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The Life of the Dragoon Enlisted Men by J. Patrick Hughes, Ph.D.
National Archive search requests Pension files (not found) Bounty Land files (not found) Military Register of Enlistments (film # 350,331 p. 71) (Entry 199, page 71, volume 51) Name: FLAVEL, Thomas Where Born: Ireland Age: 26 Occupation: Teacher Enlisted at: Port Lawrence, Ohio Enlisted by: Captain Hatch Enlisted for: 5 years Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown Complexion: Fair Height: 5 feet 7 1/2 inches Regiment: 2nd Dragoons, Company G Discharged: 12 June 1860 Cause of Discharge: Expiration of service Discharged at: Camp Floyd, Utah Territory, a private "To Utah With The 2nd Dragoons" by Harold B. Langley source listed in bibliography: Muster Roll of Company G Second Dragoons Regular Army Muster Rolls Inspection Returns 1821-1860, Second Dragoons Box 112, Record Group 94 (Civil War) National Archives (Washington D.C.) Thomas Flavel is listed as an individual on extra duty (film # 497,708) 2/6 Pvt Flavell, in ... Clerk in ... History: "Annals of Wyoming", March of 2d Dragoons [Report of Lieutenant Colonel Philip St. George Cooke on the March of the 2d Dragoons from Fort Leavenworth to Fort Bridger in 1857] pp. 43-60
CAMP FLOYD: Newspaper: "Valley Tan" ed. Kirk Anderson (film # Va. 24) References to social life at Camp Floyd but very little about enlisted men. No references to Flavel or any marriages found. One account states that a Catholic Chaplain, Peter DiSmith, joined Johnston's Army on 31 May 1858, however the Catholic Diocese has no record of him having been there at that time. Father Bonaventure Keller To some it is surprising that there were enough Catholics here in 1909 to have a
diocese, but Catholicism has a long history in what is now Utah. Undoubtedly, they
celebrated the first mass during the Dominguez- Escalante expedition of 1776.
Also, many mountain men and explorers were Catholic. There is a reference by an anti-papist
officer of a Catholic clergyman Franciscan Father Bonaventure Keller,
present at Camp Floyd in June of 1859. This priest reportedly performed 26 baptisms and
three marriages during his six-month stay. Also, he celebrated Utah's first recorded
requiem mass for Private John McKay in July 1859. After Keller's short stay a permanent
stream of Catholic clergy came to the territory. Generally, they were assigned to
posts that Irish immigrant soldiers heavily populated. Yet, there were few
secular parishes. Camp Floyd Account Book (film # 979.2/Z99/v12) No Flavels listed on any of 400 pages page 59 lists Lt. Buford page 110-111 lists Capt. Turnley Letter from Buford to Turnley (taken from Bowen history of Mary Jones Flavel Bona) Camp Floyd, Utah Territory Aug. 20, 1860 Campt. J. T. Turnley Ass't QuarterMaster, U.S. Army Sir; Having been requested by Flavel to give him a recommendation to you, I have to state that he was under my charge on extra duty as a clerk both in the Commisary and Quarter Master's Department for over two years; that I always found him faithful and attentive to his duty; and that at the time the Quarter Master Sergeant of the Second Dragoons, and his laborers, were dismissed from the Dragoon Commisary for pilfering, Flavel was the only man left of the old hands retained on extra duty. I believe Flavel to be perfectly upright. He was the most correct clerk I have ever had under my charge. Respectfully Your Obedient Servent, Jno. Buford Cap't 2nd Dragoons Extensive archealogical work is being done by BYU Professor Dale Berge. "Camp Floyd in Retrospect" by Don Richard Mathis contains maps of Camp Floyd showing locations of Commisary, G Company, Quarter Master "Journal of Captain Albert Tracy (1858-1860) page 42 has a reference to 2 Welsh Women "Camp in the sagebrush: Camp Floyd, Utah, 1858-1861" by Thomas G. Alexander & Leonard J. Arrington [Utah Historical Quarterly] "Charles A. Scott's Diary Of The Utah Expedition, 1857 - 1861" [Utah Historical Quarterly] Bibliography from University of Utah Library Johnston, Conner and The Mormons Camp Floyd in Retrospect State Department Territorial Papers, Utah Series The Utah Expedition Utah Expedition, 1857-1858 "Letters of Capt. Jesse A Gove, 10th Inf." County Government of the Provisional State of Deseret U.S. Soldiers Invade Utah Early Days in Cedar Valley Utah Expedition "Account by a Wagon Master" Utah Expedition, a documentary account Journal of Captain Albert Tracy (1858-1860) The Utah War The Mormon War The Mormon Conflict Army Exploration of the American West


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