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Autobiography of Christian J. Larsen, con't.

(June 10, 1852 - September 8, 1852)
     10th.  We continued our visits among the saints, blessed two persons that were
sick and also two children.  In the evening we had a meeting at Brother Niels Larsen.
Elder Hansen and I occupied the time in speaking and all seemed to be edified.

     11th.  We went to the saints in Ostengaard and had a talk with them, and we went to
Veile where we had a long conversation with Brother Niels R. Beck.  He had turned
away from the light and was not in great darkness and had taken to the ways of the
world and although I had talked to him several times previously, I did not make any
impression upon him to cause him to retrace his steps at that time, and I left him with
sorrow in my heart. We went then to the home of my parents where we arrived about

     12th.  I wrote a letter to my girls and during the day I enjoyed the conversation I
had with Elder P. 0. Hansen.

     13th.  We held meeting in the home of my parents, where several strangers were
present.  Elder P. 0. Hansen and I occupied the time, speaking, and we also administer
and partook of the sacrament with the saints, and we had great joy in the spirit that
prevailed in our midst.  After the meeting, Elder P. 0. Hansen and I went to Tirsbeck.

     14th.  Brother Niels Beck came and gave Elder Hansen two dollars (Danish).  We
then tried again to convince him of his errors and to cease finding faults with the
brethren, but attend to his own duties, and Elder Hansen told him that if he did not do
that, he would be led to still greater darkness and would finally apostatize, if he did not
repent in time; but he only became more excited and unreasonable in his accusations,
wherefore Elder P.0. Hansen requested him to give back his certificate as a teacher
in the church to the president of the branch, Brother Johansen, which he did in a very
indifferent manner.  After this was,  Elder P.0. Hansen and I went to Fredericia to
hold a meeting there in the evening.  After the opening exercises, by singing and prayer
the case against the Jacobsen family was presented, and Elder P.0. Hansen arose and
asked the saints if any of them had seen any fruits of repentance in that family during the'
week just past. Several members testified that they personally experienced the bad
conduct of Brother Jacobsen, his wife and his son, in accusing and finding all manner of
faults with the priesthood and the church in general.  The Branch president. Brother
Lars Jensen, spoke to Jacobsen in a most tender and persuasive manner, endeavoring
to make him repent, but Jacobsen became very excited and acted almost like a mad man
and he seemed especially angry against me.  The president, Brother Lars Jensen,
finally moved that this Brother Jacobsen, together with his wife and his son, should
be excommunicated from the church for apostasy, which motion was sustained and
carried unanimously.  After dismissing this meeting, we. Elder Hansen and I, went
over to Fynen.

     15th.  About 3 o'clock in the morning Elder Hansen went over to Fredericia, where
he took the steamer for Copenhagen.  I went that day and visited some people.

     16th.  I went to Eltang to my mother's sister, and talked to her about the gospel,
but she was very opposed to it.  I stayed over night.

     17th.  I went to a Mr. H. Smith, who was a subscriber for the "Scandinavian Star, "
and I had a lengthy conversation with him, upon the principles of the gospel.  I stayed
with him over night.

     18th.  I again had a conversation with these folks upon our religion, and then went
to Eltang, the second time, and bore my testimony to my aunt and her husband.
     19th.  I went to Fredericia and visited several of the saints in that branch.

     20th.  I held a meeting in Fredericia with the saints, and Brother K. H. Bruhn and
I spoke.  We administered and partook of the sacrament and we all felt very much
blessed and edified.  From there we went over to Fynen.

     21st.  Brother Bruhn and I visited some strangers and conversed with them upon
the gospel.  In the afternoon, visited my brother. Christen Larsen and held a meeting
at Brother Lars Jensen.

     22nd.  Brother Jespersen and I went to Tirsbeck and stayed there over night.

     23rd.  I went to Greis and attended a prayer meeting in the evening.  My brother
Lauritz Larsen went with Brother Jespersen to Ringkoping, a small city, to visit and
talk with his relations who lived there.

     24th and 25th.  I wrote letters to President Forsgreen and to my girl.

     26th.  I went to Veile and talked to Niels Beck, trying my best to make him see the
necessity for him to humble himself and repent, that he might be delivered from that
spirit of darkness which had taken possession of his mind, but it seemed to be of no
effect upon him.  I afterwards went to Tirsbeck and stayed there over night.

     27th.  Held a meeting in the house of Brother Christian Nielsen and it was a good
meeting too.  I felt much blessed by the spirit and the saints likewise.  In the evening
I talked with several strangers in Brother Johansen's house.

