the house of correction (Tughuset) because he had
gone too far in his religious expressions concerning His Majesty the King.  We found
him well and hearty and with good cheer, and we had quite a talk with two of the
officers on the principles of the Gospel.  I and Brothers Widerborg, Brown and
M. Olsen visited a very religious priest, Mr. Hailing, and we also made the acquaintance
of several other prominent citizens  during the day.

     7th.  We went out to find M. Jorgensen, our attorney in the Supreme Court, but we
did not find him at home.  We next went to Assembly Hall for the Supreme Court, and
stayed there a short time, but without any benefit to us.  Later in the day we again
went in search of the attorney, Mr. Jorgensen, and found him at home and stated our
errand, but we found him not at all friendly disposed to us or our cause, but he became
more civil towards us before we left him, and he even asked us to pray for him and
invited us or even any one else of our faith to call again when convenient and happening
to be in town.  I went with Brother Mathias Olsen  out into the country a couple of
Norwegian miles (14 English), and visited some relations and friends of his, and they
seemed to be willing to listen to our testimony, and we stayed with them till late in the
night.  We reached the city about 4 o'clock in the morning, and put up for rest at Mr.

     8th.  We were out in town loitering through some of the principle streets and also
visited the church.  We also called on Judge Bunker, and from him we learned that our
case would not come up in court before some time in September.  We then set sail for
Frederickstad, where we arrived the next morning about 6 o'clock.  Fair wind and
     9th.  I wrote in my journal and also wrote letters to President Hougan and Elder
Svend Larsen in Risoer, which I sent with Brother Christensen (our skipper) for him
to bring to us our American brethren, Hougan and Petersen.

     10th, Sunday.  Several of  us went to Slarud, where we held a good meeting in the
afternoon, and a good spirit prevailed.

     11th.  Elder Ahmanson and I went to Kjevelrud to hold a  meeting in Niels
Ingulsrud's home.  Elders Ahmanson, C. Dorius, and I spoke in that meeting.

     12th.  After having paid a visit to Niels Ingulsrud, we proceeded to town.  I then
wrote in my journal.

     13th.  This day I occupied mostly in writing.

     14th.  Elder Ahmanson and I were visiting the family of saints in Braadnedal.  We
blessed Halvor Svensen's three girls and on our way towards our home we also blessed
a boy.  We put up with Brother Brown.

     15th.  We crossed the river into the city, where we visited the saints living there
and in Vaterland.  Afterwards we returned to Forstaden, the portion of town on the
other side of the river, where we held a council meeting in the evening.  At that meeting
Elder J. Johansen was honorably released from presiding over the Frederickstad
Branch, and Elder Widerborg appointed to that position, which was sustained
unanimously, and with thanks to the retiring president. Elder Johansen.  Furthermore
it was agreed to that Niels Larsen,  Kneple and Simon Halvorsen should be ordained
Teachers, and likewise, that Ole Hansen, Slarud, and Mathias Olsen be ordained
Deacons.  After some remarks by several of us, by way of instruction, we ordained
those brethren.  The spirit of God was with us and we felt well.

     16th.  In company with Elders Ahmanson, and Widerborg, I visited the saints in
Orli, and at midnight, Elder C. Widerborg baptized the wife of Hans Jorgensen and
I confirmed her by the laying on of hands.  When we came back to town, we met our
brethren, Pres. Hougan and Canute Petersen, and J. Jensen and Christensen, who
had arrived in the boat of Brother Christensen from Brevig.

     17th, Sunday.  This day we had nearly all the saints together at meeting, both from
the town proper and from the neighborhood in the country.  Several of the brethren
spoke in that meeting, and I there moved and it was unanimously sustained, that we
sustain High Priest Hougan as president of the mission in Norway, and Elder Canute
Petersen as missionary.  Also to sustain Elder C. Widerborg as president of
Frederickstad Branch, and also all other arrangements previously made by the council
of the branch, Friday evening the 15th.  The spirit of God was present in great measure
and I spoke at great length, as I had been requested, by President W. Snow, to come
to Denmark.  I prayed the Lord to forgive me for what mistakes I might have made,
and also of the saints to forgive me, if, in any way, I had done any wrong towards them.
and to inform me of such, and I should try to give the satisfaction; it was indeed a very
touching and affectionate farewell scene, for I had learned to love the Norwegian saints,
and I felt sure that the saints reciprocated in the same tender feelings, and I feel
grateful to God for what good He has used me to do in this country.  Assisted by Elder
Hougan and C. Petersen I then ordained Simon Halvorsen to the office of Teacher.

