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This page contains information about those Flavel family members (including Flavel, Jones, 
Christmas, and Roach) who immigrated to the United States.  Information is arranged by 
family groupings including: relationship,  date and port of departure, ship, port and 
date of arrival; extracts from histories, and links to immigration sites.


Thomas Flavel came to America sometime prior to June, 1855. His first known whereabouts are in Toledo, Ohio. He possibly immigrated from Ireland as he indicated that's where he was born.


Ship: S. Curling Date of Departure: 19 Apr 1856 Poert of Departure: Liverpool, England LDS Immigrants: 707 Church Leader: Dan Jones Date of Arrival: 23 May 1856 Port of Arrival: Boston, Massachusetts Sources: BMR, pp. 91-119 (FHL #025,691) JONES, Elias Age: 46 <1810>; Origin: Swansea; Occ: Coal Mine Owner Note: BMR, p. 92 JONES, Mary Age: 17 <1839>; Origin: Wales; Occ: Spinster JONES, John Age: 14 <1842>; Origin: Wales JONES, Llewellyn Age: 11 <1845>; Origin: Wales JONES, Anne Age: 9 <1847>; Origin: Wales JONES, Elias Age: 7 <1849>; Origin: Wales JONES, Ruth Age: 5 <1851>; Origin: Wales JONES, Thomas Age: 3 <1853>; Origin: Wales JONES, Hannah Age: 1 <1855>; Origin: Wales Death: 28 May 1856. Buried at Woodland Cemetary, Cleveland, Ohio. (Film #25691) Elias Jones wife had previously passed away in Wales.


Ship:Minnesota Date of Departure: 2 June 1869 Port of Departure: Liverpool, England LDS Immigrants: 338 Church Leader: Elias Morris Date of Arrival: 15 Jun 1869 Port of Arrival: New York, New York Sources: BMR, #1041, pp. 45-60 (FHL #025,692); Customs #654 (FHL #175,669) CHRISTMAS, William Age: 50 <1819> Origin: Merthyr; Occ. Filler Note: BMR, p. 51; "Most of the L.D.S. passengers on this ship continued the journey by rail, in charge of Capt. Elias Morris and arrived in Ogden, Utah, June 25, 1869" (EECI). CHRISTMAS, Elizabeth Age: 40 <1829>; Origin: Merthyr CHRISTMAS, Elizabeth Age: 17 <1852>; Origin: Merthyr Note: "Daughter" (EECI) CHRISTMAS, Luther Age: 15 <1854>; Origin: Merthyr CHRISTMAS, Jamima Age: 11 <1858>; Origin: Merthyr CHRISTMAS, Mary Ann Age: 9 <1860>; Origin: Merthyr CHRISTMAS, Rosetta Age: 8 <1861>; Origin: Merthyr


Ship: Jersey Date of Departure: 5 February 1853 Port of Departure: Liverpool, England LDS Immigrants: 314 Church Leader: George Halliday Date of Arrival: 22 March 1853 Port of Arrival: New Orleans, Louisiana Sources: BMR, Book #1044, pp. 87-103 (FHL #025,690); Customs #96 (FHL #200,173) ROACH, John Age: 64 <1789>; Origin: Merthy Tydfil Note: BMR, p. 92 ROACH, William Age 19 <1834>; Origin: Merthyr Tydfil; Occ. Collier Note: BMR, p. 92


Ship: Joseph Badger Date of Departure: 17 October 1850 Port of Departure: Liverpool, England LDS Immigrants: 227 Church Leader: John Morris Date of Arrival: 23 November 1850 Port of Arrival: New Orleans, Louisiana Sources: BMR, Book #1043, pp. 86-96 (FHL #025,690); Customs #327 (FHL #200,165) ROACH, Walter <1819> Age: 31; Origin: Methyr Tydfil; Occ. Collier Note: BMR, p. 87, Customs Passenger, #64 ROACH, Sarah Age: 29 <1821>; Origin: Methyr Tydfil Death: Sarah Joseph Roach (age 30) died in St. Louis, Missouri on 10 Sep 1851. ROACH, Walter Age: 5; Origin: Methyr Tydfil ROACH, Sarah Age: 2; Origin: Methyr Tydfil