     28th.  I wrote a letter to President Forsgreen and afterwards I went to my parents'
home in Greis.

     29th.  I fasted this day, and had the pleasure  to bear my testimony to several

     30th.  I went to Vendelev and held a meeting with the saints living in that village.

JULY, 1852

     1st and 2nd.  I stayed at home, fasting and studied by reading.

     3rd.  I visited the saints in Ostengaard and from there I went to Store Lihme.

     4th, Sunday.  We had a meeting at Brother Niels Petersen's and partook of the
sacrament with the saints.  The spirit of God was with us in a great measure and we
all felt much blessed.  Brother William Andersen baptized a girl, and I confirmed her
by the laying on of hands.

     5th.  I visited Sister Karen in Balle for the purpose  of encouraging her in the faith,
and I also found an opportunity to speak to a family of strangers, about our doctrine,
and they recognized that it was the truth.  From there I went to the saints in Ostengaard
where I also encouraged them, and then went to my parents in Greis.

     6th.  I went visiting the saints in their homes and encouraged them to faithfulness.

     7th.  I visited Brother Niels Beck and endeavored to get him to see his errors and
to try to get the spirit of God, as otherwise he would be in danger of losing the faith
and apostatize from the church, but he seemed to be entirely indifferent about that
matter.  I next went to Fredericia and visited and encouraged the saints to faithfulness.

     8th.  Elder William Andersen and I went and visited several families and we blessed
Sister Jensen, who was sick.

     9th and 10th.  I assisted in the harvesting of hay, which was to me beneficial bodily

     11th, Sunday.  In the forenoon we held meeting in Fredericia.  Again there was
difficulties to settle among the saints, but we succeeded, by the aid of the spirit of God,
to get it fixed up so much that the parties asked each others forgiveness and promised
to do better in the future  and to live as saints ought to live.  In the afternoon we held
meeting in Fynen.  Several of the brethren spoke and I occupied about an hour in
speaking trying to impress upon the saints the absolute necessity of union and good will
among themselves, and I warned them against the danger of backbiting and faultfinding
and not to listen to such, that would come to them with accusations against the brethren,
who are set to preside over them, to destroy their faith and confidence in the servants of
God, and I requested, that if any one had any complaint against me, personally, that
they would let me know, and I would gladly meet them and make any wrong right again
as far as I could, and to ask forgiveness of them and of God also.  I declared to them
that I knew that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and also that what I had been
teaching them was the truth, and that they and I would have to meet it on the day of
judgment I was also lead to say that possibly I might not return to preside in their midst.
All seemed happy when we left them. After the meeting I went over to Fredericia.

     12th.  I went to Veile and again I had a long conversation with Niels Beck.  I told him
that I  came as a messenger of peace, with the intention to do him some good if he
would accept of it, and I again warned him of the danger there was in giving heed to
accusing spirits, but he seemed to hate some of the brethren, especially my brother
Lauritz, because he was engaged to Sister Sorine Simonsen.  Finally I left him, stating
in parting that I hoped that my garments would be found clean from his blood, on the
day of judgement, when we should meet there; yet I felt very sorry for him and in my
heart I prayed God to have mercy on him and to make him see his error, that he might
repent.  I next called  on a family, Bradstrup, and bore my testimony about the Gospel
to them, but they were very stubborn and would not listen to me.  I then went to my
parents in Greis.

     13th.  I wrote letters to President Forsgreen, and to Elder P. 0. Hansen and to
my girl.

     14th.  My brother Johannes and I went to Veile and again we had a brief conversation
with Brother Niels R. Beck.  In the evening we had a prayer meeting in my father's
house.  My brother Lauritz baptized a man, Emanuel Petersen.  We all felt very happy.

     15th and 16th.  I stayed home and studied by reading.

     17th.  My brothers, Johannes and Lauritz, and I went to Store Lihme.  A sister,
Gertrude Larsen, had died and we held a brief service in her father's house, and I was
the speaker.. After the funeral we returned to Greis.

     18th.  I fasted that day and we held meeting in my father's house.  My brother,
Johannes, and I confirmed Emanuel Petersen by the laying on of hands.  We also
administered the sacrament and blessed a sick sister.  I spoke to the saints, urging them
to be faithful to their covenant, and we all felt blessed.

     19th.  I wrote to Elder P. 0. Hansen in Copenhagen and to Brother P. Thomsen in

     20th.  This day remained quiet and fasted.

     21st.  I went to Veile and afterwards to Tirsbeck, where we had a prayer meeting.
I spoke in that meeting and we had a good time.