     18th, Monday.  I wrote in my journal, and visited some of the saints in their homes,
to bid farewell to them.  In the evening a farewell gathering took place in the home of
Branch president Widerborg, where President Hougan and Elder C. Petersen were
present, and after having sung a hymn and held prayer, I took a hearty and tender
leave of all those who were present, and then with the following missionary brethren
went on board the vessel and set sail for Brevig; Elders J.A. Ahmanson, John F.F.
Dorius and Jeppe Folkman, Priest Niels Hansen, C. Knudsen and J. Jensen.  It was
then eleven o'clock night.  Reflecting upon the past, we all felt very thankful for the
work which our Father in Heaven had performed through us, notwithstanding the
opposition and trials that we had been exposed to, both by the civil authorities and by
mobs, and as the results there were at that time in Frederickstad 4 Elders, 4 Priests,
4 Teachers, 2 Deacons and 64 members in Frederickstad Branch, for which we give
all honors to God.

     19th.  We reached Langesund (a small town at the mouth of the fjord) and four of
us sailed up to Brevig, where we tarried with the saints, till the following morning,
as in that locality and in the town of Skeen, much of our missionary labors had been
performed and crowned with success.

     20th.  We set sail from Langesund at 4 a. m. and arrived in Risoer at 4 p.m. and
in the evening we held a meeting in the house of Brother Lars Johnsen, where several
strangers were present.

     21st.  I wrote a  letter to Elder C. Widerborg, in Frederickstad and in the evening
attended a prayer meeting on Kranen.  I occupied most of the time, speaking and a fine
flow of the good spirit prevailed.

     22nd, Friday.  I visited the saints on Kranen.  In the evening attended a council
meeting, where Jens Gundersen and his betrothed girl, Stine, confessed to having had
unlawful sexual connections, and they were both excommunicated from the church until
they could show the proper fruits of true repentance, when they then might be admitted
into the church again through the ordinance of baptism, because their offense was
known to several people who were not members of the church, and it was well known
that our church did not tolerate offenses of that kind with its members.  The offenders
were satisfied with the action taken in their case.

     23rd.  Elder Dorius and I visited all the saints in town, each in their respective

     24th, Sunday.  We held fast day in the forenoon on Kranen.  Afternoon we held a
meeting in Kleven, with Brother John Olsen, where several strangers were present.
Several of us missionaries spoke, and a good spirit prevailed.

     25th, Monday.  I wrote in my journal and also letters to C, Widerborg in Frederick-
stad and Ahmanson in Brevig.  I also visited the saints on Kraned and bore my testimony
to some strangers.

     26th.  We visited some of the saints in the town.  In the evening we attended a
council meeting at Flisvig and after I had spoken a while to the brethren, I moved that
Brother Niels J. Petersen be ordained a Teacher and Erik Gundersen to be a Deacon,
and being unanimously sustained, they were ordained by me, assisted by Elders Svend
Larsen and John Olsen. Several other brethren also gave expression to their feelings,
and the spirit of God was with us in great measure.

     27th.  In company with several of the saints, sailed to Levang, and arrived there
about 1 p. m.  We held a good meeting there in the evening and we all felt well edified.

     28th.  We left Levang about 4 a. m. and arrived at Kranen about 1:30 p. m.  I
received several letters and replied to them.  In the evening we had meeting and
partook of the sacrament together.  I spoke at length to the saints, bidding farewell,
and we all felt solemnly impressed with gratitude towards God for his guiding and
protecting hand that had been extended over us during our sojourn and missionary
labors in Norway.  I received some money as a donation from the saints.  We adjourned
this meeting as usual by singing and prayer.

     29th.  I wrote in my journal and afterwards I went to town to have my passport
signed by the magistrate.  I also visited the constable, Mr. Petersen, our friend, and
bore my testimony to him and his wife, and finally returned and put up with the saints
on Kranen.

     30th.  The child of Brother Niels Isaacsen was buried in the Sondelev cemetery.
I and several of our church members attended the funeral and then returned to Kranen.
Afterwards I wrote in my journal and wrote letters to President Hougen and C. Widerborg
in Frederickstad.

     31st, Sunday.  Forenoon we had a  meeting in the house of John Olsen (Kleven) and
in the afternoon we had a meeting in Kranen, several of us missionary brethren occupied
the time and the spirit of God was with us  in great measure.  After meeting I had an
opportunity to bear my testimony to several strangers in the house of Sister Maria.
In the evening Elder Svend Larsen re-baptized Jens Gundersen and his girl who had
lately been excommunicated from the church.

