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George Flavel
Camp Floyd
Utah County
Partial IGI Extracts


Oral Traditions Thomas Flavel had a sister "Maggie" and a brother "George" The family originated in Dublin, Ireland Extracts from history of Mary Jones Flavel Bona - by Jane Bowen Tuttle Mary went to Camp Floyd with a friend, Mrs. Mary Morgan She met Thomas Flavel (a bookkeeper in Johnston's Army) She married him some time after July 8, 1858 (Date army arrived in Utah Thomas Flavel was not well known in Spanish Fork He was very refined, well-dressed gentleman, could keep well groomed at his work Raised in a home with high standards Parents educated him to become a Catholic minister Joined the army to escape a ministerial life [Presbyterian Ministers: 1642-1877 FHL film # 908816] Child William born at Camp Floyd on 12 Feb 1860 Called to Nevada prior to 12 Feb 1861 Reportedly drown while crossing a river Thomas Flavel Time Line


Flavel Name {from "Irish Names and Surnames" by Woulfe (p.531) University of Utah Library: CS/2411/w6/1967} 2 spellings listed: FLAVEL, FLAVELL "a family of the Ui Fiachrach, originally seated at Loch Glinne in Crossmolina Parish (County Mayo). Driven from there by British. Settled in Finghid (now Finned) in Easkey Parish (County Sligo) [These places have been located on maps of Ireland] Armagh County, Ireland (RootsWeb Page) Cindi's List Ireland & Northern Ireland


Background Information: American Passenger Arrival Records A Guide to the Records of Immigrants Arriving at American Ports by Sail and Steam by Michael Tepper (Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore 1988) Passenger and Immigration Lists Index by Filby (vol.1 A-G)[p.620] "Flavell, Thomas n.a.; Philadelphia, Pa., 1851 9295 p86" Other Flavell's Listed: Flavell, Henry n.a. Philadelphia, Pa. 1856 Flavell, James n.a. Philadelphia, Pa. 1859 Flavell Jeremiah n.a. Philadelphia, Pa. 1864 Flavell, Wesley n.a. Philadelphia, Pa. 1863 Philadelphia Naturalization Records (p.193) "Flavell, Thomas Eng QS (Quarter Sessions Court) 10-10-1851" {On a copy of the certificate, he states he was 25 years old in 1851. Our Thomas Flavel was 26 years old in 1855} Other Flavell's listed: Henry Flavell (1856) James Flavell (1859) Jeremiah Flavell (1864) Wesley Flavell (1863) "The Famine Immigrants: Lists of Irish Immigrants Arriving at the Port of New York, 1846-1851" volume III p.494 ship Alice-Frazier (14 Mar 1849 from Belfast) FLAVELL, Sarah 38 F Martha 14 F (born about 1835) Wesley 2 M Jerry 10 M George 8 M Eliza 5 F Sarah 6 F volume IV p. 360 ship Mariane (2 Jul 1849 from Belfast) FLAVELL, Thomas 22 M (born in 1827) Rosa 21 F volume V (no Flavel's by any spelling) Boston Passenger List Index {film # 418,216) John Flavel (age 29, male, laborer) arrived in Boston from Ireland on 17 Dec 1850 on vessel S. Carolina. Thomas Flavel (age 19, male, laborer) [accompanied by John] arrived in Boston from Ireland on 24 Sep 1819 on vessel Ocean Queen. New York Passenger Lists Index (1820-1846) {film #350,234} William FLAVILLE (male, age 17 from Great Britain) Port of New York, 1838 0n vessel North America. Ships' Manifest for Port of Philadelphia, 1851 {film #419,646 & 419,647 - lists 10114 & 115-230) searched on a ship by ship basis - no Flavel's found Index to Philadelphia Passenger Lists (1800-1906) {film# 419,467 - microcopy 360, Roll 144} No Flavel's listed [FLAVAN to FLAVIN with a Flevill] Additional Flavel/Flavell Immigrants Flavel, Anthony; Annapolis 1872 with wife and 2 children Flavel, Job; Illinois 1886 Flavel, John; 37, Toronto 1871 Flavel, Thomas; Plymouth, Mass. with son Flavel, Thomas F.; Iowa 1859 Flavel, William; Iowa 1859 Flavel, William O.; Iowa 1859 Flavell, Arthur; Virginia 1661 Flavell, Elizabeth; Plymouth, Mass. 1622 Flavell, Job; Barbados 1659 Flavell, John; Colorado 1883 Flavell, Richard; America 1683 Flavell, William; South Carolina 1670-1675 Flavell, John; wife Rebecca, South Carolina 1670-1680 Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild Irish Passenger Lists