     22nd.  I visited some families in Heinsted field, and they seemed to be willing to
accept the gospel.  Afterwards I visited the brethren in Lille Molle (the small mill) and
from there I returned to Tirsbeck, In the evening I baptized Chr. Nielsen's daughter
and confirmed her by the laying on of hands.

     23rd.  I went to my parent's home in Greis.

     24th.  I wrote letters to my sister Stine, and to Brother Lars Jensen in fynen.

     25th.  I fasted and we had a meeting in my father's house.  Elder Jens Hansen
came there to accompany me to the conference that was to convene in Aalborg. He
occupied some of the time in speaking.  A sister was baptized by my brother, Johannes
Larsen, and I confirmed her and administered and partook of the sacrament.  I occupied
about an hour, admonishing the saints to faithfulness and keep the commandments of
God so as to be a light to the world, and I hoped, said I, that my example and conduct
while I had been in their midst, had been such that by following me, they would be
drawing nigh unto God, and have peace with Him and with one another.  I felt that I
would not come back any more to labor in their midst, but we all felt greatly blessed of
God. We blessed a sister, that was sick, and the saints donated some money to assist
Brother Jens Hansen and me on our journey.

     26th.  The day we merely made preparations for our journey.

     27th.  We left my parents' home about 3 a. m. and reached Aarhus in the evening.

     28th.  We traveled all that day and reached Aalborg within a Danish mile (4 English).

     29th.  We started early and arrived in Aalborg about 5 o'clock in the morning, where
we found the presiding brethren, Willard Snow and John E. Forsgreen. We blessed two
sick persons and then we went over the Lim-Fjord to Norre Sundby, where I and Brother
Forsgreen administered to a child. We attended a prayer meeting in the evening and
had a good time.

     30th.  I went again over to Aalborg, and visited among the saints, and I was made
welcome, wherever I went.

     31st.  I visited among the saints, also this day, and all seemed glad to meet me.

AUGUST, 1852

     1st.   This being Sunday and conference,  I fasted.   The conference commenced at
the appointed time, Elder Chr. Christiansen presiding.  Elder HP, Jensen gave a
very interesting report of his mission in Norway and he said that there would be found
use for many brethren, as there seemed to be prospects for a rich harvest of souls.
I and several other brethren spoke  in these meetings.

     2nd.  I opened the first meeting with prayer.  Many excellent instructions were
given us by the presiding brethren, and the spirit of God was present in a great measure
President Christiansen and I ordained four brethren to the office of Elders and two other
brethren to the office of Priests.  Pres. Willard Snow and Forsgreen and Jensen blessed
several sick persons, and all the transactions during the conference were carried on in
harmony and all of us felt greatly blessed.

     3rd.  I attended the conference again, as well as during the two previous days, and
felt greatly blessed.  The conference adjourned at I p.m. that day.  I wrote letters to
the saints in Greis and in Store  Lihme as I had promised to do.  After conversing for
some time with friends.

     4th.  My betrothed girl and I accompanied the brethren of the Presidency to North
Sundby, where we partook of a love feast in the home of Brother H.P. Jensen, enjoying
ourselves by singing and conversation, speeches, etc. till very late  in the evening,
and we then returned to Aalborg, arriving there, midnight.

     5th.  I wrote letters to the saints in Greis and in Fredericia and also one to my
brother. Christen; afterwards I and the brethren, Willard Snow and Forsgreen, went
to Kjeld Gaard in the evening.

     6th.  We visited some of the saints in their homes, and in the evening we held a
council meeting at Brother Christen Hyllested, and we enjoyed a good spirit there.

     7th, Saturday.  Brother Knud Nielsen took us to Aalborg in a wagon.

     8th, Sunday.  We held a meeting and by request, I occupied the time in speaking
to the saints, and a good spirit prevailed.  Afternoon meeting, I was again requested
to peak, and afterwards Brother Forsgreen spoke and gave us much valuable

     9th.  I wrote letters to the saints in Noeby, and in Taasing, and afterwards my
girl and I went to North Sundby with the intention to take passage for Copenhagen, in
Brother Svend Larsen's ship next day.

     10th.  About 2 a. m. we went on board the vessel, a sloop, twenty-six persons
all toll, and set sail for the capitol -- Copenhagen.  Brother Larsen, who was an
experienced navigator, had dubbed his vessel; "Zion's Lion. " We passed through
the Skagerak.

     11th.   Landed on the coast of Sealand about six English miles from the city, at a
Brother Jacobsen's farm, and from there we walked to the city, arriving there in the

     12th.  The general conference was  in session, both in the forenoon and afternoon
and several of the brethren gave report about their missionary labors and experiences.