"DEPARTURES. -- The ship S. Curling cleared on the 18th of April, and sailed for
Boston on the following day, with 707 souls of the Saints on board, under the presidency
of Elders Dan Jones, John Oakley, and David Grant.
In the company were a goodly number of elders, who have for some time been laboring
in the ministry in this country.  In addition to the presidency of the company, were the
following ex-presidents of conferences -- William Woodard, president of the Dorsetshire,
Job Welling of the Southampton, Thomas D. Giles, of the Monmouthshire, John Parry, of
the Denbigshire, John Price of the South Pembrokeshire, Thomas Morgan, of the
Brecknockshire, Willaim Lewis, of the Dyffryn Conway, and Anglesea, Thomas Jenkins,
of the Caermarthenshire, and Thomas D. Evans, of the North Pembrokeshire
Conferences.  Elders John McDonald and William Butler, from the Valley, who have for
a long time labored faithfully in this country, also sailed with this company.  President
Dan Jones has, during his mission in Wales, succeeded in emigrating about fourteen
hundred of the Saints from the principality, of whom about 550 accompany him on the S.
Curling. . . ."

"NINETY-FOURTH COMPANY. -- Samuel Curling [sic].  707 souls.  The ship Samuel
Curling [sic] cleared the port of Liverpool, on the eighteenth of April, and sailed for Boston
the following day with seven hundred and seven British Saints on board, under the
presidency of Elders Dan Jones, John Oakley and David Grant.  There were quite a
number of elders who had labored in the ministry in Great Britain, including William
Woodard, (Utah elder) Job Welling, Thomas D. Giles, John Parry, John Price, Thomas
Morgan, William Lewis, Thomas Jenkins and Thomas D. Evans.  Also John McDonald, a
Utah elder, sailed with the company.  About five hundred and fifty of the emigrating
Saints were from Wales.  As soon as the ship was fairly under way, the usual
organizations were effected; several severe storms were encountered, and on several
occasions the brethren assembled for prayers and curbed the fury of the winds and waves
by the power of the holy priesthood.  During the passage six children died, and two were
born.  One of the little arrivals was named Dan Curling Dee, and the other Claudia
Curling Reynolds, in honor of Dan Jones, the president of the company, and the ship.
On the twenty-third of May the Samuel Curling was towed to quarantine ground, at
Boston.  In a few hours the inspectors came on board welcomed by the spontaneous three
cheers of seven hundred people, 'and strange as it may seem,' writes Elder Dan Jones,
'called the names of all and passed them in less than one hour and a half without any
further complaint than that "I was taking all the handsome ladies to Utah."  The
passengers were all remarkably clean, as well as the ship, which commanded the
admiration of all.  In proof of the latter I would say, that I had made a wager with Captain
Curling, upon leaving Liverpool, that the Lower decks would be whiter than his cabin
floors, and the quarantine doctor decided in my favor.'
On the twenty-fourth of May, President Jones contracted with the railroad officials to
take about four hundred of the passengers to Iowan City, for $11.00 per adult over 14
years old, children half price.  The kind-hearted captain allowed the passengers to remain
on board the ship till Monday the 26th of May, when the journey was continued to Iowa
City.  (Millennial Star, Vol XVIII, pages 283, 411, 426, 542. Deseret News, Vol. VI, page

"Sat. 19. [Apr. 1856] -- The ship Samuel Curling [sic] sailed from Liverpool with 707 Saints,
under the direction of Dan Jones; it arrived at Boston May 23rd.  From that city the
emigrants traveled by rail to Iowa City."