Pennsylvania 1850 Census Index Martha Flavel Philadelphia County Southward Ann Flavell Philadelphia County Kensington Daniel Flavell Philadelphia County Kensington Thomas Flavell Philadelphia County Kensington Thomas Flavell Philadelphia County Germantown Census Indexes (1840 & 1850) for Ohio, Mass., N.Y. & Maryland No Flavel's listed Census Indexes for Virginia 1810 - Flawell 1820-1830-1840-1850 (no Flavel's by any spelling variation) Virginia Census Index (1810) William Flawell (Buckingham County) p. 816 3 males under 10 2 males 10-16 1 male 16-26 1 male over 45 4 famales 10-16 3 females 16-26 New York City Census (1850) Flavel, Dennis page #133 ward #19 {film #559} Flavell, Samuel T. page #117 ward #10 {film #545}


Search request by Ohio Historical Society "Port Lawrence was the name of a town and township in Lucas County in 1841. Port Lawrence and Vistula were merged into the city of Toledo. The index to the 1850 federal census for Ohio does not list the name Flavel. Evidently Thomas Flavel had not yet come to the state." Search request by National Archives Thomas Flavel not found in 1850 census returns for Locas County, Toledo Township. Correspondance with Ohio Flavell's: Immigrated from Northampton, England to Canada in 1912 then to Ohio in 1913. Ohio Migration Routes


{Astoria, Oregon} Clatsop County Oregon by Emma Gene Miller [979.546/H2M] p.105 "Capt. George Flavel arrived in Astoria in 1849, sailing from the East Coast around the Horn as master of his own ship." p.120 - photograph p. 169 - "gave $4000 to the Presbyterian Church" Clatsop County Historical Society Capt. George Flavel born 1824; native of Norfolk, Virginia; came to Oregon via California Gold Rush Fields in 1849; married in 1854 at age 31 to Mary Christiana Lydia Boelling. Correspondance with Tom Flavell of Portland, Oregon Grandfather, Great-grandparents from Drumcree Parish, Portadown, Ireland Genealogies of Virginia Families (Tylers Quarterly)975.5/D2gvf/ v. 2 p.863 "sermons for John Pettus (died 1770) by Flavel and Edwards" IGI Extractions George Flavel md. Charlotte Bennison 8 Oct 1846 born: abt. 1821 of Drumcree, Armagh, Ireland (Batch # M701627, Source Call #: 101278) George Flavel md. Mary C. Boelling 26 Mar 1854 born: 17 Nov 1823 at Portadown, Seagoe, Drumcree, Armagh, No. Ireland died: 3 Jul 1893 at Astoria, Clatsop, Oregon (Batch # 1761058 & 1761111 & 1903537 & 1761157)


National Archive search requests Pension files (not found) Bounty Land files (not found) Military Register of Enlistments (film # 350,331 p. 71) (Entry 199, page 71, volume 51) Name: FLAVEL, Thomas Where Born: Ireland Age: 26 Occupation: Teacher Enlisted at: Port Lawrence, Ohio Enlisted by: Captain Hatch Enlisted for: 5 years Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown Complexion: Fair Height: 5 feet 7 1/2 inches Regiment: 2nd Dragoons, Company G Discharged: 12 June 1860 Cause of Discharge: Expiration of service Discharged at: Camp Floyd, Utah Territory, a private "To Utah With The 2nd Dragoons" by Harold B. Langley source listed in bibliography: Muster Roll of Company G Second Dragoons Regular Army Muster Rolls Inspection Returns 1821-1860, Second Dragoons Box 112, Record Group 94 (Civil War) National Archives (Washington D.C.) Thomas Flavel is listed as an individual on extra duty (film # 497,708) 2/6 Pvt Flavell, in ... Clerk in ... History: "Annals of Wyoming", March of 2d Dragoons [Report of Lieutenant Colonel Philip St. George Cooke on the March of the 2d Dragoons from Fort Leavenworth to Fort Bridger in 1857] pp. 43-60 Military Records Center 9700 Page Blvd. St. Louis, MO 631132 Second Dragoons The Life of the Dragoon Enlisted Men by J. Patrick Hughes, Ph.D.