AUGUST, 1853

     1st.   I wrote in my journal and visited some of the saints in their respective homes.
In the evening we had a meeting in Flisvig (in the outskirts of the town) but a mob
gathered outside the house and made some noisy demonstrations, but finally left us in
peace, about midnight, and we continued our meeting.  The saints were very devoted
in their prayers and I felt much impressed by the spirit of God and spoke encouragingly
to the saints.  At last, I performed the marriage ceremony to Jens Gundersen and Stine
that made them man and wife, and finally partook of a supper prepared by the parents
of the bride.

     2nd.  We made ready for final departure to Denmark, and after dinner we bid
farewell to the saints and went on board "The Lion" (name of Brother Svend Larsen's
vessel), but just before we set sail, we all bended our knees before our Father in
Heaven and asked Him to pour out His blessings upon those friends that we were just
about to leave, and also upon us who were to cross the North Sea, and to preserve us
all in the faith as well.

     3rd.  We arrived at Hals about 6 p. m. and landed.  Attended a prayer meeting with
the saints there that evening, and we had a time of rejoicing with them.

     4th.  Elder John F. F. Dorius and I proceeded on foot to Aalborg, arriving there
at 1 p. m. ; the other brethren arriving about 5 or 6 p. m. by way of the water.  We here
had the great joy of meeting our beloved president Willard Snow.  He informed me that
he had been longing for my arrival very much, and that he could stay in Aalborg no
longer than till the next day as he had some very important business to attend to in
Copenhagen, and that he wished me to be with him and assist him.  He told me too, that
he wanted me to bring my betrothed girl along and get married, but I told him that it
was not my intention to get married till we reached Zion, or perhaps on the way. He
then informed me that he intended to send me along with the next emigration.  After
some consultation with my girl and her mother, it was decided that my girl come to
Copenhagen later on, when her mother would have her fitted out with clothing, etc. ,
to her own satisfaction.

     5th.  I visited some of the saints in their respective homes, and had a very pleasant
time with them.  About 1 p. m. we. President Willard Snow, Johannes Larsen, N. C.
Schou, John F.F. Dorius, myself and Svend Larsen with his family, went on board the
"Lion", and set sail and landed in Hals, and took a light meal with some of the saints,
living there.  We had a conversation there with a family not of our faith, and about
6 p. m.  we again set sail for Copenhagen,  (leaving Brother S.  Larsen's family).

     6th.  Arrived in Copenhagen the next night about 11 o'clock, the wind having been
very favorable.  I went along with President W. Snow to the Mission Office and stayed
over night.  I learned with much regret, that several of the saints had lately died from
Cholera, which was then raging in that city, and among them was the president of
Copenhagen branch, Elder Samuel Hansen.

     7th, Sunday.   I attended meeting and addressed the saints in the forenoon, and also
blessed the sacrament in the afternoon.  All the brethren that had arrived spoke and
we, had a fine time.  Afterwards I was in company with Pres. Snow, P.O. Hansen,
H.P. Jensen and several others.

     8th,  Monday.  I wrote a letter to the saints in Risoer, and afterwards I accompanied
Pres. Willard Snow out to Fredericksberg and attended a council meeting in the
evening, where I addressed the brethren by request.

     9th.  I wrote a letter to my affiance and afterwards I visited some members of the
church, in company with Pres. W. Snow,  In the evening I attended council meeting
where the case against Elder H. P. Jensen was brought up, and continued till about
12 o'clock night.  All of the brethren gave expressions of their views upon the case.

     10th.  I wrote a letter to the saints in Frederikstad, and visited some of the saints
outside the city.  In the evening I again attended council meeting and the case against
H. P. Jensen was continued, and in addition to this case, a charge against Elder P. 0.
Hansen was presented, for having acted very unbecoming as a servant of God towards
several young sisters.  This session of the council lasted till two o'clock in the
morning, and then adjourned till the next evening.

     12th.  A special conference had been appointed and convened and I opened the
meeting with prayer, and it was there proposed and agreed by unanimous vote that
Elder Christian J. Larsen should be president for the Copenhagen Conference.  In the
evening a council meeting was convened, and during that session nearly all the brethren
spoke and expressed their views with regard to the conduct of the two before mentioned
brethren, and after Pres. W. Snow had elucidated their case from various sides, he
proposed that Elders H.P. Jensen and P. 0. Hansen should be baptized for the
remission of their sins.  This decision was agreed to by unanimous vote, and the
council adjourned to meet again the next evening at seven o'clock.  When this meeting
adjourned the time was three o'clock in the morning.  The two brethren on trial were
very humble and accepted the decision with gratitude.



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