["The ship is officially named S.Curling. It's registered that way (the registration is also
 available at the Mystic Seaport Museum web site). It was named for my g-g-grandfather,
 Sanders Curling. In some references when talking about the Capt  they will refer to the S. Curling
 as "the ship named for him."  Records at the time of the building of the ship and referring to its
 voyages are correct. For example NY TIMES shipping news of the 1850s always refer to the ship
 as the S.Curling and the Captain as either S. Curling or Sanders Curling"
 - Courtesy of Dianne Soares]
MINNESOTA "EMIGRATION. -- On the 2nd of June a company of 338 left for Utah in Messieurs Guion & Co.'s steamship Minnesota, in care of Elder Elias Morris, late president of the Welsh District. Unforeseen contingencies caused the departure of this company before receiving advices as to arrangements and cost at and beyond New York. Notwithstanding this unexpected circumstance, all were elated with joy, and it is hoped they will be abundantly blest upon their journey. Elder O. C. Holbrook, late traveling elder in the Leeds Conference, released on account of his health, accompanied them; his health was improving, and his numerous friends anticipate its full restoration in the pure mountain air. . . ." JERSEY "DEPARTURES. -- Elders George Halliday, Abednego Jones, William Parry, and John Davis, all presidents of conferences, with a company of 314 Saints, sailed on board the Jersey, on the 5th instant, for New Orleans, on their way to the mountain home of the Israel of God. Thus are the elders and Saints, flocking to the Lord's hiding place, as 'doves to their windows,' that they may dwell in safety when judgments shall make the nations desolate." "SIXTY-THIRD COMPANY. -- Jersey, 314 Saints. On the fifth of February, 1853, the ship Jersey, with a company of three hundred and fourteen Saints on board, including Elder George Halliday, Abednego Jones, William Parry and John Davis, who had all acted as presidents of conferences, sailed from Liverpool en route for Utah. Frederick Piercy, an artist, also accompanied them. He sketched the beautiful illustrations which were afterwards published in James Linforth's 'Route from Liverpool to Great Salt Lake Valley.' . . . . . . In addition to the foregoing, we may add that six marriages were solemnized on board the Jersey. Elder Halliday remained at New Orleans awaiting the arrival of the Elvira Owen, and Elders John Hyde and William Parry took charge of the Saints in going up the river. At St. Louis, Elder Isaac C. Haight had made arrangements with the Keokuk and St. Louis packet line to take the Saints from one boat to another free of drayage expenses, so that the emigrants were not detained in St. Louis. The Jersey company did not stay there over night. After a prosperous passage, lasting a few days only, the company landed safely in Keokuk. (Millennial Star, Vol. XV, pp.121, 282, 329.)" "February. Sat. 5. [1853] -- The ship Jersey sailed from Liverpool, England, with 314 Saints, under the direction of George Halliday; it arrived at New Orleans, March 21st." JOSEPH BADGER "FIFTY-FIRST COMPANY. -- Joseph Badger, 227 souls. On Thursday, October 17th, 1850, two hundred and twenty-seven Saints, most of them from Wales, sailed from Liverpool, England, under the presidency of John Morris, in connection with whom David Evans and Owel Williams acted as counselors. Elder John Tingey was appointed as an assistant counselor to take the immediate oversight of the English and Scotch Saints. After a remarkably short passage, the Joseph Badger arrived at the mouth of the Mississippi River on the twentieth of November. While at anchor in the mouth of the river, the James Pennell, which had sailed from Liverpool, October 2nd, but had been disabled on the voyage, came up with the Joseph Badger, and the two ships were towed up the river together and landed at New Orleans, November 22nd. Failing to secure a passage on the same boat that took the James Pennell passengers up the river, the company, which had crossed in the Joseph Badger, after two or three days delay in New Orleans, sailed up the river in the steamboat El Pasa, which brought them safely to St. Louis, Missouri, in the beginning of December, 1850. Like the Saints who had crossed the ocean in the North Atlantic and the James Pennell, this company made St. Louis and surrounding towns their temporary homes, and subsequently, after earning means wherewith to secure an outfit for crossing the plains, continued the journey to the Valley. (Millennial Star, Vol. XIII, page 9. Bishop John Tingey's verbal report.)" "Thurs. 17. [Oct. 1850] -- The ship Joseph Badger sailed from Liverpool, England, with 227 Saints on board, under the direction of John Morris; it arrived at New Orleans Nov. 22nd." Taken from Mormon Immigration Index on CD-ROM


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