     13th.  I attended conference again this day.  The Presidency gave us much
valuable instruction, and warned us against sin and transgression, and admonished
us to be united.  By request, I occupied some time in speaking, and also gave in my
report an account of the money donated to the Perpetual Emigration Fund.

     14th.  The conference re-commenced that day at 10 a. m. and Elder Forsgreen
spoke at length, under the influence of the spirit of God, before the regular business
transactions took place, and he then moved that the mission field in Norway should be
known as Brevig Conference, and that Elder Christian J. Larsen was released from
presiding over Fredericia Conference and for him to go on a mission to Norway, and
to preside over Brevig Conference, which motion was sustained by a unanimous vote.
Furthermore, he moved that Peter Beckstrom be ordained an Elder and that he and
Christen Knudsen (now Nielsen) also go to Norway as missionaries and labor there
under direction of President Christian Larsen.  Sustained by unanimous vote.  In the
afternoon session, which I opened with prayer, it was moved and unanimously carried
that the islands of Lolland and Falster, together with the smaller islands in the vicinity,
be organized as a conference, and that Elder Johan Svenson preside.  Likewise, that
the island of Bomholm was to be a conference, and that Ole Svensen preside there.
Elder Niels Mikkelsen was appointed to preside over Fredericia Conference.  The
district of Vensyssel was also organized as a conference, and Elder N.C. Skou appointed
its president.   The Limfjord to be the division line from Aalborg Conference.  Elder
P. 0. Hansen was appointed to preside over the Copenhagen Conference and Elder H.P.
Jensen was  appointed as travelling supervising president in the whole Scandinavian
mission.  All these moves and appointments were sustained by unanimous vote.

     15th, Sunday.  The conference was  opened in the usual manner, at 10 am. and it
was moved the Ole Olsen be ordained an Elder, and proceed to Norway, to labor in
the Brevig Conference, which was sustained by unanimous vote.  Much other business
connected with the further spread of the Gospel in the Scandinavian countries, as well
as much valuable instruction for the encouragement of the saints was attended to and
given during that meeting and after having partaken of the sacrament and being
dismissed in the usual way, the conference adjourned to meet again April 6th, 1853.

     16th.  In the forenoon I and my girl visited some of the saints  and in the afternoon
a special meeting was convened for the appointed presidents and missionaries to be
blessed and set apart by the presidency, Forsgreen and HP. Jensen.  The Elders
were ordained by Forsgreen and H. P. Jensen, the Priests, of Elders Chr. Christiansen
Chr. J. Larsen and H. C, Schou, and the Teachers were ordained by the president of
the branch and two presidents of conferences, and again we had much good talk from
a number of brethren.

     17th.  I wrote a letter to Sister Maria  Olsen and later visited some of the saints.

     18th.  I had my passport signed by the police for my journey to Norway, and
afterwards I took my engaged girl to her uncle, Mr. Berg, and laid before him the
Plan of Salvation.  In the evening I attended a council meeting, where some business
pertaining to the mission in Scandinavia was attended to.  I spoke for a short time in
that meeting.

     19th.  After taking a hearty leave of the saints in Copenhagen, we went on board
the  little sailing craft "Zion's Love " (the Lion of Zion), fourteen persons in all,
and set sail for Fredericia about 4 p. m.

     20th.  After a very pleasant voyage, we reached Fredericia about 11 a. m. that day.

     21st.  Was attending to some temporal matters, and the time also occupied in
social conversation among ourselves.

     22nd.  A conference was held here and I presided.  In the forenoon session I gave
a brief report of the general conditions, and several of the brethren also expressed
themselves on their missionary experiences. In the afternoon a 2 o'clock, the conference
re-convened and I presented the general authorities of the church before the saints for
their acceptance, and they were all sustained in their respective offices and callings
by the unanimous vote of the conference.  My brother Christen G. Larsen, was ordained
an Elder, under the hands  of Presidents Forsgreen, H. P. Jensen and myself.  Much
valuable instruction was imparted by the brethren, and we had indeed a time of rejoicing.