Newspaper: "Valley Tan" ed. Kirk Anderson (film # Va. 24) References to social life at Camp Floyd but very little about enlisted men. No references to Flavel or any marriages found. One account states that a Catholic Chaplain, Peter DiSmith, joined Johnston's Army on 31 May 1858, however the Catholic Diocese has no record of him having been there at that time. Father Bonaventure Keller
Camp Floyd Account Book (film # 979.2/Z99/v12) No Flavels listed on any of 400 pages page 59 lists Lt. Buford page 110-111 lists Capt. Turnley Camp Floyd Account Book
Letter from Buford to Turnley (taken from Bowen history of Mary Jones Flavel Bona) Camp Floyd, Utah Territory Aug. 20, 1860 Campt. J. T. Turnley Ass't QuarterMaster, U.S. Army Sir; Having been requested by Flavel to give him a recommendation to you, I have to state that he was under my charge on extra duty as a clerk both in the Commisary and Quarter Master's Department for over two years; that I always found him faithful and attentive to his duty; and that at the time the Quarter Master Sergeant of the Second Dragoons, and his laborers, were dismissed from the Dragoon Commisary for pilfering, Flavel was the only man left of the old hands retained on extra duty. I believe Flavel to be perfectly upright. He was the most correct clerk I have ever had under my charge. Respectfully Your Obedient Servent, Jno. Buford Cap't 2nd Dragoons Captain Buford
Colonel Turnley
Extensive archealogical work is being done by BYU Professor Dale Berge. "Camp Floyd in Retrospect" by Don Richard Mathis contains maps of Camp Floyd showing locations of Commisary, G Company, Quarter Master
"Today, one can hardly find an indication of the large military force which once occupied Cedar Valley. The two communities of Cedar Fort and Fairfield offer the only protection from the sun, dust, aqnd wind that still typifies the valley. If one stands at the Fairfield spring and looks due south he can distinguish a series of mounds extending to the south--all that remains of the hundreds of adobe buildings. Further to the south, about one half mile, the graveyard is discerned, now fenced by iron rather than stone, though the foundation of the stone wall is still there. The cemetary is occupied by a lone monument of tribute to the men interred there. Again using the spring as a reference point, one can walk through the sage for about two hundred and thirty yards in a west-southwest direction and the stone foundations to two other buildings--the magazine and a guard post. Following down the stream from the spring, one can locate the site of the old mill pond on the west side of Fairfield. If one continues along the stream, through the town, he can see a number of shallow pits on each side, evidence of the adobe works where so many Mormons labored in building Camp Floyd. One structure of the camp is all that remains. It is an old commissary building, where most of the auction sales were held, and occupies the lot just across the street to the south from the building presently memorialized by the Utah State Parks Commission."
"Journal of Captain Albert Tracy (1858-1860)" page 42 has a reference to 2 Welsh Women "Camp in the sagebrush: Camp Floyd, Utah, 1858-1861" by Thomas G. Alexander & Leonard J. Arrington [Utah Historical Quarterly] "Charles A. Scott's Diary Of The Utah Expedition, 1857 - 1861" [Utah Historical Quarterly] Bibliography from University of Utah Library Johnston, Conner and The Mormons Camp Floyd in Retrospect State Department Territorial Papers, Utah Series The Utah Expedition Utah Expedition, 1857-1858 "Letters of Capt. Jesse A Gove, 10th Inf." County Government of the Provisional State of Deseret U.S. Soldiers Invade Utah Early Days in Cedar Valley Utah Expedition "Account by a Wagon Master" Utah Expedition, a documentary account Journal of Captain Albert Tracy (1858-1860) The Utah War The Mormon War The Mormon Conflict Army Exploration of the American West Camp Floyd Camp Floyd


Utah Census - Utah County - Spanish Fork (1860) (film # 805,314) page 239: no Flavel's listed no Mary listed with Elias Jones family (she was probably living at Camp Floyd at that time) Camp Floyd is not listed in the 1860 Utah County, Utah census returns (checked by National Archives) Camp Floyd was located in Cedar County at the time. History of Spanish Fork by Warner {979.224/Sp 24w page 120: John L. Butler, Bishop of Spanish Fork Ward from 1856 to April 10, 1860 (his death) - prominent in early church history [if he kept a journal it might contain a marriage reference to Mary Jones and Thomas Flavel if he performed it] Spanish Fork Cemetary Records (old records) {film #231,907} Flavel, William Father - Thomas Flavel Mother - Mary Jones When Born - 12 Feb. 1860 Where Born - Fairfield, Utah (across the street from Camp Floyd) Died - 29 July 1921 Buried - Spanish Fork Spanish Fork (formerly Palmyra) Ward Records, Utah County, Utah, book A: baptisms, births, marriages and deaths, 1859-1869 FHL #: US/CAN BOOK AREA; 979.224/S3 K2sp Utah County Marriage Records FHL #: 482,940+


