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Lew Thomas, Joyce Flavel Thomas and daughter "Larry" Thomas
Joyce Flavel Thomas Dean- born 17 Aug. 1890 died 15 Apr. 1967 Fred Dean----------------- born 9 Noy. 1695 died 23 May 1964 Lew Thomas and Joyce Flavel Married 28 Sept. 1911 When she was single, Joyce worked at the Sugar Factory in Spanish Fork, Utah. Her job was to control the heat gauges, and she became very efficient at doing this. She married Lew Thomas and had two little girls, Lore and Mary Margaret (later known as Marguerite and then as Madge. Part of her life. Lora went by the name of Larry.) After about 7 years of marriage and in 1918 Uncle Lew became very ill and passed away. This was during the terrible flu epidemic. His daughter Madge said that they were never really sure whether he died of the flu or of blood poisoning. He had cut his hand badly, and with not much medical assistance available in those days, they often treated themselves. Someone poured turpentine into the cut to disinfect it. Not many days later, he died. We were always told that he died of the flu, but perhaps not. After his death, Aunt Joyce moved with her two little girls into her parent's home. Grandma Rosetta did not have very good health, and at this time Grandpa William had suffered a stroke, so Joyce tried to help her mother, plus care for her father, take care of her two little girls and still provide a living, which she did by working at the Spanish Fork Hotel on the west side of Main Street, a few blocks south of where her folk's home was at 64 East 6th North, Spanish Fork. She worked as a chamber maid, and the Chef there taught her how to cook and bake--especially to make pies, at which she became very proficient. I remember what a good pie maker she was, and she taught me how to make pie crust. Fred Dean had come over from England, and was working at Del Monte Cannery, and boarding and rooming at this hotel where Aunt Joyce worked, so they met, began dating and finally were married. They lived with Grandma for perhaps 2-3 years and then moved to Salt Lake City. Madge told me that her mother, Joyce, never really had a very happy life. When she was just a young girl, her appendix ruptured and the poison from it settled in her eyes and she always had very poor eyesight and because of this she wasn't able to get much of an education. She dated a very well-to-do doctor and he wanted to marry her, but she felt that he would be marrying so far beneath himself, to marry her, with not much of an education, and that she would never fit into his circle of friends, so she refused to marry him. Uncle Fred wasn't a member of the church, and in his later years apparently he began drinking a lot, which made Aunt Joyce very unhappy. Madge also told how her mother was a real "pouter". For days she would not talk to anyone--not even her daughters. They could never find out what had happened. She and Lora vowed that they would never cultivate this terrible trait!
Mary, Joyce, and John Flavel - taken in 1897

Mary and Joyce Flavel


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