     23rd.  The conference re-convened at 10 a.m. and the following propositions were
moved and carried; Johannes Larsen as president of the Fredericia Branch; Rasmus
Johansen to be ordained an Elder and to preside over the Greis Branch; Soren lversen
to be ordained an Elder and to preside over the Store Lihme Branch; Lauritz Larsen
to be ordained an Elder and appointed to go to the city of Ringkoping, to open the gospel
door there; August Nielsen to be ordained a Priest, and to go with Elder Frederick
Nielsen to Schlesvig as a missionary; Niels Larsen to be ordained a Priest, to labor
in Store Lihme; Emanuel Petersen and Christian Nielsen to be ordained Teachers, and
to labor in the Greis Branch, and finally I proposed that Elder Niels Mikkelsen enter
upon his office and duties as president of the Fredericia Conference.  All this was
carried by a unanimous vote.  The ordination of these brethren was performed under
the hands  of Elders John E. Forsgreen, Jensen, C. J Larsen and N. Mikkelsen.  A
bottle of oil was consecrated and a child was blessed and finally the sacrament was
administered.  Presidents Forsgreen and HP, Jensen gave us much valuable instruction
and all appeared full of rejoicing.  I then bid an official farewell to the saints and the
conference, and adjourned to meet again on the first Sunday in the following December.
I signed some certificates of ordinations and then went with the brethren to Tirsbeck.

     24th.  My betrothed girl and I went to my parents in Greis and stayed there for the

     25th.  Several of the saints from this neighborhood went with us to Tirsbeck, there
to meet Presidents Forsgreen and Jensen, and some saints who had arrived there from
Fredericia in the sloop "Zion's Love" (Zion, Lion of).  There a meeting convened and
President Forsgreen proposed that Father Lars Johansen should be ordained a Priest,
which was sustained by a unanimous vote.  Father Johansen was then ordained under the
hands of Presidents Forsgreen, H.P. Jensen and Chr. J. Larsen.  These, and other
brethren, spoke to the saints, imparting much good and encouraging instruction and a
number of members bore their testimony of the Gospel, which they had received.
I occupied a brief part of the time, and bid farewell to the saints  in my childhood's
home and environments, and this I did with my heart filled with emotional feelings of
gratitude for what God made me instrumental in accomplishing there; for I had had my
parents, my two sisters, and my three brothers join the church and I had assisted in
ordaining them Elders, to viz.; Johannes, Christen, and Lauritz; and my father to the
office of a Priest.  By brother Soren was also converted but yet not a member, but I
felt that he also would be one, before a great while.  1. therefore, felt very happy and
satisfied with the results of my mission and I felt the Lord, as well as His servants,
were satisfied with my efforts, though performed in much weakness and imperfection
and that I had rinsed my garments from any responsibility as far as the people in that
part of the country was concerned.  After partaking of refreshments with the saints, we
went on board "Zion's  Love" that was anchored in the bay, just a little way off from
shore, and we then set sail for Copenhagen, leaving about 7 p. m.

     26th.  We arrived in Copenhagen at noon that day, and my betrothed girl put up with
a sister in the church.

     27th and 28th, Friday and Saturday.  Visited the uncle and other relatives of my
girl (Barbara).

     29th, Sunday.  I spoke in the meeting in the forenoon and I enjoyed much freedom
in my expressions.  In the afternoon, I also occupied some of the time in speaking.
Administered the ordinance of laying on of hands in connection with Elder Samuel
Hansen the president of the branch.  In the evening I was blessed and set apart for my
mission by the presidency, Willard Snow, J.E. Forsgreen and H.P. Jensen.  This took
place in the mission office and I remained there over night.

     30th.  I wrote letters to the saints in the branches in Fredericia and Greis and Store
Lihme and attended a council meeting in the evening.

     31st.  I blessed my betrothed girl as she was unwell, and afterwards I paid visits to
some special friends among the saints taking leave of them. The brethren of the
presidency were with me.


     1st.  I also this day visited some of the saints in their private homes.  In the
evening I was in company with the presiding brethren, W. Snow and John E. Forsgreen,
and stayed with them over night.

     2nd.  I took leave of the brethren that morning, and boarded the mission vessel;
"Zion's Love" and we set sail for Aalborg.

     3rd.  We were on the sea that day and night.

     4th.  We arrived in Aalborg about 9 p. m. all well.

     5th.  Attended meetings in both the forenoon and in the afternoon, and occupied
some of the time in speaking. In company with Elders H. P. Jensen, Chr. Christiansen
and Schou, I blessed some saints who were sick.

     6th.  I wrote in my daily book and in the evening I attended a council meeting and
at the end I offered the benediction.

     7th.  I was that day in North Sundby and came back to Aalborg in the night.

     8th.  I bid farewell to the saints in Aalborg, and went over to North Sundby, where
I went on board the "Zion's Love", after having taken leave of the saints in that locality.
We intended to have started for Hals at the mouth of the fjord, but were prevented on
account of contrary wind, and thus we had to remain in Aalborg till the wind changed,
but we finally reached Hals.


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