Nevada Directory (1862) No Flavel's listed; however several John Jones' are listed in Carson Valley Letter written from Carson City 22 July 1861 (original in possession of Lois M. Larsen) Carson City Nevada Territory July 22nd 1861 My dear Mary, It seems to me almost a hopeless task to try to get a letter from you. I wrote to you by the Pony Express from the station where I found Bill Thomas, and twice from a place called Chinatown where I have been at work for the last six weeks, but to save my soul I could get no answer; and more than likely I would have had no word for months to come had I not made a special trip on foot twelve miles to the post office and there accidently learned that your Uncle John ...... will have about $50- saved when we are paid off and calculates by next spring to have saved enough to bring you to me, and have a little house for you when you come. Your Uncle John desires me to say to your father that he is glad to have heard from him. He is doing very well about seven miles from this place, (Carson). He says he has lost by the grasshoppers about 35 acres of grain but that the hay and potatoes will pay well for his whole years work. The valley he lives in is the prettiest for its size I ever looked at, the land is rich, wood is to any amount of beautiful pine within two hundred yards of his house, and although they have to irrigate they have not half the .... [See Image: side 1] [See Image: side 2] {only half the letter is intact - where it was folded in half. Mary's uncle John Jones crossed the plains with the family in 1856. Chinatown was later renamed Dayton. Eagle Valley is near Dayton and Carson} Correspondance with Nevada State Division of Health, Section of Vital Statistics: State records were not centralized until July 1, 1911. County records are not available prior to 1887. Correspondance with Diocese of Reno-Las Vegas: The only records they have are baptism records. Correspondance with Virginia City Parish "St. Mary's in the Mountains": Dayton records were not kept at Virginia City whose own Parish records were destroyed by fire in 1875. Correspondance with Dayton Cemetary Committee: No Thomas Flavel listed in their records. No records at all for 1861. Nevada history extracts: - "At the mouth of Gold Canyon a small settlement, first known as Chinatown and later as Dayton arose." - "More permanent were the Mormon farmers, who in 1851 selected adjacent Eagle Valley as the site for an irrigation project and hired one hundred Chinese to help dig the ditches." - "In July, 1866 the people of Dayton sustained heavy loses by fire. The office of the Lyon County 'Sentinel' was destroyed." [Newspaper wasn't founded until 16 Apr 1864] Nevada Newspaper Indexes - "Dayton, the present county seat, is at the mouth of the gulch, or stream, which runs from the Bonanza mines to the Carson River, and at the end of the twenty-mile desert across the Great Bend of the Carson, and seven miles from Gold Hill. It has had an existence since 1849, but for ten years previous to the discovery of silver was only a straggling hamlet, bearing the name of Chinatown, in consequence of the Chinese engaged in washing the gravel of the ravine for gold, being the most numerous of any nationality. The present name was determined at a public meeting held for that purpose November 3, 1861." to see photos of Dayton, Click Here - Carson River is about 30 feet wide and 3 to 4 feet deep. - 10 to 12 mills were located on the river. - 1860 census showed 68 people living in Chinatown. There were 651 Irish in all of Nevada and 3 soldiers had drowned. History of Nevada ) with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of its Prominent Men and Pioneers (Thompson & West, Oaskland, Cal 1881) p. 321 C.C. Goodwin....built a quartz mill a few miles below Dayton, putting a small fortune into its construction. When the mill was nearly completed the owner announced a "warming" and was making preparations to celebrate the event after the manner of the sage-brush, when a freshet swept it away, with his fortune, a wreak. At the same time six of his men were drowned. Dayton Nevada (photogtraphs)
Dayton Cemetery Records
Nevada Cemetery Records
Nevada State Archives


Ann Jane Flavell b. 25 Nov 1865 @ Tartaraghan, Armagh, Ireland Elizabeth Flavill b. 24 Dec 1653 @ Derry Cathedral, Templemore, Londonderry, Ireland Elizabeth Flavell b. 13 Dec 1866 @ Portadown, Armagh, Ireland Essy Flavel b. 22 Aug 1867 @ Tanderagee District, Armagh, Ireland Esther Flavell b. 2 Jun 1867 @ Portadown, Armagh, Ireland Francis Flavell b. 26 Aug 1867 @ Tartaraghan, Armagh, Ireland George Flavel md. 8 Oct 1846 @ Drumcree, Armagh, Ireland Henry Flavell chr. 2 Nov 1656 @ Derry Cathedral, Templemore, Londonderry, Ireland Martha Fleavill chr. 23 Sep 1684 @ Derry Cathedral, Templemore, Londonderry, Ireland Mary Jane Flaville b. 19 Feb 1865 @ Portadown, Armagh, Ireland Robert Flavell chr. 16 Jul 1643 @ Derry Cathedral, Templemore, Londonderry, Ireland Sarah Gilpin Flaville b. 8 Feb 1866 @ Portadown, Armagh, Ireland Thomas Flavell md. 1665 @ Derry Cathedral, Templemore, Londonderry, Ireland Thomas Flavell born: abt. 1824 md. Rosa Keers 27 Mar 1849 in Finvoy, Antrim, Ireland Thomas Henry Flavell b. 13 Jan 1865 @ Tartarghan, Armagh, Ireland Wesley Flavel md. 9 Feb 1846 @ Mullavilly, Armagh, Ireland Wesley Flavell b. 3 Nov 1865 @ Tartaraghan, Armagh, Ireland


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